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August 12, 2017 18:06

Valve ventilation for plastic windows

Valve ventilation for plastic windows

ventilation valve for plastic windows - this is probably the best way to optimize the natural microclimate in the house, which, one way or another, broken immediately after the installation of plastic windows.


  • What is it and why is it necessary?
  • Setting ventilation valve
  • mode control valve

What is it and why is it necessary?

Many consumers are wondering what is a similar product (ie the valve ventilation), what positive and negative sides, it is that in general is a forced ventilation of plastic windows.

All this and much more will be discussed further.

Speaking as simple words, the supply valve is a suction unit, which is installed in the upper part of the window in a horizontal position.

more colorful this device is described in the following video.


have such goods are immediately two main functions: to promote the elimination of condensate, as well as create an optimal indoor climate.With him in your apartment will always be fresh and plastic window will never be purged.

By the way, if you purchased the product with the implementation of these two functions can not cope or overcomes them well enough - you slipped a fake!

Setting ventilation valve

How and where it is installed ventilation valve for plastic windows?Such an article is placed directly on the leaf of a plastic window.

For this installation you will need the valve itself, as well as a few simple tools, which is in almost every home.It is a stationery knife, ruler, and screwdriver.

How to manage such a product?Modern ventilation valves may like to have a fresh air adjustment, and delivered without this feature.

course, in order to create an optimal indoor climate, more acceptable is the first option.


mode control valve

Immediately he realized the management process can, either automatically or manually.

course, and here is the first option is a priority, because in this case the product will be provided with a sensor gigroregulirovaniya.

But if handled manually, ie without such a sensor, a person can not deliberately provoke hypothermia premises.

operating principle of absolutely any ventilation valve is based on the change in the cross section of holes through which air passes.

In which case, you can always just pull the plastic window.

With automatic adjustment of such a change takes place on the laws of physics: humidity decreases, the material also increases the humidity - the same thing happens with the material.