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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ceiling tiles made ​​of polystyrene foam

Ceiling tiles made ​​of polystyrene foam

Update design of the ceiling, without spending a lot of time and money on repairs, you can use the ceiling tile of expanded polystyrene.

It will beautify your home and give it a modern look.


  • Features selection
  • installation
  • Manual Where to buy and how much it costs?

Features selection

Tile Ceiling of polystyrene produced several kinds:

Pressed made from polystyrene blocks by mechanical punching.Its thickness is from 6-8 mm.

Such tiles are very brittle and fragile, if it has to cut, to achieve smooth edges will be very difficult.

wash this ceiling can not cover, but can be painted with latex paint.

tiles made of extruded polystyrene raw strips by hot extrusion.

It is very durable and reliable, has excellent hygienic properties.Its surface is protected by dust-repellent film, it can be washed.


After deformation is easily restored, perfectly cut.Its edges slightly bent down, so on the back of a cavity, through it you can hide small irregularities of the ceiling.

Design extruded products varied.

You can choose the cover with texture of marble or wood, like linen cloth, with a flat and smooth surface and a beautiful shine.

extruded products manufactured a wide variety of colors, some of them marked patterns.Paint such coverage is impossible.

injector do in special forms that fill the polystyrene raw material, and place in an oven under high temperature sintered tiles.

Its thickness is from 0.9 to 1.4 cm. At this tile you can often see a deep relief pattern.

Injection products have good heat and sound insulation properties, fire-resistant, not afraid of moisture, environmentally friendly and very sturdy.

Available in white, to give them a different color, they can be painted.their cost is much higher than the previous species.

Usually sizes of polystyrene ceiling tiles on the packaging.Most often, irrespective of the type, it has a size of 50x50 cm.

a packing case eight pieces.But sometimes you can find a rectangular tile having dimensions of 100 x 165 cm, but it is less common.


Various modifications help to hide defects ceiling, and adding decorative elements, you can easily create the desired image.

All kinds of polystyrene ceiling tiles can be grouped by type:

  • laminated;
  • seamless;
  • mirror.

installation instructions

for finishing the ceiling you do not need any special tools - Only tiles and special glue.

If you need the color of the polystyrene ceiling tiles, but you can not find the color you want, it can be painted easily.

First, you need to carry out preparatory work.If the ceiling has been used whitewashed, whitewash should be cleaned or primed.

Experts advise to glue the ceiling tiles from the center of the room.

To do this, you must first find it.Connect the opposite corners of rooms diagonal lines in the middle of the intersection of four lines and will be the center.

If in the middle of the ceiling hangs a chandelier for the center must take its point of attachment.


work is carried out as follows:

  • Apply glue to the three tiles from styrofoam wait a bit of time to wait as spelled out in the manual of the glue;
  • Attach it so that it touches a corner center.Align diagonally and horizontally.Cut one corner in contact with the mount chandeliers in each of the four tiles;
  • then lay nearby, so as to form the central square;
  • will now be easier, focusing on the stacked, you continue to be glued.Press down the tile is better to smooth a piece of wood;
  • At the edge of the ceiling tiles have to prune.Check carefully how much to cut.Cut with a sharp knife.cutting line for you then hide the ceiling moldings, when will paste all the tiles;
  • Install the plinth;
  • Fill the joints between the tiles sealant white.For laminated ceiling tile of expanded polystyrene, this method will not work.Therefore, to the ceiling looked neat, you can take a seamless laminated ceiling tile of expanded polystyrene, it does not have at the edges of the rim, as her curly edges.The compounds are obtained in the joints are almost invisible.

Where to buy and how much it costs?

Deciding to minimize repair costs, you can choose ceiling tile of expanded polystyrene, it is one of the budget options decorative ceiling finishes.

price ceiling tiles made of polystyrene foam is much lower than that of false ceilings, at the same time it is extremely easy to use.

Before you buy a ceiling tile of expanded polystyrene, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • edges should not crumble;
  • tiles have cracks should not appear under its own weight, it is possible to check, taking her one edge.If there was the slightest crack, it is better not to buy such a product, even if the value of polystyrene ceiling tiles you liked;
  • next option - the right angles.If there is very little deviation, dock tiles on the ceiling will not be possible;
  • dents and chips - too much can ruin the ceiling, any unevenness on it will be very clearly visible.

When buying do not forget about accessories.Pick a plinth and a different décor, to coincide with the base material in color, texture and pattern.


Do not forget to buy the glue, the most versatile and popular is the glue "Titan".It has a low cost and very good performance.

Price Styrofoam tiles is available for people who have little wealth and diversity will make a very good purchase.

Buy it not problematic, in DIY stores, it is always available in a rich assortment.

This material is so light that buying a few packages, you will be able to bring it to the house, rather than wait until you deliver it.

Deficiencies in the material slightly:

  • You can not hide the wires under the coating;
  • can not be glued in areas with large temperature changes, as there it could easily come off;
  • This cover gets dirty easily and absorbs odors;
  • Cheap tiles are so fragile that even a slight strain on it will remain visible traces;
  • White polystyrene yellowing with time.

hope this article was useful to you!