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August 12, 2017 18:08

Autonomous gasification private house costs

device and the cost of connecting the autonomous gasification homes.

What is autonomous gasification?It is a fully independent system providing a private house or a country cottage with heating, hot water, gas for cooking.

So, having decided to opt for the gasification of their homes is a standalone system, you face a number of questions: what constitutes an autonomous gasification?What documents are needed?as it will afford you?Autonomous gasification private house costs

So, in order.Let us consider in more detail the device of autonomous gas supply system:

  • directly on the site buried tank (gasholder) liquefied raw material to a sufficient depth to allow the gas in the winter is not cold;
  • To him attach the relevant section of the pipe through which the gas will be fed into the house;
  • And directly in the house is made of pipes and wiring connected equipment.

Set gasholder is necessary so that was convenient to drive up gas carriers.Self assembly is carried out within a few days, and after verification by experts on germetichnost- become fully fit for operation.Autonomous gasification private house costs

order to legalize all this, you will need to issue a series of documents that will give you the right to officially use the installation.This you can do by yourself or contact a specialized firm, which has a license to conduct this type of work.If you choose a company, then get ready for the fact that their services are not cheap, but the result is worth it.Paying once you shift the whole burden of responsibility on them and get made "turnkey" operation.

Deciding to do it yourself, you will need to apply to the GDS to receive technical conditions for the holding of autonomous gasification.TU define the rules for carrying out these activities, ensuring compliance with all necessary standards of safety and fire safety.

How much will this service cost.After all, apart from that and work on the installation, it is necessary to purchase a special container, pipes, footage of which depends on the distance of the house, as well as the components used in the installation.Only one gas tank capacity of 1000 liters is placed 3,000 euros, and the greater the volume, the higher the cost.In this case you will have to refill it 1-2 times a year.Autonomous gasification private house costs

Advantages of autonomous gas supply.

If you compare it with the main gas supply, there is found a number of distinct advantages:

  • Easy maintenance (enough to fill it as required and periodically check its integrity);
  • control is performed with the help of metering devices, which gives you the right to their own gas consumption;
  • even when filling the gas tank 2 times, it will be cheaper compared with other sources;
  • now you are protected from possible accidents of gas pipeline or intentional disconnection of gas special services:

before using its own gas supply system - make sure to read the safety rules and observing them, you will be able to enjoy for many years to its good choice.Autonomous gasification private house costs