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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ceiling moldings for ceilings,

Ceiling moldings for ceilings,

Mounting tension ceiling - it is very responsible and need to think in advance about how to install items such as ceiling cornice for suspended ceilings.

as a ceiling finishing material in the apartments and houses are increasingly used ceilings.

But there is a misconception that in the suspended ceiling is not possible to fix a ceiling cornice.

In fact, everything is much easier, and you can mount the cornice, and it is necessary, it is important to think in advance only place where it will be fixed, and to strengthen support this place.

inserted before selecting the best for the stretch ceiling cornice, which range in modern stores is very wide, the buyer is faced with these questions: What attachment to choose which way to mount a ceiling bar for curtains, how to combine the cornice and suspended ceiling?

All answers can be found in this article.Modern variants of moldings are suitable for almost all types of ceilings, in particular for tensioning.

Stretch ceiling - a structure consisting of a fabric, which is attached to an aluminum or plastic profiles directly under the ceiling.



  • Types of suspended ceilings
  • Ceiling cornices
  • fastening methods
  • Installation visible Cornice strip
  • Installation hidden Cornice strip Cornice
  • for covert illumination

Types of suspended ceilings

Sometimes two kinds of ceilings: polyvinyl chloride, commonly called PVC and fabric.

Polyvinyl chloride ceilings are made-to-order, taking into account the size of your room.

ceilings made of vinyl can be very diverse:

  • matte;
  • glossy;
  • suede etc.

most popular types of vinyl ceilings - mat, gloss and satin:..

  • glossy ceiling is a mirror image can be of any color and shade using a material premise visually becomes larger.The downside of such a fabric is the visibility of the slightest defect in the installation;
  • Matt ceiling the most popular type.Suitable for any interior, due to the small showiness does not focus on the attention and does not distract from other elements of decor;
  • Satin ceiling - the texture is similar to a matte, but has a smooth surface, due to the small reflective texture of the canvas becomes a pearl radiance.

ceiling fabric - a textile web of polyester yarn.This fabric was soaked in the polyurethane mixture, after which it is dried.

This type of stretch ceiling does not require a particular order, ie. To. Is available in rolls.Such ceilings are made in any color version.

Installation rails for curtains in such a ceiling needs to be pre-thought-out approach,becauseafter installation web tensioning assembly of any object on the surface thereof becomes impossible.

Ceiling cornices

To understand how compatible ceiling trims and ceilings, you must first understand what constitutes cornices, what types there are and which ones are suitable for mounting on a stretched canvas.

ceiling cornice - it is a basic element for fixing of curtains and tyuley.Mounted directly on the ceiling, he, an ordinary, hanging or tension.

To date, there are four kinds of moldings:

  • wood - much more expensive than other types, heavy solid, looks very reliable;
  • plastic - the cheapest option, this type of cornice is used most often;
  • steel - applies only to hang heavy curtains;
  • aluminum - lightweight economical option, strong enough.

strength of all of these materials is about the same, but the prices are quite different.


methods of fastening

Options mountingfor there are a variety of moldings, some do not require special skills to install, while others require large financial costs and attract professionals.

If the weight of future curtains allows, the easiest and cheapest option - simply attach the fabric to the surface of the stretch ceiling.

If the foundation is constructed of drywall ceiling, the installation process will be very complicated.Such a framework will not keep most of the eaves and heavy curtains.

In this case, use a special lock, which is installed on opposite walls, or use the following methods.

to install, mount the visible structure is made with special reference bars, they are fixed on the main ceiling and hidden under a stretched canvas.

This option is less expensive and more convenient.Hidden cornice requires more serious approach.

In this embodiment, the basic structure must be attached directly to the main concrete ceiling, where a special niche, and the tension cloth fastened with a special stand in front of the cornice.


So, the first option is cheaper and easier to mount, you can deal with it without having serious construction skills.The second option is more aesthetic.

Which option to choose - depends on the financial capabilities and personal preferences.

Installation visible Cornice strip

Since tension fabric is very fragile and can easily be damaged by the installation of the cornice should be carried out very carefully.

begin installation work, marking the installation of future construction on the main ceiling.Then celebrated the place of installation of mounting profiles for the installation of stretch ceiling.

After that go to the most important stage - laying wooden beams for securing the future of the cornice.Mount the bars can be using self-tapping screws or dowels.

Once this work has been done, the web tension is set when it is dry and will take the necessary form, you can begin to install the eaves of the tire.

First you need to find a wooden support.Cornice is fixed directly through the film, this step should be carried out with maximum caution, so as not to spoil the surface of the canvas.


holes for screwing self-tapping screws need to strengthen the reinforcing of plastic rings, they can be glued, and can be welded.

themselves holes is recommended to burn through, for example, soldering.Then, using the screwdriver and screws can be fixed cornice for curtains.

few tips:

  • timber that performs a supporting function, it is best to buy from precious wood;
  • only need to choose carefully-dried material is of good quality;
  • wood must be treated with antiseptics to prevent mold and rot foci.Due to the fact that under the stretch ceiling is not enough ventilated space, over time the wood can begin to break down.

Installation hidden cove strips

Of course, as far as possible is better to choose a hidden ledge under the suspended ceiling.

It looks more aesthetically pleasing and elegant, with well-chosen curtains, it looks like a stream flowing from the ceiling, creating an incredible effect.

first step, call up the wizard for the measurement of future tension fabric must be purchased cornice, its size must be taken into account by the installer.

Also cornice niche may not be the entire length of the room, it is also necessary to take into account in advance.That is why you will master the exact dimensions required.

Installation cornice is made directly to the basic ceiling, usually used for fastening wooden beams.


profile for stretch ceiling must be secured from the eaves to the installation of stretch ceiling completely block the wooden beams and make it invisible.

to secure cornice used self-tapping screws or dowels, nails with a plastic sleeve.

That's the instruction on completion of all works, you can hang the curtains, curtains, curtain, that with this method will look very impressive.

The best option would be to install the cornice for curtains ceilings spent one and the same person, so he will be able to give their recommendations about the most convenient way to secure the eaves plate.

course, having studied all the details and features of the installation of the cornice, you can install it themselves, with minimal construction skills, but polyvinyl fabric is very soft and quite expensive, so it is better still to contact the professionals in their field.

Cornice for covert illumination

This cornice molding is usually made of foam, which is attached directly on the perimeter of the wall on a special adhesive.

In the niche formed between the molding and the ceiling, fix the LED strip.Such a cornice will hide it from the eyes and creates an unusual and very beautiful effect.


Mounting the eaves is better to make up wall decoration.Where will adhere molding, it is necessary to pass the primer layer.

For cornice trim the corners, you can use a regular paint knife, and can be purchased directly from the eaves provided angles.

distance between the molding ceilings should be about 6-10 cm.The distance is determined by taking into account that the LED tape was not visible from the opposite side of the room.

Now, after studying photos and videos posted in this article, you can understand the main points in the installation Cornice strip, and will be able to choose what is right for your decor.