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August 12, 2017 18:06

Anti-slip tiles for the pool

Anti-slip tiles for the pool

need to use a special tile for finishing works pools and artificial ponds.

Consider the requirements of the product, define the existing species and category, select application.


  • requirements tile for pools
  • Varieties of ceramic anti-skid tiles
    • Corrugated
    • With liquid formulation
    • Areas of use of tiles for finishing pools

Requirementstile for pools

There are several basic requirements:

  • Firstly, the material used should have a minimum water absorption.If this is not taken into account, it will soon be a need complete replacement of the tiles.
  • Secondly, do not forget about the aesthetic requirements for selection.
  • Thirdly, it is important to ensure maximum safety for people using the pool, ie,Tiles should not be slippery, that will reduce the likelihood of injury.
  • Fourth, the overall service life.

Varieties of ceramic anti-skid tiles


Reduced tiles slip ratio is achieved by applying to the surface of special convex, concave, notches and grooves.

created as a result rippled surface - allowing to achieve the desired result.

should be noted that this type of tiles has proven itself and is widely used.

Even in the case of contact with the surface cleaners, grease or other substances that increase the slip effect of such anti-slip pool tile can reliably protect from falling.


With liquid formulation

Reducing the slip coefficient is due to the application of the special liquid composition on the surface of the tiles.

In this method no need to create a corrugated surface.It should be noted that it is possible to put on special liquid composition already laid tiles usual.

As a result, you'll have a slip resistant tiles for the pool, which did not change its original appearance.

tile manufacturers for swimming pools follow European standards, which involve a division into three classes:

  • tiles of the first class A. They are used for finishing the outbuildings and dressing rooms;
  • Tile second class B. They are used for finishing the shower areas, the pool and pool areas;
  • Tile third class C. It is suitable to use for registration of slopes into the water.

Currently, the most common - mosaic tiles, which allows for all design solutions.This mosaic may advantageously be used both for finishing the bottom and walls.

According to experts the most efficient use of "glazed clinker", this non-slip tiles for the pool has a water absorption - less than three percent.

It is this type of tiles used for decoration of the Olympic-class swimming pool.

Anti-slip tiles

can also recommend a mosaic of porcelain tiles (due to the zero water absorption, not the formation of the active substances and micro-organisms and, therefore, the life of this tile is great) and photo tiles, which offers great opportunities for designers.

Areas of use of tiles for finishing pools

Pools are very different: the open-air and indoor, Olympic-sized and only a few meters, with chlorinated water or the sea, often baths and saunas additionally equip with a swimming pool, andetc.

Depending on the nature of the object to be selected number and quality of the required tiles.

Initially, you should decide what area you plan to create, and how they are equipped.

If the room is constantly in contact with an aqueous medium, then there is definitely to use water-resistant tiles.

In another case - it is possible to consider the use of alternative and often cheaper materials.For example, plastics can be used to trim the locker room.

course necessary to ensure an efficient ventilation system.

in the shower area should definitely use a tile, depending on the rate of exploitation, it is necessary to choose the products with the appropriate level of wear resistance - for the fitness club, which is every day visited by hundreds of people who need to use the tile capable not change their appearance and properties, even in thisflow of people.


One should be used for floor tiles with anti-slip properties.The pool area most attention should be paid to the place of the descent into the water.

For increased security, it is necessary to ensure the elimination of water in the area around the pool.

This can be done a special drainage system or a simple regular cleaning.

also simple tips will ensure reliable protection against occurrence of an injury from a fall.