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August 12, 2017 18:06

Make a picture frame made ​​of cardboard or wood with their hands

there is at least 1 in every home - 2 pictures that do not want to keep in an album.It is desirable that they are always in sight, the sight.Some dear to us as a memory, in other we want to capture the imagination of those who come to our house.For example, as we bravely saddled elephant, as in India, or jumped with a parachute, or feed the sharks in the Red Sea - memorable pictures have each of us.

Photo frame made of wood or baguette

Therefore, photo frames are made different, of different materials.It can be a wooden frame for placing photos on the table, and it is possible - in the form of paintings on the wall.By the way, a nice frame with magnificent photos can arrange an entire wall of the room, to make them part of the overall design.For these purposes are well suited widespread baguettes, which closes the junction of wall and ceiling.Baguette used for picture frames, but is perfect for photos.If there is no baguette, you can use at worst Ceiling Moulding) - but it is quite a budget option.Such moldings are made of soft material, good and smooth cut, glued, and have an attractive appearance.

frame for photo - 1

Depending on the image size (and, hence, the necessary frame size) is selected and a baguette.Baguettes are sold different widths, that should pick it up, so that made frame with photo "looked".For compounds of baguette pieces must be cut at an angle of 45 degrees.Straight cuts can be obtained either by using a hacksaw for metal, or by cutting with a sharp knife (well suited for this purpose knife for cutting paper).For gluing pieces of baguette with each other (at 90 degrees), you can buy the glue for fixing ceiling moldings.

Do not worry, if between the edges of the resulting framework will remain a small gap.This is possible if the cut edges have turned out not absolutely equal, or if the angle was chosen a few wrong.Such small slits well camouflaged white sealant.To make the frame an elegant appearance it can be painted with acrylic vodoemulsionkoy, for example.If there are several frameworks, they will decorate beautifully, for example, any niche.

Note that in this glass frame is not inserted.So you need to think about how to fix a photo, so it does not slide down, or do not fall out of the frame.There are several options.You can use small clips, which are used for fastening, for example, men's shirts in the packaging.Each met with a lot of pins when unpacking the new, just bought a shirt.You can make the frame a little less than a photo and paste a photo on the reverse side.But then it will not work to remove it.In principle, everyone will be able to determine how best to enhance the photo, it would wish.

Photo frame made of cardboard

frame for photo - 2 If you need only one frame, it can be made of cardboard.Perfect shoe box - will be needed and the cover and bottom.The size of photos (including stock) cut frame.On the reverse side, the sides and bottom, it is necessary to stick the thin strips of the same board.Get some "pedestal" on which is pasted back wall.

The result - a kind of pocket, which is inserted from above and photography.To make the frame of cardboard attractive appearance it can be pasted with colored paper, cloth.There is no limit imagination.May be provided and "leg" to set the framework for the plane of the table.Then, when cutting the inside of the preform is left for a whole period of support (from the top of the frame).

frame for photo - 4

frame for photo - 5

Video tutorial on making framework: