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August 12, 2017 18:08

As pokleit wallpaper of the two types and colors ?Possible options

How to apply wallpaper two species?

glue obev two types of carried out in several ways.It all depends on the proposed ideas and the desired effect.For example, you need to insert with ornament (pattern) often used in classical or eastern interior.For this first wall paint.

Further, on top of this base insert made, which can be quadrangular or polygonal shape.In some cases, made and shaped inserts.Also, there is another well-known method of combining different types, called «patchwork» .This method involves applying a "patchwork" of various colors and textures.Pasting them randomly or in order.After that, the question - how to hang wallpaper two species should not occur.

As pokleit wallpaper in two colors?

combining different shades it is important to think about the fact that the color used in the wallpaper, necessarily duplicated in the interior (in the furniture, curtains, curtains, frames and so on).This creates a harmony and unity of space.Several methods of application.We will describe them below to the question - how pokleit wallpaper in two colors has been fully disclosed.

  • upper half of the wall is glued in one color (usually lighter), and the lower - the other, darker. Share can be a decorative border.This method is typical for a classic room design.The living rooms are often applied to the wallpaper with a pattern on the top and plain or striped - at the bottom.In children's rooms, on the contrary, with the figure at the bottom and top of the plain.
  • Some of the wall is glued with one color and the other three sides of the other. Either paste over ledges or niches wallpaper with ornament.Usually this method is used when it is necessary to allocate zone.It is used increasingly in modern interiors.In choosing the material it is important to remember that the main objective is to highlight the area.That is, the rolls should be of equal thickness and structure, but the difference in hue or below.
  • Pasting of walls with vertical stripes that alternate through one or two.For this buy exactly the same width and texture of fabric, but of different colors.Thus, it is possible to create a "mood" indoors.This method is popular in children's rooms or dining rooms.By the way, the joints do not necessarily vertically straight.You can also put the sheets on the wall wallpaper coating zigzag or wave.

application technology

Wallpapering the wall is carried out by standard techniques.The surface is prepared - leveled, primed, cleaned of dirt and dust.If there is old paint or material, they are also removed.Then roll sheets are cut along the length equal to the height of ceilings, plus 5-10 cm. Prepared adhesive composition according to the recipe given on the packaging.By the way, the best glue for wallpaper is the one that is made specifically for the type of wallpaper.

Pasting of walls starts from the windows.Apply a single blade to the ground and note the smooth vertical line.According to this line and will attach material.Then smear with glue fabric and gradually applied method "butt» .Further, their smooth, cut off the excess at the baseboards.Borders can be glued in two ways - on a clean surface or top coating.In the first case the embossed wallpaper and in the second, if smooth.