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August 12, 2017 18:06

Is it difficult to choose a chandelier for a stretch ceiling ?

Is it difficult to choose a chandelier for a stretch ceiling ?

It is believed that to choose a chandelier for a stretch ceiling - employment difficult, and chandeliers can not always be used.

That is for lighting can be used spotlights, LED ribbon, but not a chandelier.

This view is erroneous.On the stretch ceiling you can mount any lights, just need to comply with certain requirements.

also need to pay attention to such parameters as ceiling height, the size of the chandelier, mounting method, etc.


  • Restrictions and Requirements for lamps
  • Species chandeliers
  • Choice bulbs

Restrictionsand the requirement for lamps

special feature of the stretch ceiling is its ductility: it can withstand up to 100 liters of water, after which it can be dry, and he will again be perfectly flat.

But at higher temperatures (above 80 degrees) begins to stretch the canvas, that is, it is deformed.This can happen with PVC canvas.


If you use cloth Synthetic ceiling, suchdeformation does not happen, but in the field of heating, he can change the color: there will be yellow or black spots.

Because of these features stretched canvas, a number of restrictions for lighting devices:

  1. We can not allow the ceiling is heated above 60 degrees.This requirement is the most important for the conservation of the tension fabric;
  2. Chandelier should be placed at a certain distance;
  3. In the space formed between the tension and the main ceiling, have the power converters is not necessary.This space is not ventilated, and to power devices tend to heat up during operation, which may lead to early failure of the device (overheating) and deformation fabric;
  4. If you wish to create a diffuse light reflected from the surface of the glossy ceiling not necessary to use an open chandelier lights pointing upwards;
  5. Lighting need to buy in advance of the installation of stretch fabric, as is happening to the Draft fixing the ceiling, and in the space of just hiding the wires between the ceilings.When installing web professionals will be easier to make a layout and holes for mounting fixtures;
  6. If mount luminaire requires a complex device, it is better to abandon it in favor of a more simple, once again to not injure the surface tension ceiling.

Species chandeliers

What are the chandeliers for mounting methods:

  • Pendant - mount comes with a special hook.Decision of the lamp assembly will be the removal of the hook just below the level of the tension of the web.In this case, you should come up with some kind of attachment revision before being stretched ceiling;
  • Surface - mounted lamps on a special basis.The height of such lamps is not regulated.On Stretch ceilings established base level to which further fixture is attached using screws.In this case the base should be located so that the ceiling is not pressed.


The shape of lamps are:

  • Horizontal - often used in rooms with low ceilings (up to three meters).The peculiarity of these chandeliers is a uniform arrangement of lights on the branches.The diameter of these lamps can reach one meter for better lighting facilities;
  • Vertical - will properly use the chandeliers in rooms with high ceilings, the height of which is more than three meters.The diameter of such a lamp is less than the horizontal (50 cm), as its "growth" allows you to illuminate the entire space.

You can also choose a chandelier with horns and shades.If used with horns, it is necessary to pay attention to their location: it is not desirable that they were sent directly to the ceiling light bulb.This was mentioned earlier.

When using the ceiling is necessary to pay attention to the fact that in the bowl is over the lamp reflector was located - a thin sheet steel with stainless steel or chromium.

It is necessary to warn the ceiling of the heating.When used in the ceiling of LED reflector lamps are not required.

In cases where the cover closes the bottom of the bulb should be placed at a sufficient distance of the chandelier from the ceiling, also to prevent it from heating.

can choose a crystal chandelier.placing principle the same as for other types of lighting devices.

may be noted that such structures immediately release all of the requirements under the suspended ceilings.

Choice bulbs

What bulbs to choose for lighting: halogen, LED, incandescent or energy-saving?Consider all individually.

incandescent lamps.They are a classic option, and are distinguished by their low price.

can say that this is their only positive side.Efficiency of such lamps is very low (2.6% - the highest rate).


The rest of the generated energy is spent on heating.When tension ceilings of PVC bulb power must not exceed 40 watts, with synthetic fabric ceilings - no more than 60 watts.

install better lighting at a distance of 25 cm from the track, what happens is not many.Still, to use such "classics" undesirably with suspended ceilings.

Halogen lamps.These lamps are similar to the first option considered for its low efficiency.All the rest of the energy they spend on heating space.

The principle of light is different: in the first embodiment is heated spiral in halogen - ionized metal vapor that is deposited on the spiral.

However lamp bulb has a reflective layer that allows the lamp to stay cool.But their use with tension ceilings should be limited to a capacity of 35 watts.

Another important point is that these lamps can not be touched by hands.Why?Because when you touch the lamp is sebum, which will become a dark spot at the lamp that can become a cause of early failure.

distance at which it is recommended to install a chandelier with such lamps - 20-25 cm

saving lamps..They have a good performance and remain relatively unheated.However, the lamp unit contains mercury, so treat it very carefully.

correctly will not use this kind of light bulbs in rooms with high humidity, so that the power converter is not out of order ahead of time.

They can be placed at a closer distance to the ceiling.

LED lamps.Chandeliers of the LEDs are the most suitable option, because they have high efficiency and are characterized by low heat.

peculiarity lies in the fact that these lamps are installed with power supplies that need to be placed in a ventilated place, which is better to take care of.


Placing the power supply directly over the stretch ceiling could lead to deformation of the web due to the heat.

Spot lights.Spotlights are the most common form of lighting the room with a stretch ceiling.What positive qualities do they have?

Firstly, are relatively low cost.Second, it looks very nice, provide a soft subdued light.

Thirdly, do not bear the thermal load on the ceiling.

The spotlights can be used all kinds of lamps, except for incandescent lamps.Another prerequisite is the projection lamp at a distance of 5-10 cm from the ceiling.