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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tips for Choosing a garden shredder

Tips for Choosing a garden shredder

Today, many people who have their own cottage or a private house with a garden, the question arises, what Garden shredders to choose for their own purposes?

Such a device every year is gaining more and more popularity, because not only effectively deal with waste on the site, but also to obtain as a result of dust, as well as fertilizers.

Select garden shredder now quite hard, because there are so many names, manufacturers and types of devices.

not only leaves no doubt that such an instrument in the country will always benefit.

Modern model can cope with virtually all types of household waste, from branches and ending with weed.

And most importantly, garden shredder, which can be selected thanks to the helpful tips, allows the use of recycled waste in the household.

Having at hand such a device, it is possible to solve waste problem once and for all.

is best to use a shredder than ever to book freight, to cope with loading, try to burn the trash.

This tool allows you to not only reduce waste volumes at times, but also to get clean fertilizer or mulch for the soil.

is therefore particularly important to know how to select the device.


  • Basic parameters and working principle
  • Knife system - an important parameter selection
  • important nuance - Power Shredders
  • Recommendations for choosing

Basic parameters and working principle

garden shredder hasquite clear design and operation.To get started is to immediately determine the type of device.There is a power tool, and manual.

Sometimes you can find devices that run on gasoline.If we consider the electric chopper, it consists of a motor, a funnel for supplying the output and debris deflector.

The principle of the chopper

Depending on the power, you can choose shredders that process twigs, grass, weed, spoiled fruit and vegetables, straw, and so on.

Compost, which is obtained at the output, characterized by a high degree of recycling and environmental cleanliness.

Electric garden shredder is best suited for domestic purposes, because it is the easiest to handle.

Such devices allow to organize a silent operation and do not depend on fuel, which today is not cheap.

Also, they are more compact and take up little space (have low weight), and are much cheaper, if such a measure helps to choose.

The disadvantages, which has an electric shredder may include a small engine power.Because of this, it is necessary to download small portions of the branches are not very large diameter.

In this regard petrol unit will be the preferred option, which allows you to virtually ignore the diameter of branches.Gasoline engines are distinguished in the four-stroke and two-stroke.

price first can unpleasantly surprise, but they show tremendous power, performance and quiet operation.

This option should be selected for large scope of work.Garden shredder Petrol has its drawbacks - its maintenance costs are very high.

This includes also the constant emissions, and failure, and the need to constantly lubricate parts and generally to conduct frequent repairs.

Knife system - an important parameter selection

course, how quickly and accurately you can carry out the process of grinding branches and grass, is very important.After all, the power and the blades are connected select settings.

impossible to buy a powerful garden shredder with knives bad, because then the device quickly breaks down.

Knife system allows not only to achieve grinding into small fractions, she copes with solid particles and recycles garbage into smaller components.


Moreover, it is designed, this part, directly affects the safety of the possibility of accidents and injuries.

Some experts believe that it is better to choose the disk filing system knives.By name you can understand that the design involves the installation disc, which is mounted on the blade.They may

two or more.The shaft can set the speed of processing and the quality depends on the possibility to grind knives different diameter branches and grasses.

However, if you use a dry waste such knife system will soon blunt.

Another option - choose the milling cutter system.Here the number of blades can not be adjusted, as used cast blade, in the form of gears.

It allows you to establish a quick processing of even the dry twigs.

In addition, the garden shredder with these knives will last much longer than the above, and a shaft provides a more secure job.

big plus milling system - this is an opportunity to choose a mechanism that will independently regulate the supply of twigs and grass, as well as draw upon receipt.

Many modern instruments have regulation fractions for which processing will be carried out.

Therefore, each owner must independently decide for themselves what and what kind of chopper blades should choose for your site.

If the scope of work is small, the fit and the disk system, because it is much cheaper.

important nuance - Power Shredders

Like many automated garden shredders, power plays an important role when you make the choice.It allows you to cope with a variety of objectives, as well as time-saving grinding.

Of course, if we talk about professional installations can be seen here at a wide range of choices.But for the cottages are three major classes of devices of different capacities.

weakest are amateur garden shredders.


They have a capacity of up to 1.6 kW and a rather weak knife system, which, however, can be a very long time, if to give preference to products made of hardened steel.

weight of such a mechanism can reach up to 20 kilograms.The maximum diameter of branches and grass there may be no more than three centimeters.

All these parameters indicate that such garden shredders should be selected only for small, well-kept gardens, where you have to deal only with weeds and small turf.

There is also a middle class, which can be separated into gasoline or electric.Their capacity up to 3 kW.

Despite the fact that these shredders can hardly be called a compact, they provide more options and additional functions.

Often these tools have the frame and wheels, which allow you to move it to the site for the convenience.

They have a retraction system and regulation of waste feed system and the knife at them milling type, allowing them to last longer without additional maintenance.

This garden shredder can not be afraid to choose, even if it is a dry branches.

to last type includes powerful shredders that reaches 3.8 kW or more.Such devices can not boast of compact dimensions and low weight.

contrary, they require space for installation.Such tools may be either three-phase electric or petrol.

These machines are extremely spacious funnel large amounts of debris that can be processed per minute chopper.

The output is not only crushed, but pressed mulch, which is perfect as a fertilizer.These shredders should choose for large farms, orchards and gardens.

they Cope with branches, which have a diameter of 6 to 10 centimeters.

Recommendations for choosing

Of course, choosing a quality shredder for garden or garden, it is important to take into account the basic criteria, but do not forget about the important nuances and the details, which to a large extent can facilitate work and allow to cope with large debris longer.

For example, it's best to opt for a funnel inclined cone type.In such capacity it is easier just to throw garbage and other waste.


In addition, even if the device is sold with the automatic feeding of garbage, is not superfluous to use the extra special plunger, which also provides a secure supply of raw material to the shredder.

It is best to choose a tool that allows you to adjust the speed.So one can easily achieve a large fines or lumps, depending on the purposes of the farm.

If the issue price is not the principal, you can not save on pre-cutting knives, which largely can facilitate the work.

Another option - noise figure, or rather the protection that can be unit from him.There is an optimal ratio of 84 dB.