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August 12, 2017 18:06

Prevents destruction - waterproofing inside the basin

Prevents destruction - waterproofing inside the basin

Waterproofing from inside the pool - one of the important stages of its construction.

Constant content much water leads to the destruction of the materials from which it is made.

Waterproofing the pool with their hands - a complicated procedure that requires careful preparation.

But by protecting you thus extend the period of its operation, it will be reliable and safe.


  • film, tires, bitumen, or what are the materials
  • How to choose waterproofing materials
  • pool protection technology using liquid waterproofing

film, tires, bitumen, or what are the materials

filmthere are two kinds.Roll type of polyethylene.It comes stripes.When decorating the inside pool, the film is joined to form joints that affects the reduction of service life.

film membrane.The membrane film produced ready sizes that facilitates the creation of whole cloth.Technology with it does not usually cause difficulty.

disadvantage waterstops any of these would be that the webs is damaged, these materials need to be replaced entirely as the patch will be ineffective.Video

pool cover film membrane.


Obmazochnaya mastic refers to penetrating waterproofing.the walls of the processing methods, the bottom is easy enough, but it is worth to note that it is not the primary waterproofing material.

Obmazochnaya mastic is used only in the combined version, for example, a cloth or a membrane for spot repairs.

Obmazochnaya paste - paste-like mixture that can be imposed, in contrast to her more thickly.To use it, it has to be done by laying reinforcing mesh.

Bitumen is used only as an external protection.In constant contact with water, it is not durable like waterproofing, in addition, the chemical composition of the bitumen mixture will adversely affect the properties of water.

Liquid Rubber - seamless, eco-friendly, easy-to-use material.It is one of the recommended.

Video - liquid glass for waterproofing:

Liquid glass - a special polymerized impregnation.Polymer resins - element, which consists of a so-called glass penetrating into the bowl of a concrete structure after some amount of time to become plastic.

bentonite mats - self-generating material.In contact with moisture, bentonite granules are converted into a gel which fills the damaged, cracked.

However, the granules may be washed out under strong pressure of water.It is effective only under heavy load - 200 kg / m.

two component - seamless waterproofing in the form of a liquid mixture.It features high reliability, is used to protect both the exterior walls and the interior of the bowl.A two-component blend excellently protects metal parts from corrosion.Often used for tiling.

The photo shows the waterproofing schemes.


How to choose waterproofing materials

Basin Bowl more time is filled with water, the very same liquid, no matter how wellwas not cleared as would be degree of filtration has not passed, it will still contain various contaminants.

And they, coming into contact with the waterproofing material, may cause him harm.

So what kind of materials will be used, depends on the quality and duration of use of your pool.


second point, which is worth paying attention to when choosing materials that the water should be regularly updated, ie hydraulic structure on a regular basis will experience the static and dynamic loads.

Therefore, more reliable will be integral waterproofing the pool, creating a protective layer of monolithic walls.

For this purpose, suitable liquid glass, rubber, penetrating waterproofing mixture mastic.These materials may be used in combination with such a waterproofing film.

particularly attracted membrane film who asks the question: how to make waterproofing the pool?

should also pay attention to the size of the pool, unfortunately, with impressive dimensions of continuous web is less maintainability, due to the complex technological process of its replacement.

In this case, the tiles can be used to cover the interior walls, the bottom of the pool after a bowl coated protective materials, such as liquid glass.

film for large-size swimming pool less suitable option.

And one more important factor - this thermal stress.

Fluctuations in temperature conditions is not always beneficial, differences may arise from the cracks, leaks, so it is better if the pool is an internal waterproofing elastic nature.

This property is different two-component waterproofing liquid rubber, glass.

To protect against groundwater makes external waterproofing walls.The choice of materials and methods of protection is dependent on the level of groundwater.It can be two-component mixture, the liquid glass film.

Below is a video of waterproofing the pool: the materials used in their construction.


pool protection technology using liquid waterproofing

protection do step by step.

first stage - the outer protection.

sure to determine the level of groundwater, it should not be exceeded.If the high level is set around the drainage system.

Prepare outer base pool for the installation of waterproofing protection by following screed from a mixture of cement and sand.

for external waterproofing film is more suitable as it can be done with a large margin around the edges, the head on the wall and is attached to the inner wall insulation.

Moulding cup hydraulic structure, do not forget to increase the waterproofing properties of concrete, adding a mixture of penetrating waterproofing.One of the best materials is a liquid glass.


second phase - internal waterproofing of the pool.Once the cup is formed, it is necessary to give it to harden and dry.Plastered walls can begin to waterproofing.

Any elastic waterproofing (liquid rubber, two-component, etc.) Is applied to the inner surface of the walls with two coats, evenly distributing the mixture solution at the bottom and the walls.

Once both layers are dry, check the protection of swimming pools, fill the bowl with water.

Video of how the liquid rubber waterproofing can be viewed below.


Construction of the pool wall must be conducted in accordance with the rules of the waterproofing.

Waterproofing own hands pool complex, but it is a feasible process.