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August 12, 2017 18:07

Elements of the design plastic pipes

Conduct installation of plastic water pipe.In general

composition pipe structure is a connection of three basic elements of different material, namely:

  • inner surface of the pipe is made of polyethylene;
  • outer surface is covered with a plastic layer;
  • aluminum layer in between.Elements of the design plastic pipes .

Using a special glue all three layers are interconnected.Such a composition of the binder element is designed using high-tech processes and has a fairly robust strength characteristics.Aluminum, which is part of the middle layer adds some flexibility pipes during installation, the inner plastic layer provides unobstructed passage of fluid and the outer plastic does not allow the water supply to collapse under the influence of external factors.Installation of plastic water pipe with their own hands at the expense of the quality of the material, will be simple and robust design in your summer cottage.

Before starting the installation, you must install water pipe ball valve, shut off the water supply at first site.Then install the meter (if necessary), filters and check valves.After these manipulations proceed to the wiring pipes on the territory of the country site.

Elements of the design plastic pipes .

Before starting the installation of plastic water pipe with your hands need to create schematic pipe laying plan and acquire the necessary number of them.Also purchase connecting elements for supply of pipes for sanitary nodes.Tools that are required for self-installation of a plastic water pipe:

  • two adjustable wrenches;
  • hand hacksaw or electric tool for cutting pipe;
  • silicone sealant for fittings;
  • pencil, measuring tape, a knife.

For cutting plastic pipes are not suitable for metal cutting shears, as they deform the outer layer.

We connect pipes together using fittings - elements wiring plumbing.Metal pipes are connected by two types of fittings - compression or press.What type you choose depends on whether you have the necessary tools and adequate skills.

layout compression fittings.

To connect pipes in the water with their hands in the application of compression fittings is necessary to ensure the presence of two adjustable spanners and tools to be chamfered at an angle of 30ยบ with the inner surface of the pipe.This can be done for example fine file or needle files, to a rubber seal on the fitting easily entered into the pipe.Samu gasket with silicone grease and cover the top nut and the brass ring.Screw-nut on the fitting, first hand, after the urging by a wrench.The second key to adhere to very fitting.Elements of the design plastic pipes .

Application press - fittings.

If you have in your arsenal of tools press - pliers, then it is possible to provide a reliable connection between a plastic pipe press - fittings.Some people believe that such a connection is more reliable against possible leaks.For breaching this operation:

  • very smoothly and gently cut the pipe at a right angle;
  • chamfer with the inner edge of the pipe;
  • pipe sleeve dress special press;
  • collectively inserted into the fitting up to the stop, always making sure that the sleeve is entered in the correct slots;
  • stifle the press sleeve - clamp for maximum tight connection.

few useful tips for installation of plastic water pipe with your hands.

  • minimize the use of fittings, since any arrangement reduces the water pressure;
  • conduct regular inspection of the entire water supply system, and at the slightest leak tighten the union nuts;
  • under the disguise of metal-plastic water pipe under the plasterboard or other finish, provide on-site installation fittings special openings for possible maintenance and repair.Elements of the design plastic pipes .