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August 12, 2017 18:06

What and how to hang curtains ?

What and how to hang curtains ?

Select Blinds is not easy, as the fact that hang on the chosen shade.

By buying this element of interior should take into account the environment, the interior of the room, floor covering, textile design.

curtains must bind all the elements in a room together.


  • On that you can hang the curtains?
  • Cornice for curtains with lambrequins
  • How to hang a rope curtains?
  • How to Hang a Roman blinds?

On that you can hang the curtains?

properly hang the curtains - an art.From what element to choose curtains mount attachment method, fasteners depends on the overall look of the room.

Modern production offers a wide selection of fixtures for paintings.They differ in material from which the manufactured structure, by fixing the shape.


presents suchtypes of eaves:

  • cornice-Rod.It is made of any material: metal, wood, plastic.Attach it must be special brackets.Such a cornice can have multiple rows, which makes it possible to hang both curtains, heavy canvas, pelmet.At the height of rows may be different;
  • eaves-string.Such a cornice can be a single-row, multi-row.On it fasten the curtains sewn from tulle, organza, nylon, nylon, other lung tissues.The special belt hooks are attached to each other at the same distance, then tulle mesh on the string;
    baguette cornices.Their design is such that the attaching fabric hidden in the box.Covering the cornice can be decorated with different colors, textures.Such fixing must be chosen after the repair in the room is completely made to a baguette in harmony with the interior premises.Baguettes can be set at different heights, to tulle curtains and linens were harmonious composition;
  • cornices.The design has slots for runners.Install these cornices can be on the ceiling, on the wall;
  • Flexible polymer-metal cornices.This type best suited for installation on large bay windows, corner niches;
  • telescopic rails.Installed through spacers - internal springs that are inside the bar.They are placed in locations where undesirable to make holes in the wall: a bath, doorways.

If curtains are made up of one or two blades, you can use an ordinary cornice.But more often selected for rooms blinds, the kit which includes a tulle or pelmet.

fixing them on a rod or string them together or apart will not be possible.


Depending on the species, the number of curtains, the functional purpose of the premises, interior, select one or another structure for attaching curtains.

Today many homes are installed plastic windows.In this regard, the question arises, what type of fastening on the eaves of the windows choose.

All kinds of moldings may be installed on a window.Before you attach them, you must make sure that the surface is above the rugged and able to withstand the weight of the eaves with curtains.

Cornice for curtains with lambrequins

In the bedroom, living room curtains look best with lambrequins.They transform the space, make the interior complete, bring warmth, comfort.

that they fulfill their function, it is necessary to hang the curtains properly.

Cornices are part of the interior, so no need to hide them.The main requirement for the construction - it must be strong to hold the heavy drapes, curtains, pelmet.

Each layer curtains need to be attached to a separate rail to during the operation was convenient to move them, it is easy to open windows.

more best suited wood or metal moldings.Do not choose plastic construction or eaves-string.They can not withstand the heavy curtains.

Curtains and blinds can be attached to the eaves of hooks or rings that have the name of eyelets.

clings to the web they should be at an equal distance to each other, to smooth folds were formed.

Before you hang the curtains on the ledge, it must be securely fastened.It is desirable that he was under the ceiling, but the width can be any.

If cornice short length, it is only two brackets.Long necessarily strengthen the middle to prevent sagging and damage to the structure.

This video shows how to install rails so that they can withstand heavy drapes, curtains, pelmet.


For lambrequin need to choose a special Velcro with which it is attached to the eaves.Rings, clips it does not fit.

If the weight of a small swags, instead of Velcro, you can take the braid.Adhesive basis need to attach the pelmet to the eaves or to hang on small hooks.

Unusually will look fabric with lambrequins on the ledge, attached to the ceiling.Roof structures are often used in rooms with suspended ceilings.

impression that the curtains come down from the ceiling.

How to hang a rope curtains?

Rope curtains are woven threads that hang freely from the eaves.The filaments are connected to a continuous tape or braid, which is mounted on the ceiling or wall ledge.

This kind of curtain is very original.He will be able to decorate any room in the apartment.Textile curtains are easy to care for.After washing they are hung on the window.As they do not need ironing.

If the width or length of the rope curtains do not fit, it can be fixed - cut.

But it is worth to know that you can cut the thread only when the curtain otvisitsya, threads of violence and will be strictly parallel to each other.To this end, the rope curtains to decorate the window a few days.

not have to fear that the edge curtains will eventually blossom - this does not happen.


textile curtains can braid in braids, formof these various designs.When you get tired form the curtains, it is always possible to give an initial condition.

Rope curtain can be hung not only in the living room window.They look beautiful on the windows of public buildings.

They also adorn the doorways, niches in the room, divide the room into functional zones.

textile curtains can be hung on a plastic window in the kitchen.They will miss the room a lot of light pollution when they are easy to remove and easy to hang after washing.

Hang filament curtains can be a variety of ways:

  • Fastening to the cornice - rope curtains have a special pocket where the pipe is inserted into the eaves.Curtains can be gathered into folds, then the muslin will be more dense.Transparent and easy it can be done by spreading on the ledge tautly;
  • mounting hooks or use the rings - to filament curtains need to sew a special curtain tape, in which there are means for hooks or rings.Depending upon the number of fasteners on the tape can be made of different size folds.On hooks to fasten rope curtains to the eaves or a string fixed to the wall or ceiling.Instead, you can use decorative hooks pegs;
  • textile curtains can be hung using Velcro tape.To do this, at the base of the curtains sewn Velcro tape.On the wall or ceiling structures necessarily attached Velcro mate.To it is attached web of filaments.Thus you can easily decorate doorways, niches in the room.

How to Hang a Roman blinds?

Roman blinds have become very popular.With a variety of colors, they can be hung in any room style.

, should decide the issue with their position to properly hang the roll structure.So, you can hang them in the window opening, and may be outside of it.

In the video you can see how to install roller blinds on the windows.


To install such curtains inside the window next:

  • necessary to make sure that the upper part of the window opening flat.For this we can use level.If the surface is far from ideal - it is necessary to rectify the situation with the help of a small wooden wedges;
  • After unpacking, Roman blinds should be attached to the top of the opening.From the edge of retreat should be roughly 7-8 cm and mark on the surface of the place where they will be mounted design.If the roll structure are long, the brackets will need more.In this case, the mark should be placed at the same distance between the extreme points.Long Roman blinds do not necessarily apply to the opening, it is possible to make a mark directly on them, and then move to the base surface;
  • kit with an air curtain usually include brackets.They must be installed by following the instructions;
  • last stage - mount.After installing the brackets, the upper part of the design of curtains, spontaneous, when you click the curtains will be installed securely.It only remains to adjust their lace.

To install Roman shades outside the window opening, you need to do the following:

  • Before installing the roll structure, it is necessary to make measurements.To do this, apply it so that it is flush with the opening.Prior to this, is to make sure that the opening is strong enough to stand the blinds;
  • pencil should be noted the places where the brackets will be attached;
  • Before installing the brackets need to attach them to the wall so that the bulging part was at the top, and then secure them with bolts.They usually come complete with mounting brackets.It is necessary to read the instructions before installing, which contain the complete Roman blinds, as there are several options for installing the brackets;
  • To install a window structure, brackets located on the upper part of the curtains, to be connected to the wall elements.Bolted construction is fixed to the wall, it is securely held.

Instructions how to install the blinds is shown in the video section.