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August 12, 2017 18:05

How should I use liquid nails - tips , glue types

liquid - nails They have long been used in the construction, finishing and repair work.But what is it - the liquid nails - why do they need and how to use them?Let's try to answer these questions.

liquid nails called a special adhesive that lends strength and therefore increased reliability bonding sites.The use of this material is considerably simplifies many works, increases the effectiveness of the compounds and saves time.It is composed of synthetic rubber and various polymers.Another advantage of such a glue - it will not rust (as nails or screws) and does not damage (punctures) surface.It is also suitable for bonding dissimilar materials (eg, wood, and ceramics).

Scope liquid nails is quite extensive.They can be glued wood, plywood, chipboard, ceramic products (eg tile), polystyrene, and even concrete.Various modifications of the adhesive that have different characteristics.In particular, what can withstand a static load of active compound.Therefore and its various cost.So, getting liquid nails, you need a clear understanding of how and why they are used.No need to pay for a more expensive glue, if enough more "simple" structure.

how - to use - liquid - nails - 1

Before gluing surfaces, as is customary in the carrying out of any work, they must be thoroughly cleaned.Glue "does not like" the dust, dirt and moisture at the time of bonding.In order to better glue "tangled" surface, it is desirable that it was a little rough.You can even on a flat plane is too small to make the incision.

adhesive composition is sold in special cartridges.If you need a high accuracy bonding adhesive application, it is better to use a gun construction.They are often used, for example, when working with assembly foam.

The application of liquid nails:

  1. First you need to read the instructions on the acquired composition.Liquid Nails can be made on a different basis (solvent or water).In the first case, you need to ensure good ventilation of the room, and if possible, glue the outside.If the base of the water, the lower limit of the ambient air temperature of + 5 °;Glue is applied
  2. separate points or over the entire surface or stripes.It depends on the size of parts to be bonded;
  3. After applying the adhesive surface with a force needed to press together and hold (desirable) in this position for some time (which is specified in the instruction on the composition).In some cases, the recommended time can be up to 24 hours;
  4. «Extra» glue gently removed with a damp cloth.

should know that the adhesive is suitable for use only for 1 year.Shelf life is counted from the date of release of goods.Therefore, it makes no sense to buy it for future use, "just in case".

video educational program on the main types of liquid nails: