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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fixed timbering own hands

Formwork - a system of building components, applied to speed up construction elements such structures as walls, columns, ceilings, elevator shafts.There are two types of formwork: the removable and non-removable formwork.In this article, we consider the second type of formwork - non-removable.

Formwork called permanent in the event that after hardening of concrete formwork system is not dismantled.The most common units for permanent formwork made of polystyrene or other insulating material.

block folding

block collapsible

Installation of permanent shuttering

Installing permanent formwork

installation technology permanent formwork

installation technology of permanent shuttering is quite simple: after you create a detailed plan of the desired structure is produced assembling formwork system and filling it with concrete.After hardening of concrete formwork is not dismantled.

Formwork blocks are mounted on the principle of masonry and are fixed together by means of locking elements (or use the slots).formwork block opposite the plate is mounted between the ties (if needed).Concreting is done in layers not more than 3-4 rows of shuttering blocks, be sure to use vertical reinforcement to enhance structural strength.

Installation of permanent shuttering

Installing permanent formwork

Advantages of permanent shuttering

1. Increase the reliability of the structure

When using permanent shuttering wall shall be a single monolithic system.

2.Teplo- and sound

At the completion of the formwork will act as additional insulation.Furthermore, for example, polystyrene blocks have excellent sound insulating properties.

3. Saving valuable space

Wall, made on the basis of concrete skeleton of permanent formwork, three times thinner than a standard brick wall that allows you to save the "extra" meter of usable area inside the erected structure, as well as outside.

4.Ekonomichnost during construction

In addition, that construction of structures of the formwork does not require the participation of specialized equipment cumbersome, this method is characterized by low cost compared, for example, masonry, or other types of construction.Due to the relative simplicity of the formwork significantly reduced installation effort.Construction of a permanent shuttering is conducted 5 times faster than with removable.

5. Efficiency in the operation object

high insulating properties of the formwork will reduce heating costs by more than 3 times (compared with the same brick house).

6.Legkost finishing

During construction obtained perfectly flat and smooth walls, when the finishing which significantly saves time and money, and when using a front permanent shuttering wall facing the outside of the structure automatically.


Laboratory tests have shown that even in the most aggressive environmental conditions the house of concrete and polystyrene blocks will last at least 100 years.

Fixed timbering own hands

Installation of permanent shuttering of the walls with his own hands will not cause significant problems, even a person with no special building education.Consider the mechanism of erection of the wall of the polypropylene units.

to install formwork foundation of the structure must be properly prepared: in accordance with the plan and holds the vertical reinforcement coating of waterproofing material shall be placed.

Installation of the first level blocks must be made with great care and precision: the blocks are strung on the vertical reinforcement and bonded to each other in accordance with the technical documentation (grooves or other shut-off devices).Screed often not required inside the polystyrene blocks, as provided by the manufacturer.

When laying the first-level units in accordance with the plan formed doorways and interior partitions.The second level blocks stacked by the method of masonry blocks need to move towards relatively lower.The verticality of the sides of the formwork is best to check the level.Third and subsequent blocks are laid out similarly to the first level, that the side seams are located in the same vertical plane.

laying of utilities should be performed on the stage of the installation units.

now ready for concreting.If the special tool (vibrator) is absent, the filling is done manually with a mandatory compacted layers using available tools (you can use a wooden or rubber mallet).

Thus, step by step, is erected the wall to the desired height, but to give it a special strength of the filling the top layer of concrete blocks is only half full, so that the upper face of the monolith is inside the casing.

Fill in the concrete formwork for slabs

pour concrete into the formwork for the slabs

Similarly performed formwork columns, formwork should be left to professionals.

cost of permanent formwork

Price for 1 sq.meter with permanent formwork of polystyrene blocks, depending on the region can reach up to 1,000 rubles, but the average is 500-800 rubles.Calculate the total cost of the acquisition of formwork, you can use a special online calculator or blocks the flow in the order from the supplier.

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