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August 12, 2017 18:06

Finishing balcony clapboard - instruction

Finishing balcony clapboard - instruction

important strategic step of any repair - finishing facilities, even uninhabited.

example, finishing balconies lining the inside turns it into a small room and a cozy place for daily rest.

Furnish loggia or balcony is not difficult to carry out on their own.In two or three days, the room is comfortable and livable.


  • Getting Started
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Getting Started

Begin finishing balconies lining, regardless of the material of its production, should a determination of its kind:

  • cold finishing;
  • Warm finish;
  • Reconstruction.

Reconstruction involves organizing the new premises instead of the usual balcony.

work will result in a room suitable for life in any season.But in addition to the interior design would have to spend the heating system.

Cold finishing involves only external conduct work on the premises.


temperature on the balcony at the same time will be approximately the same as on the street.

To achieve durability of repair, we recommend finishing the balcony of a plastic lining, which is more resistant to changes in temperature and humidity than wood.

warm finish - the most common.

By finishing material is laid insulation and in cold periods the room temperature is the average between the indoor and outdoor.

most time-consuming is finishing the balcony inside lining of wood.

Lining characterized by strength and durability, but it is very whimsical to environmental conditions.Each year, the material should be evaluated and processed with antiseptic solutions.


Despite the need for constant care of natural wood, it has a number of advantages in comparison with artificial plastic panels:

  • Aesthetic beautiful appearance;
  • improves the microclimate inside the building;
  • not prevent natural ventilation;
  • magnificent strength;
  • sound and moisture barrier;
  • Sustainability.

Despite the differences that stand between wood and plastic, finishing both materials is carried out on a similar plan.


perfect helper will be a photo finish lining the balcony, located in front of the eyes.

They allow you to present the result in advance, they can see the features and nuances of a selected design option.

starts finishing balconies lining their own hands to prepare all the necessary: ​​

  • Finishing linings;
  • Wooden rails for crates (same thickness);
  • Mouldings and corners;
  • warmth and waterproofing;
  • sealer and foam;
  • Fasteners;
  • Bench tool and drawing equipment;
  • Power (jig saw, drill and hammer, screwdriver).
  • assumed that the room has glazed and can only insulate and sheathe.

material must be purchased by one party, making the measurements and calculate how much it will need.To these numbers should be added 10% replacement.


prepare all the necessary interior balcony clapboard continues preparation surface.

necessary to dismantle the old sheathing material.Carefully examining the wall surface, it is necessary to close up all gaps, cracks, clean off the hills.

Next settling crate.

distance between the laths should be 0.5-0.6 m. Their thickness should be enough to put in a space formed by the insulation.

If the wall is too rough and positioned vertically strap impossible, offered two options out of the situation:

  1. Align wall plaster;
  2. Align the required level under the bar with wooden linings.

If you choose to furnish the balcony wooden paneling - a layer of insulation between the rails is required.

This reduces the temperature difference, and will significantly reduce the impact of external factors on the tree that does not allow him often shrivel and swell.

Wooden wall paneling

As the insulation is recommended to use a slab foam or mineral wool.Over stuffed waterproofing film.

begin to fill battens must be at the top and gradually go down.

necessary to carefully align first strip, as will all the other nailed relative thereto.

stuffed strips must thus, to leave no gaps between them.

Using the plastic panel, they were nailed to the sheathing stapler.

This bracket will be hidden under a groove through which the strips are joined together.Wooden wall paneling nailed or screwed screws.


should check that the location is unlikely with respect to each other.

If there are sockets or switches, then under their pre-cut holes.

Another tip: you have to know the wiring diagram of the gasket, as this may make the sample by drilling a variety of holes.

Ends trim lining the balconies and loggias surface treatment solutions from the mold and installing baseboards, corners and other cosmetic decorative elements.


services Nowadays the market is rich in a variety of materials, offer several kinds of plastic and wooden lining.

Therefore, the cost of finishing balconies lining will depend on several factors:

  • selected material cost for the skin;
  • Area;
  • insulation necessary or not;
  • need for laying additional communications or not.

If the whole range of work carried out by the hands, the balcony finishing clapboard cost will include only the cost of missing work tool and building materials:

  • PVC wall paneling - 2 y.e. per sq.m .;
  • Wooden wall paneling - 5 y.e. per sq.m .;
  • Insulation (mineral wool) - 30 y.e. per cubic meter.m.

However, the execution of works by their efforts to someone may seem like a waste of time and effort.

Today, the price of finishing balconies lining is 25 in.e. per square, while the contractor assumes responsibility to buy and deliver the desired customer material.

cost only decoration is about 10 in.e. per sq.M.

hiring a construction crew, necessary to accurately answer for themselves the question - how much is finishing balconies lining.

For an average size loggia will have to pay about 4-5 hundred dollars.

To avoid mistakes, it is recommended to apply to several construction companies and choose the one that will offer the most suitable conditions.