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August 12, 2017 18:06

Features betonokontakt primer and its application

betonokontakt_knauf If you are new in the field of repair, you need to know in advance about the problems that you will encounter in the course of self-paced work.One problem - it is the application of a variety of decorative materials on hard surfaces of ceilings and walls.Beginners are very often faced with the fact that after drying the paint or plaster is applied to the concrete falls off, and the most reliable glue is not able to hold the tiles on the concrete surface.The key to solving the problems of this kind is betonokontakt.

main constituent elements betonokontakta are polymeric materials, cement, sand, and special additives.As a kind of primer for various finishing materials, it plays the role of a layer of material with a hard surface of the wall or, as experts say, its role is to improve the adhesion between these two layers.

So, if you want to have full confidence in the fact that after drying the plaster does not fall off from the wall, or in the fact that at the time of drilling holes in the wall will not fall off a piece of plaster, and the hole will be the perfect shape, you should be in the process ofrepair betonokontakt use.

How does betonokontakt

untreated concrete surface is almost perfectly smooth, on it can not be fixed, none of the finishing materials.If this surface betonokontaktom process, it will become rough, like sandpaper, which will provide virtually trouble-free fixing any finishing material - whether conventional or flexible stone wallpaper.Therefore this blend is used on the ceiling to prevent fraying, as well as concrete slabs and walls before they will be applied to the plaster or paint or before them will be attached finishing tiles.


Purchase and use

Betonokontakt sold in buckets or barrels.Its use depends on the brand and on the characteristics of the surface to which it is applied.Flow rate is determined by the surface properties: the more it is prone to moisture absorption, the higher the consumption betonokontakta.Whatever brand you go betonokontakta bought additional actions to prepare it for use is not required: you just open the lid and stir.

If you can use technical means, it will be indicated on the packaging for the application betonokontakta.Application of soil manually, with a brush or roller construction.Before applying the mixture onto the surface, with traces of oil are necessary to remove the paint or dust.

soil drying occurs within 3-4 hours at room temperature and under the condition that the humidity is not excessive.Drawing on the wall finishing materials should be carried out immediately after drying betonokontakta layer that prevents dust accumulation, deteriorating the encircling (adhesive) properties of the applied layer.



Acrylic betonokontakty characterized by ecological cleanliness and safety that allows them to be used for both exterior and for interior works.Their application does not prevent the penetration of air and allows the premises to "breathe", without having a negative impact on the indoor climate.For compounds characterized by resistance to mold, fungi and parasites.

storage procedures

Betononkontakty can be stored in a closed form to a year provided that the temperature in the storage area does not fall below zero.If there freezing the mixture, it loses its properties and becomes unsuitable for use.