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August 12, 2017 18:08

A simple way to install the TV on the wall


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    • 1.1 wall What you need to install the TV on the wall?

Here at last and have got a TV, you now need to solve the problem with the installation of LED TV wall mount original, which are offered on the market, unreasonably expensive and very retreating from the wall which is not very nice.That had to be smart, and hope you will help sovet.No to begin installing the TV on the wall?In fact, before installing you have a lot to do.The first is to decide where your TV will be installed.Second, check your convenience distance.Third, to meet the spirit and install.

Cheap way to install the TV on the wall

There is an easy cheap way to mount your TV on the wall.As the mounting rail can be used, which is normally used for fastening hinged cupboards.In the market or store and can be purchased according to the quality of 200 300 rubles.This is not only less expensive fixtures, but also more convenient, since the rack using the TV will fit snugly against the wall and can be moved slightly in either side.But before you mount the TV, you need to determine the installation location.Very important

height TV installation on the wall.

Where to install the TV?

to decide on a place where there will be a TV, you need to take into account all your wishes and circumstances.Of course, you need to install the TV where it is convenient, but not always possible.It is necessary to take into account a list of conditions:

1) Not far from the place of installation should be located power outlet and it is important to be aware of possible hidden wiring when drilling to avoid damage to it;

2) The location should be as free (for your own convenience).It is necessary to place them under the video player, players, and the like;

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3) Next to the place of installation must be no objects containing water;

4) is not desirable to have the TV on a chair, bed or sofa;

5) height TV installation on the wall depends on the diagonal of the TV.The average height - an adult's eye level.Do not forget about the angle of the TV viewing, a side viewing on older models will darken the screen;

6) It is necessary to take into account the sunlight from the window, which will shine on the TV.

If all conditions are met and your desire, then you can proceed to install the TV.

What do I need to install the TV on the wall?

To install the TV must have a number of things.

- drill (or hammer);

- dowel-nail anchor better (depending on wall material);

- Bracket (use rail);

- bolts they are complete (I used the other, but you can trim);

- level, tape measure;

should always take into account the weight of the TV and do not skimp on the strength of rail screws.Choose rail thicker and stronger.

Installation wall mounting and TV.

Measure the size of the between the attachment (I have holes aligned) and cut or break off at the notch.The same piece of rail to make the walls.Fix the rail on your TV using screws.

When installing rails on the wall importantly - accuracy.Before drilling need to measure everything carefully.At a certain height you need to fasten the rail to the wall.To mount stood exactly the level you want to use.If the result is positive, then mark the drilling locations.Drill the required number of holes.Secure the rail using a screw and dowel (anchor).

TV Set better together.It is easier and more reliable.One will keep the TV, the other will direct.Reiki should coincide in the grooves.If you did everything correctly, you can enjoy watching movies and any transmissions.

To better understand the setup process, you can view photos. Setting the TV on the wall Photo :