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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ways of timber and logs - look at the main technologies

Consider the basic methods of timber and timber connection

Consider the basic methods of connecting beams and logs

Building wooden bath starts with a log.Many are hesitant to build their own log cabin, not knowing how to make the connection logs.Contrary to popular belief, it is not difficult, the main thing - to choose the right way to connect.Construction log and squared log has its own characteristics, and types of wood have different connections.

Log cabin from logs

log house technology perfected and tested for centuries, and especially construction of log cabins of logs directly dependent on the location where they were erected.On appearance of the finished log types of compounds may be divided into two groups: a residue - with the corners protruding ends of the logs, and without the rest - with equal angles of logs without protrusions.Bathhouse, built by the first method, purged will be much less, and will stay longer.But the second way to economical, since the log needs half a meter shorter.

Video - corner joints in the house from a bar

Connection logs "in the cup" and "in the coir»

Traditional old Russian way of cutting logs.Its meaning is that in place of docking the top of each log is cut recess in the form of the cross beam - a bowl.Otherwise, it is called "Oblomov" and cut its better place to provide maximum adhesion of logs.There are several varieties of cutting "in the cup."

Scheme compounds in the exhaust cup, and

connection scheme in the bowl and vohlop

method in a half-tree in general is similar to the control room "in the cup", but differs in that the top of the timber makes the longitudinal laying groove, in which during the docking logs lay konopatku - mosslinen or hemp.For greater strength using Nagel - wooden dowels for connecting the upper and lower beams.

compound as zaovalennymi crest - northern variant carcass assembly, it has high wind resistance.His feature - the ridge oval, designed for connection logs.

most durable way to docking logs - "in the rump," as in this assembly, except for the special comb is used more and the protrusion on the bottom of the bowl, along the longitudinal axis of the timber.Such compound has high strength, but requires special skills.

addition to native Russian types of compounds commonly used technology and the Nordic countries with harsh climates.For example, "Canadian cabin" or "Norway Cup" - they differ samozaklinivayuscheysya with draft baths cutting system shown in Fig.

The main types of connections logs in Russian , Canadian cup + Technology interlocks

main types of logs connections in Russian, Canadian cup + Technology interlocks

Siberian Masters used a compound "in coir" logs in which the cup is cut down is not at the top, and the bottom of the log.

Connection log house "in ohryap»

Transitional variant cabin called "in ohryap".Logs not connected via the cup in one of felled logs and notches with straight top and bottom of each log, but logs thus ends beyond docking.

Connection log cabin "in a paw" and "dovetail»

In order to get a smooth corners with no protruding ends of the logs, use the connection "in the paw."To strengthen the construction and lasting engagement to the ends of the logs are cut rectangular pins and sockets - the so-called Priseko.For the best protection from the wind tilted the plane counter and turns the connection method "dovetail".Log houses, made by "without a trace" technologies are more common in regions with a warm climate and a lack of construction timber.Their implementation requires great precision, but it saves material.

Angle connection logs without a trace

Angle connection logs evenly

log house from a bar

squared log cabins have a neat appearance, they are easier to assemble, but less warm.The compound timber can be both angular and longitudinal - with insufficient length of the rod.Corner lumber compound, as in the case of the log house can be done in several ways.

Connection log of timber "in oblo»

This connection method is performed by steeping slots, one-, two- and four-sided.In the first embodiment, the top of each bar selected strictly by a groove width of the beam.Double-sided lock provides a selection of two slots - top and bottom, flat on the fourth section of the beam.The four-sided castle presupposes four slots - on each side of the bar.Assembling of the log shaped timber facilitating its precise dimensions and performed fairly quickly.

Video - splicing timber along the length

Video - Connect to the timber fin

Connection log of timber "in leg»

When connecting rod "in a paw" and there are several options.The simplest of them - back to back, with the timber is fixed with metal plates or brackets.This option is pretty cool, does not have the increased strength, it is not necessary for a bath.Connection "on shponkah" assembly provides a log house with wooden pins.They are made of solid wood, because of this it provides a solid grip crowns framework.The greatest strength is obtained when doing oblique ear, but their implementation is more complex warmest and durable option - connection bars in a radical spike when the bottom bar is a longitudinal projection - the spike, and the top - notch corresponding section.During installation, between the thorn and the groove is necessary to lay the flax-jute fabric.At the corners of each crown reinforcing wooden pins.

Connection "dovetail»

in progress similar to the log house: at the ends of the bars do trapezoidal spike, and in the adjacent bars are selected slot response form, which provides a good fit.The strength of the carcass is sufficient for the construction of a bath, but the insulating properties are somewhat lower than that of the log.

How to choose the connection method - it depends on your abilities and desires, as well as on in which region and what the climate will be operated bath, whether it is planned to insulate.In general, it is necessary to be guided not by savings of materials and time, and the issues of strength and durability.And then your room will give you an easy par and a good mood for many years.

advise to read about the sill frame house.

Video - Connect logs dovetail