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August 12, 2017 18:06

Remove the film from the plastic window

Remove the film from the plastic window

During repair work in the apartment, after the replacement of doors and windows, many people forget to remove their protective film.

reasons may be very different - someone plans during repairs to insulate the walls or do door slopes, while others produce a painting or plastering walls.

How to remove the film from the plastic windows, if later produced works can slap the window?


  • Why shoot the film at once?
  • Methods for removing the film from the windows of PVC
    • mechanical method
    • chemical method

Why shoot the film at once?

Delaying removal of the film from the window can lead to what is outside the window, it can "prisohnut" to the plastic profile, which will lead to the fact that to remove it would be more difficult without damaging the window.

This problem often pops up on the topic of the day, and it's not just plastic windows, but the ebb and window sills.

difficulty of removing the protective film may be in the fact that the adhesive is exposed to the weather changes its properties, and it may be a matter of removing his remains.

Methods for removing the film from the windows of PVC

There are several ways to remove the film from the plastic windows without affecting the external sight glass.Conventionally, they are divided into chemical and mechanical.

mechanical method

mechanical method involves removal of adhesive residues by a scraper to clean the cooking and ceramic panels.

acrylic solvent also can be used to complete the treatment, such as P-12.

quite effective and the following method: the protective film is heated dryer, and then to hook the edge of a scalpel or other sharp object and then gently to hook edge of the film and remove it from the surface profile.

Adhesive residues are removed and an acrylic solvent.


Some film is removed by means of a conventional eraser or white spirit.

chemical method

chemical process for the removal of the protective film with plastic windows involves the use of denatured alcohol, pre-poured into a water dispenser.

Denatured alcohol is sprayed onto the film, and then peeled off the edge of the film gently to hook and removed from the surface profile.

the Internet many people speak about the effectiveness of "Schumann" Israeli agent that copes with a protective film and adhesive residues.

However, it should be used in minimal quantities, as its main component is a potent substance.

All the above methods can also be used to clean plastic windows and other surfaces not only on the protective film, and all kinds of other labels.