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August 12, 2017 18:06

Varieties glass door shower , bath and toilet

Varieties glass door shower , bath and toilet

Currently, glass door shower are in high demand and this is due primarily to the fact that such a decision leads to the bathroom space more voluminous and stylish.

distinctive feature of glass partitions is that they are not affected by temperature, not afraid of moisture and retain their original appearance over the entire lifetime.

particularly original look of glass partitions in small bathrooms, where there is limited interior space and you need to arrange the maximum functional niche in the shower.

now available as sliding and hinged partition, the size of which can be arbitrary.

Buy these partitions can be in almost all specialized shops that sell various sanitary ware in the bathroom.

Glass doors for bathroom and shower room is quite simple to install, besides, behind them is very easy to care for the entire period of operation.

Currently, glass doors for the shower in the bathroom are the ideal solution for small spaces that allow you to make a niche in a stylish and functional.

You can verify this by looking at the photos that are posted below.


  • Kinds and types of glass doors
  • features walls of glass
  • Advantages and glass doors disadvantages
  • Features Operating

Kinds and types of glass doors

Hinged or sliding constructionsglass to make a niche in the shower is not only stylish, but also comfortable.

They terrific fit almost any decor, but you must buy these are the doors made of glass, which will have a high-quality material and the structure of the corresponding sizes.


Choosing the glass doors into the bath room is necessary, first of all, pay attention to their overall design, styling, as well asespecially for convenience of installation and subsequent use.

Manufacture of doors being by special technology, which make the structure of the material as transparent and robust.

Today you can buy several different types of glass doors to the bathroom.

most versatile and functional considered pendulum, which tend to be opened like a shower into the niche itself, and from it.

Their installation is carried out without the use of a special box, with mounting allows for a tight hold on the relevant elements.

In addition, you can buy a sliding glass door to the bathroom, which on the basis of his actions resemble a door-coupe.

In this case, the shower niche, you can equip a one or two halves of the transparent doors that will be moved by means of special clips on the respective guide.

order to give maximum strength glass door, it is placed in a special metal profile.

Bath Doors

sliding doors made of glass, make it possible to significantly expand the space, even if they have a sufficiently large size.

Very often equipped with shower niche glass doors hinged type, which are mounted in a structure which is a special box.

Swing doors made of glass, perfect for the showers, which are located in an alcove.

Swing doors glass for bathrooms are quite impressive size, but the original look in areas that have a large area.

Buy these doors can at an affordable cost, which determines their popularity.

features walls of glass

Before you buy glass doors under a niche for a shower in the bathroom, you need to decide on the overall design of the room.

If the interior of the bathroom has a sufficient area, you should pay attention to the type of swing doors made of glass.


These doors allow you to create the room a stunning immersive and visually significantly expand its volume.

Despite all this, yet most often set in bathrooms, sliding glass doors, which can effectively save space.

To date, these have good sliding design functionality that only adds to the convenience of using them.

There are several options for devices such glass designs, each of which makes a niche in the shower really versatile and convenient to use.

The main purpose of the glass doors in the bathrooms - is the protection of all space around from moisture and steam.Of great importance is the quality of performance of the glass doors.

It is on this factor will largely depend on the further comfort when using the shower.

When buying them should pay attention to the type of fastening, as it is this is one of the weakest points of the door.Also, its importance is the structure of the glass.

Today you can buy sliding doors made of frosted glass or transparent.

The cabin with sliding doors

Each of them will give the surrounding area a unique style, which allows you to completely change the look of the room.

for glass doors are usually used fittings made of steel or aluminum alloy.

This is due mainly to the fact that in conditions of high humidity remaining metals quickly become useless and lose their original luster.

Advantages and disadvantages of glass doors

major advantage of glass used in rooms with high humidity is that this material absolutely does not absorb moisture, and in addition, is not subject to deformation under the influence of temperature changes.

The only thing that should be done when the glass is operating, it is timely to wipe off stains.

Sliding glass partitions under the shower niche allows visually enlarge the surrounding area, making it more voluminous and light.


Glass does not increase the weight of the interior, on the contrary, gives it a certain lightness and airiness.

should also be noted that this material is amazing harmony with artificial stone, tile, and various metals.

With this versatile material, you can create original designs that will look stylish.

sliding design for sanitary rooms have their own drawbacks.First of all, this material is considered to be quite fragile and its operation should be particularly careful.

In addition, in order to give a clear glass, it is necessary to use special chemicals, but is currently on the market represented a huge range of compositions that allow the material to make the most pure.

Also noteworthy is the fact that structures of this type fasteners have not always high toughness.

general in the operation of sliding partitions made with the help of glass, should be exercised carefully and sensibly.

Despite all these shortcomings, the original appearance, which is created by the design data, makes you forget about everything and just gives you the opportunity to enjoy the comfort.

Features Operating

Despite the fact that the glass is fairly easy to clean supplied from various attacks, still need to regularly take care of him.

In the interior of bathrooms, you can continuously monitor moisture, which leads to the fact that on different surfaces shower appears limescale, which is able to spoil the overall impression.

In order for this problem does not occur in a glass, which is in the shower, you need to take care of with the help of special tools.

In addition, the shower should be regularly aired and ensure that moisture does not accumulate in secluded places.If the glass moisture is not a threat, the hardware can quickly fail.

Before you buy into a shower of glass design, you must carefully consider the overall design of the room and determine the size of the door.

In the photo, which are placed below, you can see some options of shower with glass doors, which can be used in the selection room design.


When buying glass doors should be pay attention to the absence of their surface any cracks and defects, which may subsequently lead to the destruction of material.

should also check the quality of fixtures and fittings that comes in the kit.

When you install the glass should be as close as possible to the frame, and at the closing of the door must be free of cracks and gaps.

In any case, the purchase of glass for shower doors is a demanding exercise, which should be treated carefully and cautiously.