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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of the two-level stretch ceilings

Installation of the two-level stretch ceilings

Tension ceilings appeared a few years ago and since then, plain white, covered with stucco ceilings are gradually fading into oblivion.

Stretch ceilings are single-level, two-level or multi-level.

Duplex suspended ceiling - this is non-standard and original solution for any interior.

Installation of two-level stretch ceilings in several steps and can be made of gypsum board, followed by its color, or PVC film.

frame two-level ceiling is assembled from profiles and moldings guide.

Installation of two-level ceiling of plasterboard is a fairly time-consuming and labor-intensive process.Another thing - the suspended ceiling made of PVC film.

This ceiling can be completely set with their own hands, and most importantly - the material for them has a great variety of textures and colors, allowing you to implement any design idea.

For example, using a two-level tension ceiling can visually divide the room into different functional groups or highlight any significant elements of the interior, repeating their shape and color to the suspended ceilings.



  • methods
  • installation
  • lighting and decoration
  • few important tips
  • mount Technology tools Required

installation methods

installation of two-level stretch ceilings can be done in several ways.

first method involves fixing a ceiling on the designs made for a specific configuration.Between the structures then pull the tape.

second method a little easier: ceiling mounted and secure the special moldings, which subsequently tensioned fabric stretched ceiling.

The second method is much better than the first, since the construction of plasterboard "eat" a lot of space, which does not allow to install them in apartments or houses with low ceilings.

Properly selected for color, texture and configuration of the suspended ceiling is able to not only visually increase the height of the room, but also to mask all the flaws and shortcomings of the main ceiling, hide all kinds of communication, ventilation shafts, etc.


Therefore, the installation of a stretch ceiling is best left to professionals.Experts competently and quickly produce all the necessary measurements, make a sketch narezhut fabric and fix it on a baguette.

Despite some complexity of installation and manufacturing technology Duplex suspended ceiling in some cases simply irreplaceable in its practical and aesthetic qualities.

If you choose the right lighting, the play of light and color shades, such a ceiling would be a unique work of art.

lighting and decoration

Properly built between the ceiling lighting can visually make a small room bright and airy, or vice versa, a huge room divided into several cozy areas.

design options stretch of two-level ceilings are quite a few.

When you register, you can combine the colors and texture of the material, to complement the design of the ceiling light fixtures, use a combination of matte and glossy ceiling, etc.

Typically, a two-level ceiling installation takes a little time, maximum - 2 days, provided that the work will be performed by qualified installers, from the same company, which was acquired by the suspended ceiling.


If desired, mounting tension ceiling can be quiteproduce their own hands.From the name of the ceiling it is clear that it is formed of two levels and resembles steps.

few important tips

Mounting such ceiling takes place in several stages.First of all, make measurements and make a drawing.Then, these measurements are cut ceiling.Most often this is done at the factory.

mounted metal frame After making all parts of the ceiling.Ceiling cloth is stretched and using harpoons or wedges attached to the frame.

Before mounting tension ceiling, make sure that the ceiling made all conclusions under lighting and electrical wires are securely fastened by means of special clamps.

cost of a two-level ceiling installation depends on the material chosen, the complexity of a stretch ceiling design and fashion design, and can be quite high

ceiling shapes are different: the wave of the cone, the starry sky, arch, etc.

on a two-level ceiling surface can be placed volumetric photos, pictures 3 D or any other image.

Mount Technology

If you have decided on their own to carry out installation of a tension ceiling bi-level or entrust this work to other artists, you should know that in this case, the company where you purchased it, will not be responsible for installation of the film quality.

duplex technology installation of suspended ceilings must be accurately and consistently respected installers, otherwise it will have to strengthen the framework of if not all completely redone.

to web tension was perfectly smooth every detail must be perfectly fitted.


Tools Required

So, for self-assembly of two-level ceiling, you will need some tools and equipment:

  • screwdriver and hammer;
  • heat gun with a gas tank;
  • stepladder;
  • level;
  • special spatulas and blades for tensioning and securing web.

perforator is required for mounting the guide profiles to the walls and heat gun will need to warm up before the web tension.

makes installation of the two-level stretch ceiling with his hands, be aware of the most difficult moments of the process, which include measuring, cutting ceiling paintings and work with the gas cylinder.

Removing measurement is particularly important, because if the wrong take your measurements, then eventually you can get an uneven surface.

should also be considerate and careful when cutting the web and working with a heat gun.

Prior to installation it is recommended to watch the video workshops for installing two-level stretch ceilings in order to understand what to do and where to start.

installation process begins with measurement and drawing up a sketch of the future ceiling.

measured perimeter and diagonal of the room, count the total size, take into account the expected places where lamps, ie, take into account all the details.

compiled sketch transmit to the workshop for the manufacture of cloth of a tension ceiling.

For fastening of a tension fabric on the walls set the special profile of baguette.

For this define the exact line that will run on a baguette and it is fixed at the mounting profile.

If the ceiling will be set a standard lighting fixture, such as a chandelier, the ceiling of the main tension is usually left up to a distance of 4-6 cm. Profile baguette firmly attach "dowel-nail" system.


Such hardware is capable of reliably for many years to keep the canvas stretched ceiling.

After installing moldings, wiring and mounting of all kinds of designs for lamps and lighting begins installation of the web.

canvas stretched on a baguette with the help of angular suspensions.Next - start the heat gun that will heat the blade of the ceiling to 70 degrees.

now warmed cloth using special spatulas or blades fixed in the profile.
already stretched canvas cut openings for lighting.

to establish fixtures fasten the canvas special latches.Completes Installation of two-level ceiling installation of eaves.