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August 12, 2017 18:08

Debarked logs - all the details about the material

What can we build it?

debarked log is - this is the material that is processed mechanically separating the bark from the trunk.In the wooden house is a layer saturated with resin, because it was he who protects the structure from precipitation.The disadvantage of this material is the fact that it darkens over time, and attractive appearance is lost.But, despite this, he was still a long time will clearly carry out its functions.

debarked logs are an excellent material for the construction of any buildings.The process of manufacturing is to remove the upper crust.With this technology, the material retains its long time performance and high resin concentration. Note!The gummy top layer provides good protection from the rain, which saves on consumables for the construction.

debarked logs are suitable for building houses, baths, terraces, barbecues, gazebos, so any construction begins with the harvesting.The first thing a customer who plans to build, chooses the type of wood from which wants to build a building.Appearance debarked logs unusual and spectacular, emphasizes the individuality of the owner, because, basically, used logs, debarking and much rarer.

How to get debarked logs?

All logs for construction need to be cleaned from the cortex.If all trunks will be prepared independently, you may wonder how to remove bark from logs.The first thing you should know that the cortex is necessary to clean up not later than 2-3 weeks after the saw cut of the tree.Otherwise, the tree is dry and clean it will be much harder.Debarking of logs is carried out in several ways:

  • The first method is the most difficult - cleaning scraper.Instead, it can be used badly sharpened sickle, spade or ax.To process was easier, it can be a circular saw to make cuts along the length;
  • With elektrorubanka this process can greatly facilitate, but often have to replace the saw.The disadvantage of this method is that the process is less pure than using scraper;
  • an industrial scale cleaning is done on automatic machines.For home use, this method is not suitable by virtue of large expensive equipment and its dimensions;
  • Cleaning logs jet hydraulically - a new way, produced a jet of water under high pressure, of the order of 280-350 atmospheres.

Note!After debarking the log to be treated with an antiseptic solution in order to protect it from Shashel.

Houses of material

The best logs are those that are cut down in the winter at the new moon.This is no mystery there, because at this time the most wood is impregnated with resins and dry.This material will serve long and will not succumb to the strain. Important! When debarking logs for construction of the house is important to remove only the upper crust, and the layer of the resin must be left.

Houses made of such a material made of horizontal logs and the imposition of a compound of a polygon or rectangle.Along the beam groove is formed, through which the upper trunk rests on the bottom.In addition, the compound occurs at the corners.By way of this connection depends on the appearance of the house.

Thus, the connection can be made "in a paw," ie, the angle is right, and can be "in a cup", while the ends of the beam will extend beyond the plane of the walls.The first method is convenient because it can be easily applied on top of the decorative coating.The second method is a traditional and more durable.Building a house takes about 6-12 months, depending on its size and the bath - 3-4 months.