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August 12, 2017 18:07

Roof Garden : how green roof houses with photos

Today greening can be any roof, as they say, it would wish.But the greatest interest is the flat roof with them to arrange an oasis of freshness and paradise for relaxation, surrounded by trees.What is the roof garden, and what is its feature, we look at below.

Regardless of the destination of the building, on the roof of any construction can be divided into small garden, whether it is a private house, city apartment with roof, a cafe, restaurant, or office building.The main condition - the presence of this strong foundation and the correct installation of the special roof.

can say that urban residents even more in need of such green areas than the inhabitants of the town houses.In a densely populated metropolis, there are fewer places for natural spaces and parks, and yet I want to breathe clean air to all!An example for us can be Germany - a country where the most common green roof.Currently the project is in almost every new building made a roof garden.But this is not only a good view of the roof, but also transferred to China a piece of the ecosystem.

Greening the roofs of houses Photo

Greening of rooftops photo


Garden on the roof of the house

green roof: benefits

On the advantages of roof gardens will have to speak for a long time, since the benefits of this are many home landscaping.

  • Construction of this type of roof increases the operational area of ​​the building, because after the installation of a specially designed roof and landscaping areas we are able to equip the place here for komfotrnogo and enjoyable vacation.
  • such roofs reduce air pollution and increase the amount of oxygen.And green is capable of holding about a quarter of dust and harmful substances in the air.
  • Due to the special properties of thermal insulation of the roof and the roof of the soil reduces heat in the summer time, and thus the building as a whole, and in winter, on the contrary, the heat accumulated inside the building and does not go out.Thus, we achieve significant savings - reduced costs for heating and air conditioning facilities.As part of a large concentration of city green spaces on roofs even able to reduce the temperature in the summer heat.
  • «green roof" not only has insulating properties, but also reduces the noise level, which is in the city, usually quite noticeable.
  • Besides, it absorbs part of the precipitation, not letting them fall to the ground and mixed with sewage.
  • Roof Garden prolongs its service life, as it protects against the adverse effects of the weather.It is not exposed to heat, cold, rain and snow, because and lasts longer.
  • And finally, green roofs always ennoble the building, being its real decoration.
Green areas on the roof

Green areas on the roof

The garden on the roof of a multistory building

Garden on the roof of a multistory building

Roof Garden photo

Roof Garden photo

Types of roof gardens

Roofs can be partially or fully planted with herbs, because they are dividedtwo types of gardening: extensive and intensive.

Extensive green roof buildings characterized by the use of light soil thickness of 5-15sm.On this basis grow hardy plants that require care only in the first period after planting, then care for them, including irrigation, is reduced to a minimum.This method of gardening is often a carpet of evergreen plants, which is used on the roofs of residential buildings, garages, industrial warehouses, etc.And you can organize the lawn as flat and on pitched roofs (roofs benefit of weight does not exceed 15kg on 1kv.m), and further strengthen the foundation of construction is not required.

Green areas and upgrading the roof

Green areas and upgrading the roof

Greening the roof of the house

green roof house

Green roof with his hands

green roof with his hands

Intensive greening involves the cultivation of all plants that grow on the ground, including trees.Imagine what must have a strong foundation to the roof of the building to support the weight of high-grade trees, as well as up to 80cm layer of soil, drainage and sometimes even ponds.Pressures on the construction of this case will be considerable, sometimes reaching 800-900kg on 1kv.m.

Plants and trees on the roof

Plants and trees on the roof

Garden Decoration on the roof

Garden Decoration on the roof

Planting trees on the roof

landing on the roof of trees

How the gardens at

roof to a garden on the roof of the house, used the so-called inversion roofingthat looks like a layer cake.Let's see what kind of structure it has.

To begin with let's deal with the base.By overlapping high demands: it is better if it will be of reinforced concrete slabs, able to withstand heavy loads.Also not ruled out the possibility of a garden on the roof of the device made by the method of cast molding.

Planning for roof greening

roof greening planning

Landscape roof

Landscaping roof

Regardless of whether you will fill in the floor slabs of cement-sand screed or not, they need to be protected from moisture.And it is better to save us from the ever-present moisture is not full waterproofing?

As a waterproofing material most commonly used fusing roller bitumen-polymer materials, the lower layer which is attached to the substrate by mechanical means, and the upper layer is welded.

Over it fits insulating layer, if we talk in simple words, it is insulation.Most often it is made of extruded polystyrene plates, which are placed close to each other, but no fixed (otherwise there is a chance of damaging the waterproofing), in extreme cases, Styrofoam plates can be joined with an adhesive, but in this particular need not.

Next is the drainage that is "hidden" between two layers of material called geotextile - a rolled material, which is laid a single layer, without folds, and the bands are placed overlapping each other.As the use of drainage layer of pebbles or gravel fraction 15-30mm and 50mm thick.

the top of the pie, you can pour the soil and to plant trees.Among the trees are popular with low-growing conifers and fruit and ornamental trees.As in a conventional garden, you can plant lawns, flower beds, do live borders or small hedges for them, which we have already described here, as well as create a track, and even build a small pond.If you do not know what to choose plants, read our article on the balcony flowers, where you can find the right idea for you.

Trees , bushes and lawns on the roof

Trees, bushes and lawns on the roof

Beautiful green roof homes

Beautiful green roof houses

Just as in the regeneration of the terrace on the roof you can put chairs, chairs, hammocks, tables and other outdoor furniture.Useful here and pergolas for climbing plants, awnings and canopies.

Plants on the roof photo

Plants on the roof Photo

Green plants on the roofs of houses

Green plants on rooftops

Roof Garden photo

Roof Garden photo

clear that independently a garden on the roof you are unlikely to succeed, but the correct approach is possible andsuch an outcome.Here the main thing - to take into account all of the loads on the roof and the right to carry out work on the installation of stripping the roof, otherwise problems with the integrity of the roof can not be avoided.

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