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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to raise the ceiling in a wooden house

Almost all wooden houses that were built in the last century have very low ceilings.This is due to the fact that there was no such broad access to a variety of building materials.In addition, over the years, the house was given a serious shrinkage, which affected the height of ceilings in them.

The old wooden house, in which the ceiling is likely very low

ancient wooden house, in which the ceiling is likely very low

main reasons for the low ceilings in wooden houses

As mentioned earlier, mainly ceiling height is initially in a small wooden houses was made.In addition, shrinkage of the house also makes itself felt.For this reason, today many owners of this property have to face problems during the installation of modern furniture and doors.

errors in calculations when designing

is not always a sign of old age, the low ceiling of the wooden house.Such transformations can happen with new wooden houses.It may happen that after the construction of the ceiling will not only low, but also rickety.This happens for several reasons:..

  • During construction of the house for all calculations ceiling height should be at least 2.4 m
  • When construction is completed, in fact, it was found to be 2.1 m All of this happened because ofthat the design made mistakes, and it is not taken into account the thickness of the flooring beams.
  • Sometimes the cause of non-compliance is an elementary negligence.When buying lumber does not pay attention to its thickness, instead of the 150-millimeter is 144 mm.It would seem a trifle, but with the entire height of the wall in the amount accumulates at least 10 to 15 centimeters, which is very significantly.But this can be easily avoided by showing great care.

Shrinkage home

But that's not all the trouble that can be expected of a wooden house builders.After a while you will notice that the ceiling sagged even more.In some places the height of a little more than 180 centimeters.What is the reason here?Quite simply, the builders forgot about normal shrinkage.Well, then why did the ceiling and even mowing?And despite the fact that the foundation was built in compliance with all the rules with the necessary power.And the reason for that - the usual incompetence, which appeared at the time of purchase of materials.Problems may include the following:

  • Acquisition of logs or timber was carried out at different times and from different parties.They had different humidity, as stored under different conditions.
  • load wooden structure was distributed unevenly.
  • use different types of wood in the construction of the crown, for example, spruce and pine.
Table shrinkage of wood

shrinkage of wood Table

How can I raise the ceiling

will understand now how to raise the ceiling in a wooden house.Keep in mind that it is always better to prevent a problem than to solve it later heroic.Therefore, you need to purchase construction materials with special attention.But if you still have problems emerged, it is necessary to know how to fix the situation in which you find yourself.The question of raising the ceiling in a wooden house is quite difficult, therefore to its decision must be taken with great responsibility.

main factor - is individuality

There are many tips and instructions that are designed to help in this matter.However, you can use all of them, on the contrary, many of them can result in more serious consequences including the destruction of the building.The point here is that every house is strictly individual and it has its own characteristics and a certain period of operation.

As it is impossible to do

One of the recommendations states that with the help of special tools can be completely lifted all ceilings.However, it does not say that in front of this need to explore carefully the technical condition of the beams.


  • poor condition of the beams can lead to complete destruction of the entire roof under the influence of lifting mechanisms.
  • Even in good condition roof beams may slip and move out to the side, and in its place is not set.
  • This will lead to the fact that the entire roof will have to be disassembled and reassembled.
  • When moving the roof can cause damage to the entire structure.
  • The result - the complete destruction of the building.

kneeling - a dubious way out

Some people, when they see that it is impossible to raise the ceiling, simply omit the floor.It should be noted that to someone it will help and hurt someone.Individuality manifests itself in full measure.For example, we have a house that has low ceilings, but normally placed windows.What we can expect:

  • is important to know that although the height of the sills is not standardized, physically it's best to have them at a height of 900 mm and above.
  • If we omit the floor for at least 30 - 40 cm, the height of the sills actually get 1200 - 1300 millimeters.
  • Naturally, such a distance is permitted only for industrial premises, and it is quite uncomfortable for the home.

importance of design features

Addressing the displacement of the floor depends on the height of the foundation and the unit.In this connection it is necessary to consider very carefully.Otherwise, the excessive lowering of the floor is bad for the state of the house.Anyway floor finding too close to the ground is unacceptable since it can result in mold and mildew, as well as reducing the total cold resistance dwelling.Best already during design to provide the possibility of replacing individual parts and crowns beams in the house.

