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Стройматериалы для дома

August 12, 2017 18:06

Feature comparison glued and profiled timber - it is better to use in the construction of

When selecting materials for the construction of many houses prefer the classic version - tree.In such a house is easy to breathe, it is environmentally friendly, retains heat well, warms up quickly.

advantages of timber as a building material

If earlier material for wooden houses were only logs that the modern market offers a great variety: in addition to the log, including rounded, you can use a profiled or laminated veneer lumber.Moreover, more and more people seek to build their homes because of timber.The advantages of such construction material are:

  • geometrically accurate profile;
  • smooth surface of the walls;
  • robust matchmaking parts eliminates the ingress of moisture between them, prevents rotting design, the appearance of cracks;
  • easy installation;
  • aesthetics built house.


profiled bar: manufacturing features

The most common material for low-rise building is shaped beam.This material in solid, mainly of softwood having a specific profile.Get his planing and milling.After completing the workpiece, its clean, ensuring the cleanliness class is not less than that of siding.To frame or set of bar-shaped house has been constructed in compliance with precise dimensions and of regular geometric shape, the work must be carried out on the high-precision equipment.Therefore, to acquire better shaped beam from the big companies, well-known and proven in the market.


Glulam: features manufacturing

Glued laminated timber is also quite common in the construction of private homes.Produce it as follows: softwood (larch, spruce, pine, cedar) is sawn into individual boards (slats) are planed prior to the acquisition of smoothness, then glued with special glue, dried and planed again and then placed in a press.One of the advantages of laminated veneer lumber is that it can reach a length of 18 m.


Compare and glued profiled beam characteristics

And glued, and shaped timber has its advocates and opponents.To determine the choice of type of timber for construction, it is necessary to know the features of both their strengths and weaknesses.Consider and compare the main characteristics of these materials.


shaped beam strength glued inferior because it is produced by cutting a log outside of the timber, which is much stronger than the inside.Glued laminated timber receives additional strength in the manufacturing process: gluing, pressing.Therefore, it is almost not subject to deformation.



Glued laminated timber is manufactured with a moisture content of 11-14%, which is why he hardly shrinks (shrinkage of 1%).For profiled beam characteristic natural moisture, but there is another option - drying on special technologies to 18-20%.This timber has a moisture content, the same along the entire length, which gives it great strength, resistance to decay, and less shrinkage.It should be noted that the construction of laminated veneer lumber after some time to absorb moisture from the environment, which brings it to the dry profiled beam.


cost profiled beam is much smaller than glued (almost twice).This is due to the peculiarities of manufacturing materials.But it should not be forgotten that the facades of laminated veneer lumber does not need lining.In view of this fact, the cost of construction of houses from profiled timber, together with the external finish can be compared with the cost of the house of laminated veneer lumber.

shrinkage, susceptibility to cracking

As for the construction of corrugated board is taken, mostly, natural moisture, its shrinkage and shrinkage occurs in the finished product - the wooden house a house or cottage, which is quite a long process, at least a year.But the timber made of solid wood is less prone to cracking than the laminated material, which gives, in turn, minimal shrinkage.



beam of solid wood - completely eco-friendly material that preserves all of its unique properties, such as the ability to disinfect the air.Treat shaped beam only specific products to prevent burning, rotting.

Glued laminated timber produced using different types of glue: polyurethane (PU), polyvinyl acetate (PVA) or the IUF.According to the degree of danger adhesives are divided into groups and be safe (FC0), potentially dangerous (FC1), unsuitable for residential use, hazardous (FC2).Considered safe adhesive, which contains less than 0.5 mg / l formaldehyde.Of course, the higher the quality of the adhesive and its security, the greater its value.When using low-quality glue timber can be pasted over time.


Buildings of the timber is very beautiful, comfortable and durable.Which type of timber to choose, everyone decides for himself, given that the shaped beam is cheaper, environmentally friendly and less cracking, and laminated veneer lumber is stronger and does not require external finishing time and shrinkage.In any case, to acquire the construction materials from renowned manufacturers need to correspond to the quality of the price.