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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to paint the ceiling and walls roll

How to paint the ceiling and walls roll Prior to the paint work need to stock up on a roller and a bucket or tray, which are installed extractors grid.This simple device will help to remove excess paint.You can apply the classical baths, as shown to the left.Performance roller is much higher than the performance of the brush.It can be used for priming and painting with lime, glue and oil paint.How to do this, the site repair of apartments with their own hands right now will tell.

steel, plastic or plywood can be used for the manufacture of a basket mesh.It should be drilled at a distance of 20 mm from each other in a staggered holes 12-15 mm in diameter.

You will not get paint roller wall corners around the skirting boards, architraves, etc.. Etc.. Therefore, in places previously well stain brush.It is important to choose prvilno nap roller of this result depends.

Technique roller painting of walls and ceilings

staining technique is simple and as follows.Dipped in paint, then to squeeze out the excess, is rolled on the grid.Now you can start painting.The walls, conduct roll downwards and upwards to the ceiling - in the direction of light rays.paint bands overlap, overlapping each other on 4-5 cm. After dipping into the paint, roller, first apply a thick layer, so we need some time to roll in one place.Then, the ink is consumed on it and it is necessary to increase the pressure on the tool.

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walls can be coated in one step vertical stripes or two steps, first causing vertical streaks, and then horizontal.Paint try good shade.Quality is achieved by applying more layers.

Important!When painting walls or ceilings, to finish roll movement in one direction, as it were paint structures in one direction.This ceiling does not glare and the paint falls more clearly without promiscuity.

Sometimes the paint is applied by brush, well feathered, and then rolled roller to smooth out and get a uniform paint.With

roller, not only to paint the ceiling and the wall, but also to apply a primer to the surface.

Roller much more efficient instrument than the brush: it is possible to paint the day before the 300 square meter surface.He has a long service life.If it is made of high quality fur, it is enough to paint 3000 square meters of different surfaces.

After work roll must be washed in water, and then with soap and - depending on what kind of paint was used.And of lime composition, and from the remnants of oil paint is not washed tool comes into disrepair.Do it right and it will serve you for a long time.Find out how much paint you will need to help free paint consumption calculator.