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August 12, 2017 18:05

The share of building sand according to the type and purity

question at first glance so simple, it is enough to identify a numerical value, its dimension - and the answer ready.But the proportion of sand - somewhat generalized concept.And the material that is used in the construction, restoration or repair, also can be different (quarry or river).Therefore we need some explanation, especially because in some cases (for example, in the preparation of solutions) compliance proportions - an indispensable condition for the quality of work.

sand First , characterized by the size of the sand fraction.In everyday life we ​​are to this indicator, as a rule, do not attach importance.But for masonry or plaster it is important.

Second , almost any sand, even a well-washed, contains a variety of impurities, many of which are its "heavier", so focus on the indicators specified in the special tables, not quite right.

Third , knowing the specific gravity and determining the amount of the purchase, it is possible to calculate a transportation need (taking into account its carrying capacity), the number of flights and so on, that is to optimize all the costs associated with payment of the product and its delivery to the site.

If we are not talking about the construction industry (especially in areas where crucial precision in the determination of the load), namely, the domestic use of this material, are taken into account average values ​​of specific gravity.

most clean river sand is considered, since by definition there a minimum percentage of impurities.Its density is assumed to be equal to 1,3 t "cube".Quarry products are more "dirty", there a lot of clay, so the proportion more. For calculations use the value of 1,4 (± 0,1) m / m .

can meet and other data - for wet or dry sand;quartz, or a mountain ravine;bulk density, true, and the like.Accordingly, indicators range from 1 300 to 1 750 kg / m³ .This is interesting, understandable and useful to specialists and for domestic payments above data is enough.

remains to add that it was a natural building sand (do not confuse it with artificial).If it is made more washing before use, the indicator of the proportion of left unchanged.