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Стройматериалы для дома

August 12, 2017 18:06

Painting on wood , suitable for outdoor use - the main types , features and the best producers

Wood - an excellent material for the construction of the house, warm, breathable, eco-friendly and very beautiful.Here are just a rough exterior walls for a couple of years through the darkened, covered with cracks, or worse, mold and moss.

Wooden house, like a fence, gazebo, shed, necessarily need to be protected from the weather, mold and mildew.This can be done using several means: a varnish, oil paint.The first two preserve the color and texture of wood.If you want to radically change the face of the house, or a tree has already managed to darken, it is necessary to resort to the help of paint, after referring to the main types of this popular cover.

Choosing paint

To paint the house exterior paint for wood is used for facade work.In addition to protecting against moisture, it prevents the formation of mold, damage by insects.High-quality paint resistant to sunlight and bright fresh color preserved for several years.The very same cover, according guests must last for at least 5 years.

Before buying paint should be remembered that before painting the house to be processed antiseptic impregnated and primed, so the coating will lie flatter and hold without flaking and peeling for many years.

number of paint needed to paint the house, simply calculated if you know its hiding power - consumption per 1 sq.m.surface.For this area of ​​the walls of the house, which are subject to coloring, is multiplied by the opacity and for 2 or 3 (depending on the number of layers, which is planned to paint the house).It is better to buy the paint with a margin as a year or two it may be necessary to tint some areas, and the paint of the same color from the same manufacturer will be slightly different shade, which is quite acceptable for the various parties.


The main types of paints

All facade can be divided into 3 groups depending on their base:

  • acrylic,
  • alkyd,
  • oil.

Acrylic paints have now become the de facto standard in Europe, including the Nordic countries, where they have painted more than 80% of all homes.This eco-friendly material, based on - the water, and as the link members - acrylates.The paint has a sharp odor, breath allows the tree because they do not close the pores at the same time protects it from moisture.Coverage is obtained durable to withstand extreme cold and bright and fresh colors are preserved for years.Also paint of different colors blended perfectly, and you can get almost any color to taste hosts.

Working with acrylic paint simply, it is applied by roller, brush or by spraying - gun.It dries quickly, and the coating can be refreshed as needed, without the need for pre-stripping.Coating of high-quality paint will last an average of 5 years, and in favorable conditions - to 10.

Buying a paint in the winter, it is worth remembering that store it in sub-zero temperatures, you should not, as it will be irretrievably damaged.


Alkyd paints come on the market before acrylic and is still in demand because of the low price.When they dry on the surface of thin film is formed, which has the ability to repel water, which increases the quality of this protective paint.However, due to rapid drying and hence less penetration into the wood layers is less durable coating.

Recommend alkyd paint can for painting windows, doors, thresholds - those parts of the house that best should be protected from moisture.Also, this paint is known for soy frost resistance and the ability to endure temperatures below -30 degrees.

Alkyd paints, unlike acrylic, applied only to a completely dry surface, since otherwise bubbles and peeling - guaranteed.Drying one layer - 8-12 hours.

Oil paints today are found almost exclusively from domestic producers.They are made on the basis of drying oils are toxic and have a sharp unpleasant odor, and on the surface are often formed smudges.In addition, they more modern counterparts, due to the higher raw material prices.

Dries coating of oil paint for about a day, and for a better quality of work should be carried out in a dry cool weather.It is necessary to take into account that when painting with oil paint in the future will have to touch up the surface just cleaned it or to the ground, since no other paint over oil rests.


paints market

Facade paints for wood -Material that is constantly in demand in the Russian market so many suggestions in various price categories.

Most quality paints that meet all European standards, producing concerns «Tikkurila» (Finland), «Forester» (Canada), «Dufa» (Germany) and others.Their products are specifically designed for the harsh conditions of the north and enjoys a good reputation.Major manufacturers produce all kinds of colors for any type of work, the widest range of colors, as well as the necessary means for the preliminary preparation of wood surfaces to paint (primer, primer).

Besides high-quality paint-leading manufacturers and have a high price.Save may be, after looking for not so untwisted European brands, for example, «VIVACOLOR» (Estonia) , which is part of «Tikkurila», «Teknos» (Finland), «ISAVAL» (Spain), «REESA» (Germany) .On quality they are often absolutely not inferior to more expensive counterparts, and can be attributed to the pluses less likely to stumble on a fake.

Russian manufacturers, unfortunately, only the issue of establishing high-quality paints and catching up.Product quality is getting better, and can be distinguished company «TEX», «Kotovsky paint factory", "Olivesta", "Building Complex» , who are constantly updating and improving its range.