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August 12, 2017 18:06

Extension to house a canopy made ​​of polycarbonate

Extension to house a canopy made ​​of polycarbonate

When landscaping in the country or rustic private stretch of special significance canopies made of polycarbonate, which do not so difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Such awnings, Attached private home in the form canopies over the porch, will perfectly complement the overall architectural picture and allow, if necessary, to take refuge from the rain or sun.

addition, arrange a canopy made of polycarbonate with their hands as possible and for the pool, thereby protecting it from getting all kinds of dirt.

It can be used as a small gazebo.canopy device made of polycarbonate to protect the site and under the car.

options when you can build a carport, Attached to the house in the country, can be set, and in addition to excellent appearance, it will effectively protect the space from the sun and rain.

before a canopy made of polycarbonate, it is necessary to begin to understand the properties of this versatile material and to prepare a detailed drawing of the whole structure.

Some options awnings and canopies over the porch, including the pool, you can see on the photos posted in the article.


  • Benefits canopies from polycarbonate
  • Materials
  • preview milestone
  • Installation polycarbonate sheets
  • Tips and tricks

Benefits canopies from polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is a fairly versatile material thatIt is often used in the construction for different purposes.

Despite all this, it is polycarbonate in recent years increasingly used to create canopies, adjoined to the house, shelters for the pool, everything porches, gazebos and even sites for cars.

It looks great both in the country and in any other place.

device canopies of this versatile material is quite simple, and therefore its production does not take much time and effort.

Today it is possible to freely find a variety of drawings of attractive canopies made of polycarbonate and can see this if you look at the photo posted below.


thickness of the material to withstand almost any rainfall, besides, its characteristics are suitable for use in different climates.

It is worth noting that the price is quite acceptable polycarbonate and well below some similar material.

also sheds made of this material have a number of advantages.

most important thing - is that polycarbonate is structurally strong enough and reliable material that is not afraid of mechanical impact or ultraviolet, which determines its durability.

Making awnings of it resembles a kind designer and does not take much time and effort.

Polycarbonate does not require any maintenance during its operation, in addition to regular washing with ordinary detergents.


This material is quite neat and attractive appearance.

If used for canopies over the porch in the house or build as a shelter for the pool or gazebo in the country, the whole area will become only more attractive.

In addition, it should be noted, however, that the need for such a shed rather quickly dismantled without any traces.Options canopies made of polycarbonate can be seen in the photo below.



Before you make a canopy made of polycarbonate, it is necessary to start to determine its main purposebased on this pick up all the necessary material in sufficient quantities.

Covered swimming pool or the car, on the porch or in the house as a pergola is virtually the same device and its manufacture is carried out on a similar principle.

The difference is in the amount of material that may be required.For resettlement site for him necessarily need cement, gravel and sand.

In addition, it is imperative to purchase perforated, or aluminum tape, as well as profiled metal tube.


should also be at hand in sufficient quantities fasteners and special profiles.

polycarbonate sheets are selected based on the purpose of the future canopy, and the decisive role played by their thickness.

should also think about a tool that is useful in the process.So at hand must be a spade drill and manual type.

order to maximize exactly put all erected beams and columns under the framework will need to purchase an ordinary building level.

take a tape measure and better if it will be as long as possible.Some masters have bought in the store the cut at the required dimensions of polycarbonate sheets.

In that case, if the material is sold in standard sizes, then it should be cut to get an electric jigsaw or circular saw.

Once all necessary material and tools will be prepared, you can go directly to the assembly work.

Examples canopies or awnings on the porch for a swimming pool, made of polycarbonate, can be seen in the photo below.


preview milestone

Beforethe beginning of the assembly work should determine the type of overhang and make it a detailed drawing.During the work it will do all the drawing as much as possible correctly.

Even if you collect the polycarbonate canopy over the porch, not to mention the swimming pool or a shed for cars, perform the drawing should be mandatory.

is followed to prepare the area where the future will be placed a canopy.The pad should be cleaned of debris and make the maximum level.

After that the markings under the rack supporting pillars, according to how it is entered in the drawing.


This is followed by using a drill to make a hole, the depth of which should be at least half a meter.

holes settling in a small bed of gravel and sand, and only then do the pillars installed in them.

poles should be set as straight as possible, pour concrete and leave for three days for the setting and hardening.

After grips and the solution dries, you can begin to assemble the upper part of the future canopy.

best to perform piping by welding, but in its absence, you can use with screws and bolts.

upper part of the frame must fully comply with construction erected canopy and have the form that was originally planned.

Then carefully polished all joints and welds.Ready frame of the shed should be primed to fail, and then paint.

Some options canopies made of polycarbonate sheets can be seen on the photo, which is available below.


Installation polycarbonate sheets

main criterion when choosing polycarbonate should be its thickness.The sheet material whose thickness is sufficient to withstand various loads easily and lasts as long as possible.

first step is to decide on the places where will form a single sheet, and already the basis of this, pick up the joints cut parts.

polycarbonate mount directly to the frame structure should be carried out by means of special washers and screws.

washers need to subsequently prevent the penetration of moisture through the holes.

sheets should be carefully lifted to the installation site and immediately fix firmly, while carefully monitor the evenness of packing.

Since the material is easy enough to bend and accept the necessary form, you can not be afraid that it will break at those places where the bend is provided.

Docking polycarbonate sheets together should be carried out by means of special connecting elements, which can be purchased at specialty stores.

Such elements are strip which is made of plastic, both sides of which there is a groove, designed specifically for entry of individual sheets of polycarbonate.

This item is used in the case when you need to create a hidden seam.


When installing polycarbonate should be mandatory to ensure a minimum clearance of each sheet, which will enable the material is not deformed by thermal expansion.

should also close all the ends of the material, since they can penetrate through all kinds of dirt that will spoil the whole look of a canopy.

the photo posted in the article you saw the finished canopies made of polycarbonate.

Tips and tricks

thickness polycarbonate sheet should be sufficient to sustain in the future a variety of loads.

addition, it should be taken into account and the device of the future canopy and if he has pitched the design, respectively, and polycarbonate can take a little thinner.

better to use a material which has a special protective film, which increases its reliability and durability.

At arrangement overhang for the pool or canopy over the porch do not forget about the compensation gaps that prevent cracking and deformation of the material at temperature drops.

In any case, work with polycarbonate should be careful not to damage it even during installation.

before starting any kind of work, be sure to create a detailed drawing, which will then avoid any errors.


If the work is done correctly, the canopy of this versatile material will last long enough.

In any case, such a structure is required to find a place in any country site, and will be his decoration.

Currently out of polycarbonate awnings can be found in many private areas.