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August 12, 2017 18:06

Photos and drawings barbecue oven for gazebo

Photos and drawings barbecue oven for gazebo

oven for barbecue gazebo will decorate your suburban area, as well as a functional complement, without which no cost, no feast.

Species barbecue a lot: in some designs may be included Russian oven, BBQ, complete with Kazan and other elements, not all of which can be made with your own hands.

In this article you will find out what the oven for gazebos for cooking kebabs and barbecue there, and see a photo of options.

And also get the instructions, drawings and a project that will help you make the furnace section of their own hands.

The most common type is a gazebo equipped with a Russian stove and barbecue - this is the most convenient option.

Look at the photos, it looks like, examine her drawing, and estimate whether you can place it on your site.


  • kinds of designs, particularly manufacturing and placing the oven
  • basic rules
  • Construction stages
    • Preparing foundation

kinds of designs, particularly manufacturing and placing the oven

There are different types of designsbarbecue and brazier, they differ in the complexity of the assembly, manufacture of materials, properties, and, of course, appearance.

most quality, reliable and durable type of construction is complete barbecue and Russian furnace refractory bricks.

It is best to make such a structure at the stage of construction of the gazebo, asotherwise you'll have to build the stove nearby, or elsewhere.

Plyusov Russian oven has much: this is the most reliable design - you can not worry about what will happen on fire.In addition to the oven and barbecue, the construction can be completed and Barbecue Smokehouse.

design and appearance are also the advantage of such a furnace - it looks much better than the standard portable grill, so decorate your site and will complement the rest area in a private home.

Versions finishes, see photo.


service life of such a furnace impressive - if you doall right, then it will serve more than a dozen years.
The obvious disadvantage of this furnace - only the price to be much higher as compared to a simple analogy.

If you buy ready-made, it will be costly, but you can save a lot of barbecue, if you do everything with their hands in the construction of this type.

easiest type of mini barbecue and barbecue - disposable tray.The site he is clearly not decorate, and fit only in a case when it is necessary to do everything quickly, no time to heat the oven and carry out other manipulations.

It looks like a small bowl on the legs, wrapped in foil.On top grille fit.I'm sure you've already seen photos of similar design.


Portable mini barbecues and grills - the most common option among consumers.

Features constructed primarily convenience - BBQ is easy to assemble and disassemble without using drawings and instructions, and use them with good quality material, it can be dozens of times - a season or two accurately enough.

Disadvantages of these designs, especially in a large number of components (if we talk about a barbecue) and uninteresting appearance.

This design is suitable for outings, and on his site is better to make a full oven made of brick, which will be attractive and durable.

According to its type furnace is also different.In some types of structures can be built with Russian stove and barbecue grill or oven is complemented by Russian Smokehouse - is also frequently used option.

If the site is small, then the best solution for the gazebo will be the Russian mini oven made of brick or small barbecue - to build the gazebo additional elements will not work, so choose what device you most needed.

basic rules

Before you begin construction, you need to consider a few simple rules that must be met your future oven.

Firstly, you can not build it in the open air.The foundation structure must be located above the level of accumulation of water from rain and melting snow - if the water will seep into the structure, the foundation quickly deformed, becauseIt is based on sand and clay.

Plan the size of your future gazebos considering that the furnace of bricks takes a lot of space, and in some cases will need to accommodate people.If your house is a lot of guests, the size of the gazebo should be impressive.

With the size of the gazebo will help you decide drawings and site plan.

Remember not to have furniture close to the stove - it should be on the opposite side of the arbor.

Since the gazebo will be equipped with a fireplace, a load on it will be much larger than usual - it is also necessary to consider in the construction, foundation and make the best possible sustainable.

also try to make a Russian stove and barbecue were not encumbered with additional elements - for example, if you want to add a smokehouse, it's best to make it removable and not fixed.

Do not forget to think about the system to drain water.It can be a stationary water supply to the arbor (need a drawing for him), but his hands it will be harder.

finally determine the design of the future pergola with oven - brick structure can be very different in appearance, and better to come up with a blueprint for how it will look.

acquainted with the options you can, seeing photos of pavilions equipped with an oven.


Construction stages

Firstyou need materials - on their quality depends on how strong and durable design will be.will heat up the most part of the design -

is best suited for furnace use refractory bricks, especially for the calculation of the furnace and the chimney.

For computations the woodpile not use sand-lime brick or gas-silicate blocks - they are cheaper than brick and significantly reduce the cost of furnace equipment in the gazebo.

metal elements is best to buy ready-made, becauseto collect each with their own hands it will take a very long time.

You will need:

  • lattice;
  • grate;
  • grill;
  • door for the hearth;
  • own hearth.

most suitable material for these elements - cast iron or stainless steel.

project future furnace must meet all standards of fire safety, it is recommended to study them before you start building.

The hardest thing will be if the floor is wooden gazebo - in this case, the material should be protected as much as possible, plastered it with tin sheets where the hearth is.For a stone or ceramic, no additional protection is required.

Once you have decided on the material, you need to make a drawing of the future pavilions, on the basis of its location.


This can help you plot the project,where the dimensions and pergola design, which reflects its form, materials, and other properties.

If you have decided to build a mini oven, make a separate drawing, which will reflect the real sizes for her.

On the functions mini oven or BBQ is no different from the usual, simple does not mean the creation of additional elements, such as fire equipment.

See examples of furnaces for drawing gazebo in the photo - it is best to rely on the already finished project, from its design, construction, becausedimensions ovens often differ slightly.

Preparing foundation

Foundation - a very important stage in the construction of the gazebo with a barbecue.Do it from the cement-sand mortar.

Since this material is inexpensive, it is not recommended to save, becauseif the foundation is not enough strong, long your gazebo will stand no.

Once the foundation is laid, it is necessary to wait 2-3 days, so that it finally froze, and could continue to build.

Stack oven made of brick should be, based on the drawing and the type of project you have chosen.For masonry you need a solution which is mixed sand and clay in a ratio of 3: 1.

Its consistency should be thick enough so that it did not flow down and tightly holding materials.

Russian oven must be fitted with grilles.They are placed 25 cm apart and at a height of about 1 m in the upper part of the furnace.The first grating is needed for a fire, and the second - for cooking.

Besides the Russian stove and barbecue, the design can be completed fireplace, Kazan include barbecue or grill, but it is better to make at least some of the removable structure, sinceto mount their own hands is not easy, plus they have a lot of weight on the foundation.

If your gazebo provides for a runoff, it is possible to equip it as a cutting table and sink - then a gazebo will be a full kitchen.

Chimney - is another important part in the gazebo device.It should have a trapezoidal shape and height to be higher than the ridge.

chimney project deserves special attention, becauseif you do it wrong, then all the smoke will go into the pavilion, and a pleasant stay in this room will not work.

Use photos and drawings of the finished project of the Russian stove and barbecue for the construction of their own design - they will help you to do it the right shape and keep size.

If you have little experience in construction, it is better to entrust the job to a professional, asconstruction and foundation, made with his own hands is wrong, can not function, and have to pay to fix the error.

Alternatively, you can use a portable grill or a grill, which will also be quite a good idea to look in the garden gazebo.