The foundation you need to carefully examine

foundation you need to carefully examine

By the way, in the old days when people built wooden house, they realized that the lower crowns it can rot over time.It was therefore provided an opportunity to replace the rotten logs with new ones, without disassembling the entire building.

What are the advantages of lifting the entire building technology

In case raise the roof or lower the floor is impossible or impractical, it is necessary to carry out the rise of the whole house is completely at a certain height.This will at the same time to kill two birds with one stone.First of all, we will increase the height of the ceiling and at the same time align the ceiling and the behavior of the floor.

methods of raising

ceilings consider in detail the several ways by which you can fearlessly raise the ceilings in a wooden house.


overlap device A good way to increase the height of the ceiling in a wooden house in the 150 - 250 mm without the appearance of bias is to use beams.All ceilings in a wooden house contains joists, insulation, and a binder.Only economical to produce beams with a thickness of 50 mm and a height of 150 to 180 mm.However, this option should be changed depending on the span length of overlap.Doing less than 150 millimeters in height of the beams is not necessary.Binder is attached to a ceiling portion of the lower beams.The method consists in the fact that the binder is removed, yielding a gain in height exactly that number.What you need to do:

  • Clear attic of different stuff and insulation.
  • trim panel with exposed ceiling beams.
  • Inspect carefully all the beams and replace unsuitable for further use.
  • After that you can start a new unit overlap.

In the production of such work should pay attention to the fact that the beams lifted structure will bear not only the carrier, but also a decorative function.these elements are likely to have a very unpresentable appearance since been closed binder.Now they will be outside.Therefore, they need to be brought into line with the new circumstances.If the beam is not possible to arrange nice, you can close them with decorative trim beams.

It may look like a decorative raised- bar

It may look decorative trim bar

Then make the casing and insulation on top of the already bearing beams.This approach to raising the ceiling in a wooden house will perform the entire operation without adjustment of all elements and the visual height of the ceiling will increase significantly.If you come from the imagination to finish bared beams, it can bring additional color into the interior of the home.

shown in some cases and lowering the floor.To do this, you need to explore a method of laying its beams.Often they are placed after the stacked one or two rows in the crown.In order to detect this, you need to tear off a couple of boards elsewhere on the edge and see how they are.If indeed all that we have said, it is necessary to cut the beams of the rim and put them directly on the foundation.After that, you can lay the floor again.An important tip - to protect from moisture sheet under the beam pieces of roofing material.This method allows you to increase the height of fine rooms in a wooden house.

How to start lifting home

If the design features of the building does not allow you to use one of the methods suggested above, you will have to lift the whole house.The case is very responsible:

  • necessary to examine the entire structure
  • home the presence of furnaces it is necessary to pay attention to cutting the pipe that you want to parse.
  • necessary to calculate the weight of the lifted structure, at least approximately.It depends on the humidity of the wood and on its type.

Ascent performs several jacks that have a lifting capacity of not less than 5 tons.It is necessary to use several jacks, since it not only avoids damage parts of the structure, but also accelerates the whole process.However, not everyone can boast of having multiple tools, but they are quite expensive.So sometimes you can do one jack when lifting exercise correctly.This should be done as follows:

  • It is best to take a 10-ton jack, but in its absence, fit and five-ton.
  • main thing in this case - no rush.Per pass need not lift a house more than 5 cm. This avoids deformation and disorders.
  • After raising one hand, on the base insert wooden wedges and proceed to the next corner.After going around the perimeter of the house, you can go to the second round.Climbing the 50 mm per pass, it is necessary to raise the house to the desired height.
The rise of the house on jacks

rise house on jacks

installation wedges must be done correctly.Under the elevated structure can not lay a loose wedges.It is better to do the following:

  • defined with lifting height of the house.
  • To calculate the number of points to be lifted.
  • Select the exact rise height for a single pass.
  • Divide this value to the entire lifting height.
  • prepare in advance the number of wedges for all passes of varying thickness.
  • Wedges, consisting of several parts should be securely fastened.
  • If during operation there is a fault in the jack, then it needs to be replaced immediately, and to resume work only after that.
  • After raising the building to the required height, you need to add the desired number of rows in the crown and lower the jack.
  • After these manipulations need to lower the floor at the distance at which we raised the house.

process of raising the ceiling in a wooden house rather laborious and requires a lot of care, but to do it yourself if it is possible to know the above rules.