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August 12, 2017 18:06

Eliminate the blockage yourself sewerage

Eliminate the blockage yourself sewerage

If your apartment had a blockage, there is no need to panic, because the elimination of clogging sewage it is possible to perform with his own hands.

Every person living in the apartment or private home at least once faced with this unpleasant problem.

To avoid frequent occurrence of similar situations, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules of operation.

Firstly, it should be understood that in the system of sewer pipes can not throw that got in the trash.

sink in the kitchen, toilet and sink are not intended for household waste, which are large, poorly soluble or not soluble at all.

To detailed negligence were not allowed on the drain hole to install special plug-filter with small holes that can hold up large debris.

Even tube filter can sometimes save on the appearance of clogging.

if in a private home after the harvest a bucket of dirty water can be poured into the street, in an apartment building do not, the only option for water drainage in this case is sewage.

Over time, its inner walls are laid grease, dirt and other organic matter.

Therefore, when you install a sewer system, it is advisable to choose the quality of the pipe without unevenness and roughness that the waste could not be delayed once again on their surfaces.

sewerage scheme


  • Prevention blockages
  • Eliminating blockage
  • The use of chemical agents
  • Application plunger
  • Application cable
  • Professional equipment

Prevention blockages

clogged sewer entirely preventable,if done periodically prevent sewer system.

Its easy to perform with his own hands from improvised means:

  • fall asleep in the bath, sink and toilet in one glass of baking soda;
  • after pour vinegar (to 1 cup baking soda 1 cup vinegar is);
  • wait for some time until the white foam will appear;
  • after opening the hot water tap in the kitchen and in the bathroom and wash the water drain (the toilet fill Mr.
  • ultiple buckets of hot water if the toilet is combined with a bath, you can wash it with hot water using the shower).

This prevention of the drain system is useful to both in the apartment and a private home.Soda and Vinegar reacts well clean the inner surface of siphons and pipes from grease and dirt.

In this regard, the system does not arise blockages, thus increasing its service life.

Prevention of blockages

Eliminating blockage

If clogging pipes still appeared, then tools such as soda and vinegar are unlikely to help.But one should not immediately call a plumber, and spend money on their call.

To get started is to try to remove the blockage with his hands.

First, you must determine the degree of obstruction, it can be shared (blockage of the pipe system) or local (only clogged siphon).

If the water is only in the sink or in the bathroom only, then the problem is in the siphon.If you do not work all the plums in the apartment or private home, then there is a clogged sewer pipe system.

In the first case, the problem will help to manage chemicals or a simple plunger.

The use of chemical agents

in hardware stores and supermarkets have a variety of chemical products for eliminating blockages.It may be a powder, liquid or gel conventional.

Using them is very simple: just fill tool in the sink and wait until it dissolves the blockage.

When choosing these drugs need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. sure to check the composition and make sure it will not damage the pipes installed in the house;
  2. for cleaning bath is necessary to take means dissolving the hair (usually in the bathroom sink is clogged because of them);
  3. for sewer cleaning in the kitchen need money, good dissolve fat.

Moreover, remember that you can not use chemical agents too often.

active substances contained in them, with the frequent use may damage the inner surface of the pipe, and reduce their service life.


Application plunger

for cleaning siphon do not need special equipment, such obstruction easily eliminated with the help of the valve.

Plunger is a set of wooden handles and mounted on its end rubber "cups".

It works on the principle of double effect on the blockage.

First, create a lot of pressure, causes the blockage to move through the pipe, and secondly, it helps to break.

After the destruction of blockage, the waste under pressure to go out or eliminated with the water flow through the pipe system.

Use plunger extremely simple:

  1. tightly close the clogged hole plug or rag;
  2. put over the plunger stopper, open the warm water, and type an amount that the water level to
  3. half covered with a rubber plunger portion;
  4. remove the cap and pressed tightly against the rubber plunger cup to the drain;
  5. begin to perform reciprocating motion up and down (without lifting the cup with a rubber drain on boundaries);
  6. after abruptly torn off plunger from baths upstairs base.

Water must quickly go into the drain hole.If the water does not go away, and the drain of the top rising particles clogging, thus punching blockage failed and the procedure must be repeated.

If you re-use plunger results still do not, then you must use another method and use special equipment to pipes.

Attention!Carrying out cleaning blockages by hand, using plunger, do not press on it with full force.Strong pressure inside the siphon of plastic can cause it to break.


Application cable

Such equipment for cleaning of sewerage as a cable, allows to cope with clogging more radically.

Application manual spiral cable makes it possible to carry out cleaning of strong clogging of pipes with his own hands as in an apartment or in a private home.

cable is woven steel wire, one side of which is a small brush or a simple tip, but with a different grip for holding the cable.

cables with different lengths may be from 5.4 m or more.

Let's see how to apply these tools to clean the pipes of the system in action:

  • guide cable end into the hole for draining (if carried out cleaning the sink, then it is better to first remove the siphon);
  • to push the cable down the pipe by rotational movements (the movement should be smooth and not abrupt, excessive pressure can lead to damage to the cable, or even worse, damage to the inside of the tube);
  • reaching the obstruction, it is necessary to increase the intensity of the movements and try to push it or break up (on some ropes at the end has a special hook, with which you can pick up accumulated debris and pull it out);
  • when the blockage is removed, and the water begins to collect in the funnel and freely go down the drain, open the hot water and rinse the pipes under strong pressure.

As you can see, cleaning sewer blockages by such means as the rope is easily done with their own hands and does not take much time.

This wire must rotate clockwise in the same direction as the twisted steel wire, otherwise the wire may dissolve, resulting in unsuitability cable.


Professional equipment

If the use of chemical agents, plunger and the cable did not give any result, on the face of a serious clog the pipe system, then you must use professional equipment.

But where to take home such a technique?Do not sleep cause plumbers, to create such a device can be, and with his own hands.

To do this, take a compressor from a conventional vacuum cleaner.Since the end of the hose of a vacuum cleaner remove the brush and attach in its place the rubber cup plunger.

other end is attached to the blow hole of a vacuum cleaner (with the dust bag must be removed).After

cup is applied to the drain, and include a vacuum cleaner, which allows to push the blockage pressurized.

If you use this method, but the water did not pass, you can not do without plumbing.

They will be able to eliminate even the strongest obstruction, using a special machine with a hydrodynamic pressure (the pressure in this case is higher than when using a compressor from a vacuum cleaner).

Water, fired by the hydrodynamic pressure, eliminates the most persistent blockages and cleans the inside of the pipes from settled them grease and dirt.