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August 12, 2017 18:06

We carry out installation of the simulation beam with his hands

We carry out installation of the simulation beam with his hands

High-grade finish - the key to the successful execution of any design ideas.

Speaking about the interiors of residential areas - design can seriously affect the atmosphere created in the room and play a key role in shaping the decoration.

One of the most popular trends in interior design in recent years has become a rustic style with lots of wooden elements.

This interior installation takes an important role imitation timber, the implementation of which can give the room a finished look.

Imitation timber is used for different purposes.Most often it is a decorative element, but sometimes it may carry a load and an important function.


If properly perform installation simulating a bar, you can achieve the effect of non-intrusive zoning space, which betrays an unusual view of the room.

there is no doubt in the durability of such a design.

Artificial timber - a sturdy, high-quality material which does not lose its appearance and performance properties for many years.

If you have already chosen this building material as a decorative or functional elements buduyuschego interior, you probably wondered - how to strengthen the imitation timber?


In this article you will find answers to all your questions and become familiar with the nuances that can make itself feltin progress.

Technology of work

Artificial timber - it is quite unpretentious material, which does not require installation on your specific building skills.

This factor was one of the main reasons for the high popularity of this material.

itself installation simulation beam with his hands - something similar to the lining installation, but it requires less attention.

However, their differences are as well.Immediately after the purchase is necessary to give a little to acclimatize bursa.

This process usually takes up to a week.It is necessary to work in the process - the material gave a strong shrinkage.

Also thanks to this - greatly simplified installation and improves the quality of the final coating.Once all the preparations are made, you can start the installation itself.

itself installation instructions simulate the timber has several steps, which will be given below.

Their exact performance and maximum accuracy and precision during operation - ensure high quality of the final result.

primarily on the brick wall that will cover up an imitation of timber, insulation material is attached.

sheets of material secured overlap in any convenient way for you.In the future, they will be completely pressed crate.


for mounting battens (the next stage) is commonly used conventional rafters.Accepted to use timber with a cross section of 30 mm.

This thickness is considered to be the most comfortable, but it is possible the use of other bar thickness.Bars battens mounted at a distance of 40-80 cm from each other.

It depends on the length of the wall, as well as the size of the sheets of insulation.Hooking lathing on a wall can be in any convenient manner. (Depending on the wall material).

space between the bars of crates can be filled by any available insulator (for example - mineral wool or foam).

Wall insulation - this is an important stage in the construction of any facilities, so it is best to take care of its quality, because in the future it will be the installation of an extremely complicated matter.

Over the insulation is recommended to lay a layer of windproof film.The film is laid overlapping and secured in any convenient way.

After completing the previous steps, it makes sense to look for an answer to the question - how to strengthen the imitation logs.In fact, this process is not particularly subtleties.

boards of artificial lumber usually begin to stack, aligning the bottom on the first board level.

In the future it will be necessary only horizontal control.Boards are fixed spine up to the groove of the next board entered without any problems.

mounting method, there are many, but the most common and convenient are:

  • Fixing with screw screwed into tenon (twisted at an angle of about 45 degrees and is completely invisible in the final design);
  • Fixing self-tapping screwed in front of the beam simulation.(Screwed to the maximum possible depth for the preservation of appearance);
  • with nails driven into a groove (not a pretty sight, for it is quite reliable);
  • using special hardware - klyaymerov.

The latter method is the most effective.It is quite reliable and fully preserves the appearance of the final coating.

not worth much to ponder the question - how to strengthen the imitation timber klyaymerami.


Fixing is carried out by means of fixing klyaymerov on the inner side of the stud of each subsequent level.

The result - an effect of the fact that the bars are secured only by means of the grooves without any additional elements.


services if there is not much desire to carry out installation work yourself, it makes sense to use the services of companies engaged in the provision of such services.

On average, the price of timber imitation installation depends on the availability of the material by the customer, as well as on the area you want to cover.

The value of work done can influence company reputation, the weather conditions and required completion dates.

Total price for the work on installation of imitation timber, including all stages (laying insulation, installation of lathing and finishing and painting) on ‚Äč‚Äčaverage is 1,250 rubles per sq.m.

price may seem excessive, but the work will be done in a short time, the quality is guaranteed by the name of the company.

Respectable firms typically provide sufficient long-term guarantee of no problems, that is the key to your peace of mind.