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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make a sewer in the country with their own hands - a step by step installation instructions

septic - of - rings Hut, as well as any residential building shall be equipped with a variety of engineering systems.Of course, that those who are visited by there a couple of times a month, this issue was not particularly interested.But most gardeners rightly consider it a second home, and many live there, not only in the warmer months.

If problems with electricity and water in most horticultural cooperatives resolved, even today there are no problems with gas (liquefied enough to use), then relative to sewer systems can not be said.And frankly, if it is not a settlement for «VIP-owners", then do not look.

traditional type of "sewage" in areas - "nesting box" over the cesspool.But in recent years land owners prefer to install a septic tank, especially as the structural solutions such "cleaner and drives" so that we can choose the most appropriate for their territory an option.

Consider one of them - at the same time the most simple, and somewhat difficult to install - from w / w rings.Although everything is relative, and that these septic tanks are popular for several reasons.


  • This option is considered to be one of the cheapest.And to give to arrange treatment plant more expensive, "the latest technology", and it makes no sense.
  • structural strength.Such a septic tank is not afraid of any displacement of soil during seasonal shifts or deformation under the pressure of a subterranean formation water or tree roots that extend throughout the site.
  • Easy exterior trim (waterproofing, insulation), as all the w / w products have strict sizes according to GOST.Consequently, the probability of any "adaptations" is reduced significantly.
  • During operation practically required to conduct any activities.Life of the structure is determined by the "longevity" concrete, and it is known.


Some skeptics talk about the shortcomings of the sewer device.But let's hearken to the meaning of "accusations»:

  • From these septic smell.Then the question - from what "no"?Who prevents reliably seal the joints of the rings and think about the cover is secured?
  • These septic tanks need to be cleaned periodically.And what is not necessary?
  • F / B rings manually put because of their weight.

Perhaps the only drawback of such septic tanks.But if you think about, to carry out preparatory work after the harvest, "crop", the crane will be able to call on the site and to perform such work.By the way, the fall of such services, many specialized firms have a lower price, as the number of clients decreases.

setting - concrete rings

Mount Technology The technique of arrangement of the entire sewer system does not make sense, since much depends on the features of the site.Therefore, the story will be directly on the installation of a septic tank, and the most simple (single-chamber) structure, which is to give enough.One need only remember a few general rules:

  • sewerage course should the structure of the septic tank to go on an incline (at least 30 per meter).This eliminates the likelihood of blockages.
  • number of pipe bends should be minimized.In these places, be sure to put the wells.They and transient, and inspection, and cleaning at the same time.
  • entire line must be insulated.
  • pipes and their joints thoroughly insulated, otherwise avoid penetration of impurities into the soil.
  • is necessary to choose the right place in the septic tank.This is a separate big issue, which we have already been contacted.

also omit this stage of construction, as the calculation of the required volume of the chamber (the diameter of the rings) and drawing up a common scheme, it all can be found here.

Thus, the construction of proper septic tank.Again, only the main points, since, based on local conditions, may be some nuances.

septic - to - garden

Preparation excavation

Its depth depends on the ground freezing in the area, and the size must not only provide an opportunity to establish a ring, but also to make their external finish.Since we have a model of the "single-chamber", the bottom is not concreted.It is well compacted and is filled with a filter layer, which consists of a mixture of coarse sand, fine gravel and gravel.The thickness of the "filter" should be at least half a meter.

necessary this "cushion" to align to at statement into the pit first ring stood exactly at an angle.

Preparation rings

This is done prior to installation.Top - closer to the upper edge, on the side, make holes for the subsequent entry in the septic sewer pipes.Lower

- perimeter drilled small holes (similar to a colander) to a height of about 15 cm from the lower end.This will provide more intensive drainage.So, you will need a drill and hammer.Installation of concrete

joints rings are sealed around the perimeter solution.But this is not enough to prevent a shift of the product relative to each other.Their additional fixation produced plates or brackets (metal).Therefore, you will need a welding machine.


Septic - device Waterproofing - all from within the tank must be waterproofed to avoid the possibility of the penetration of liquids into the soil through the joints of the Rings.Relevant material is sufficient.In commercially available plastic containers that can be put into the septic tank.This is a more reliable option waterproofing.

way, it is still necessary, then, that on the tank wall is not adhered impurities as the material itself (w / w) is somewhat rough.Without such an inner lining would have to periodically engage in "capital" septic tank repairs (to clean from the build-up).

same - on the outside;finish over the entire surface.Use roofing material is not recommended, as its life is small, and the strength of the lower gap.

Warming - you need to think about it.If the contents of the septic tank low temperature to "grab" the ice nachet "tear" in the first joints.Since the rings are used, the best option - mineral wool.But it is possible to cover the top and roofing material.

backfill excavation

Firstly, it must be done carefully so as not to damage the outer facing of the septic tank.To the mass to be discharged must not be stones or other solids.

Secondly, portionwise."Loading" is produced layers, each of which is compacted.To be safe, it is recommended also to shed water.

Do not use excavated during the digging of the pit land.Best filling the one that lines the bottom of the septic tank (sand + gravel + gravel).

Installation hatch

You can use a wooden cover, which would be held securely in place.You can - w / w with the hatch.The main thing - it should be opening for the installation of a ventilation pipe to the tank fumes did not occur.

Accordingly, mounted and ventilation (a fungus), according to the scheme considered here.



  • for septic tank can purchase rings b / y if they have serious flaws.They cost an average of 35 - 40% cheaper.
  • To clean the drive less, you need to fill up the tank bioaktivatory.For sale is a sufficient range of similar compounds.
  • for sealing joints, experts advise to use composition "Akvabarer" (or similar).It is characterized by moisture repellent properties.Indeed, inside the container is, including and liquid.
  • For such a "filter" the construction of a septic tank is not recommended to use the ring with a diameter of 1.5 m.