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August 12, 2017 18:06

Radiant floor with his hands - the instruction and Video

Water underfloor heating - most economical solution for the complete or partial heating private houses, heated by a boiler.When the floor heating temperature distribution occurs vertically upwards, creating the most comfortable conditions in the various zones: at warmer air floor is obtained in average by 5 degrees and in the breathing zone - cooler.It improves overall health, and saves energy.

device water floor heating

To perform a warm water floor, which will serve for many years without leakage, it is necessary to strictly observe the technology and all the stages of installation.Radiant floor consists of several layers:

  • waterproofing, preventing wetting insulation and concrete screed.Usually used for this purpose polyethylene film;
  • All joints with walls compulsorily isolated from the coupler by a damper tape - it is necessary to absorb the expansion of the concrete when heated.If the room is too large or has a complex shape, and floor heating consists of several circuits - using the damper tape is also necessary to make the expansion joints.
  • Insulation - its task is to prevent the leakage of heat through the ceiling.As water insulation of floors can serve as mineral insulating mats, plates and polystyrene;
  • Another waterproofing layer of polyethylene film to prevent pulling moisture from the insulation of the concrete screed.In the case of polystyrene insulation enough glue joints mounting plates scotch;
  • Reinforcing mesh or special modules for pipe-laying;
  • pipes laid in the path of some form;
  • concrete screed thickness of at least 5 cm;
  • Finishing decorative coating.
Technology laying water underfloor heating

Technology laying water underfloor heating

technology implementation underfloor heating

  1. Preparation of the base under the water warm floor - a very important stage.The floor must be smooth, without a difference in height, cracks, slope.Otherwise, the system will be formed by pressure fluctuations that may damage it.Before laying the subfloor should be leveled: seal the grout large cracks, minor irregularities can be filled with sand.
  2. on the basis laid waterproof polyethylene film.Film Strips should go at each other 15-20 cm, after laying their need to glue tape.
  3. On perimeter of the floor, as well as in the joints of different circuits placed damping tape.It is made of expanded polystyrene, with one side of the tape has adhesive strip.To smooth walls damper tape glue, and to secure the rough with self-tapping screws.The height of the belt should be higher than the finished floor by 2-3 cm. Excess cut after the concrete is poured.
  4. Insulation floor can be anything.But it is more convenient to use polystyrene, cut in the form of plates.The thickness of the insulation boards is chosen after calculation of heating.Plates are placed back to back, avoiding the formation of cracks.If among them formed large gaps, they are sealed with tape, so that the concrete does not penetrate between the plates.
Prepare the floor for the installation polystyrene plates

Prepare the floor for the installation polystyrene plates

  1. On the insulation is laid reinforcing mesh.The size of the mesh is selected so that when fixing pipes comfortably withstand stacking step.Reinforcing mesh is placed over the entire floor area.
  2. begin laying pipes from the collector node, leaving some margin for fixing the pipe to a collector.The entire circuit is desirable to be made of a single tube, without sleeves - they increase the likelihood of leakage.
  3. tube is secured to the grid with plastic clamps.Clamps are tightened loosely to fix the pipe, but do not create material stresses.
  4. Stack floor contour in strict accordance with the project.The shape and contour of laying method depends on the size of the room.For a circuit with a length of more than 20 meters is best to use the circuit in the form of "snail" - has fewer turns and corners, so the circulation pump with less power, you can choose to fill the system.When laying pipes should not be crossed, and very close to the walls and partitions - it violates the conditions of heat transfer.
The process of laying pipes

process of laying pipes

  1. After laying the path you are ready to connect to the system.The ends of the tubes carefully placed on a cart to the collector and cut the required length with a pipe cutter.Cutter provides smooth edges, strictly perpendicular to the axis of the tube.
  2. pipe end wear compression fittings: union nut, cutting ring and a nipple.Compressing the split ring with a special tool - the press jaws.
  3. Connect the pipe with fittings to the manifold.Thus it is possible to use different diameters of pipes, and the connection to the collector carried out using various fittings.
  4. union nuts are tightened using a wrench, applying slight pressure.
Connect underfloor heating system

Connecting the underfloor heating system

  1. In places where the pipes go from the floor to protect it from mechanical damage establish special metal corners.
  2. Ready warm water floor system should be checked for leaks.This can be done both with water and with compressed air, pumped by the compressor.The pressure during pressing is selected in accordance with the project.
  3. If floor heating consists of several circuits necessary to balance the system.To do this, remove the protective caps manifold valves and balancing valves twist to lock with a special key.
  4. The project must be a table, which summarizes the results of the calculation of heat engineering.The table shows how many revolutions to open the balancing valve for each loop of floor heating.Open them in accordance with the table.
We provide molding and balancing system

Spending oprescovku balancing system

  1. starts execution of the concrete screed.Knead or bought concrete grade 400. Expose beacons from a solution.
  2. before pouring system is filled with water or air, so that the internal pressure was tubes, and they are not deformed.Spread concrete into separate areas, aligning their rule and checking on the level.When pouring monitor to the level of all sections was the same.
  3. Concrete gaining maturity within 28 days.At the same time care must be taken that the top layer is not dried and cracked, this screed surface periodically sprayed with water and cover with foil or cover material.
  4. Finish laid over concrete: the tiles on the tile adhesive, laminate or parquet - always with a substrate stacking and linoleum - directly on the concrete floor.
Perform the floor screed and causes topcoat

perform floor screed and causes topcoat

Water heated floors, filled with concrete - a proven effective technology that does not require special care.Observe the requirements of the project and maintain the set temperature of the coolant.If underfloor heating is carried out in their summer country house and can freeze the system, instead of the coolant is better to use antifreeze.

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