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August 12, 2017 18:06

Leveling the floor with their hands

Any construction, reconstruction or restoration work is unthinkable without leveling the subfloor.On how reliably and efficiently made surface preparation depends on the quality of life and further the use of expensive finishing finishing materials such as laminate, parquet, carpet or ceramic tile.for floor leveling works are carried out in accordance with certain technologies with quality certified materials.Leveling the floor with their hands may be made for any of these technologies.Let us examine them in detail.

Ideal flat floor creates a comfort room

Ideal flat floor creates a comfortable indoor


There are several effective ways of leveling the subfloor.In the first place comes to mind traditional screed, which is made from ordinary cement and sand or self-leveling mixture.The base can arrange and dry methods, including the use of prefabricated elements from moisture-resistant gypsum sheet or individual sheets of gipsovolokna.Maybe it's to do pre-prepared boards or waterproof plywood.

If the height difference reaches 5 - 7 cm, the most commonly used traditional screed or wooden joists with plywood or chipboard.When a slope of not more than 3 cm situation may allow the pouring self-leveling mixture.

Before choosing alignment technology and acquire the materials necessary to make all the measurements of real size of the room.In addition, it is necessary to identify all the obvious shortcomings and problems with the quality of the base.Using special tools, it is necessary to beat off the floor level.For this purpose, suitable conventional liquid level or laser devices.

Preparation of the base under the floor leveling

Preparation of the base under the alignment sex

Implementation of the rough alignment using the concrete screed

This method is the least expensive and proven.It is available for the independent exercise of any person has at least basic knowledge in the field of construction and thus little experience of repairs.

The first step is to prepare the ground.If you find it rather large bumps and bulges, then they must be split off and align.The deepening pour concrete solution and carefully leveled it.If differences of more than 6 cm, and the slope too high, then you must first set the level of the guide beacons.To get a hard design, the beacons attached to the floor with a special solution of alabaster with intervals of 50 to 80 cm. In the process of installation of beacons correctness of the operations is checked by the building level.

Align floor screed concrete

Leveling floor screed concrete

Before pouring screed entire surface very well cleaned of dirt and dust, then applied primer for better adhesion.Consistency ties selected in accordance with the instructions given by the manufacturer, and it depends on the layer thickness it.To prepare the solution using only certified cement, very well sifted sand, preferably a river and warm water.Inside, you can add special ties reinforcing steel fiber and plasticizing agents, which is especially recommended when there are significant differences floor height.After the tie grips on building codes is 28 days, you must remove it from the beacons, and furrows fill them with a solution.The surface should be primed and wipe that to increase the strength must penetrate deeply enough into the concrete.

floor leveling using self-leveling mixture

To use a floor leveling method, it is necessary to comply with the norms SNIP base and had a moisture content of about 4%.As in the previous case, the preparatory work should start with high-quality cleaning all surfaces from dust and dirt, asphalt and coatings residues, as well as glue.Weak surface and laitance should be removed.

sweep and vacuum purged with potholes and defects.They were treated with primer, then fill the repair composition CN 83. It must be done in about a day before applying the self-leveling mixture.all subfloors Processing primer is required.To prepare the mixture, it is necessary to take the exact amount of water specified by the manufacturer at a temperature of not more than 20 degrees.Then, in a container of water was gradually added the mixture, it constantly stirring until a homogeneous mass.Stir this solution is the best mixer or a drill with a special nozzle.Then you need to endure a five-minute waiting time, during which the final maturation of the mixture occurs.The finished solution was stirred again.Use it must be no more than 40 minutes from the time of manufacture.Do not pour more water than specified in the instruction, since it leads to delamination and reduction in coating strength.

Self-leveling is able to independently create an even coating , spreading and filling all the space under the influence of Earth

Self-leveling is able independently to create an even coating, spreading and filling all the space under the action of gravity of the Earth

If the floor leveling is done with a thin layer no more than 1 - 2 cm, then the mixture is simply poured onto the substrate and distribute evenly over the entire surface.The level is controlled with the use of point of lighthouses.With a spiked roller rolled mixture to remove air bubbles from it.All operations must be carried out at a temperature from 5 to 30 degrees with a moisture content not exceeding 80%.After smoothing layer is ready, it must be protected from too rapid drying, drafts, heat sources and exposure to sunlight.

Leveling the floor with plywood using

use of sheet materials such as OSB, MDF or plywood is assumed the two technologies.In the first case, the surface leveling equip the wooden joists.This is justified when significant differences of level.The second technology is the direct alignment to the base.This technology is applicable only if the floor slope does not exceed 2 cm. Or when, as a finishing will be the laminate or parquet.

Famous traditional way of leveling - a double floor Grinding.As a first layer mounted wooden bars, which are selected in accordance with the existing actual vertical drop.They are attached to the base of the bars with the help of special rebates.When the bars are stacked to form a wooden frame which is placed on the sheet material, fixed by means of special screws.Under such a construction of the entire device to systematically use level to avoid bias of the assembly.Such alignment method has the advantage that the frame can be arranged within an additional layer of sound and thermal insulation.Also

sheet materials are currently widely used wooden board.It can be planed or special sex.Previously, this technology was used in the construction of wooden houses.Today, it is claimed and during restoration and repair work in modern homes and city apartments.

Floor Leveling sheet materials

floor alignment sheet materials

If minor differences in elevation, the floor leveling, you can use water-resistant plywood or fiberboard.Mounting sheet is carried out directly on the ground.Fixing the floor is made of materials with special dowels.Most often, this technology is used as a preliminary preparation for laying of laminate, parquet board or mosaic parquet.

Leveling the floor with dry screed

This unique technology is now increasingly beginning to be used in the process of repair and restoration work.It got its name "dry screed" because of the total absence of water processes throughout the entire installation.Screed sells ready made of prefabricated gypsum sheets and perfectly can be combined with any finishing coatings and floor heating systems.

When having sex difference of more than 30 mm, you can use the expanded clay sand for its alignment.It is best to take the finest fraction of 6 mm.This substrate greatly increases the sound insulation and thermal insulation properties.Work on the device dry screed made in the following order:

Initially, the entire surface with an overlap on the wall 10 cm is spread insulation film.We need to take a polyethylene film with a very dense structure.To soundproofing was better yet, around the room you need to glue skirting tape.It should be noted that if the base are wood boards, instead of the film need to use bituminous paper or any other paper impregnated with linseed oil.

then are placed beacons, as which can be used U-shaped profile.These beacons need to sprinkle sand and smooth expanded clay.After that GVL is laid, and if the room is wet, this material must be moisture resistant.All sheets are laid out in a extensibility each other two layers, shifting one leaf relative to the other, such as masonry.Between themselves, all the sheets are glued together by means of dispersion glue and fasten with screws.All these measures help to achieve maximum rigidity and strength of the coating.

The use of expanded clay for floor leveling

use of expanded clay for floor leveling

In alignment floor with his hands there is nothing difficult.The most important thing to choose the most appropriate way, based on their own knowledge and skills.To choose a specific technology need to measure the actual level difference of sex, decide on the appointment of the premises, as well as its operating conditions.Equally important in the choice of ways to play the type of topcoat and speed of repairs themselves.In the process of leveling layer should always adhere to the rules and regulations, which are set in the building regulations, as well as safety.