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August 12, 2017 18:06

Correct sticking paper wallpaper

Correct sticking paper wallpaper

Virtually everyone faced with wallpaper glue, but it is important to know how to paste paper wallpaper correctly if you want your repair look nice and do not differ from those professionals.

There are many nuances of working with paper wallpaper, not only with the pasting of walls, but also the preparation of the material and the surface of the work.

To do it right, read the instructions and look at the sub video - this will help you to repair their own hands, even if you have not previously engaged in papering the walls.


  • Set wallpaper and tools
  • Preparing walls and the choice of adhesive
  • Wallpapering

Set wallpaper and tools

Wallpapering with paper base is still the most popular because the materialnot only it is cheaper than wallpaper with vinyl-coated, but also has a huge variety of colors and textures, which allows you to create eye-catching design of the apartment at a bargain price.

process is simple, especially if you use an auxiliary video.

Paper wallpaper can be selected from two types: the first type - single-layer material, such simplex call.The second type - double layer - called duplex.

it is better to choose them astheir life above, they do not fade in the sun and are less susceptible to the ingress of moisture.

differ wallpaper and texture: it can be smooth, embossed, printed, thin, or intended for painting.


Choice coating appearance depends primarily on the desired design, you want to create in the room.

However, there are a few rules, which is better to follow when choosing the material: for example, in large rooms will look more harmonious large drawings on the wallpaper, and small - on the contrary, coating with a fine pattern, or a single color.

When buying better to take more material than is required, especially when it comes embossed wallpaper with a large pattern.

usually buy 1-2 roll over so that you can adjust the material to stick to paste overlaps and complex plots.

coating production following standards: the width of the rolls produced 50-53 cm in length and 10 m in some manufacturers have these dimensions may vary, but is usually negligible..

To accurately determine the size when buying carefully read the information on the packaging - where specified size, as well as other properties of the product.

To find out how much material is required to stick, you need to measure the height of the ceilings, as well as the perimeter of each wall in the room, not taking into account window and door openings.

Divide that number by 53, and you will find out how much wallpaper you need.

wallpaper pasting paper does not require any specific tools, but still better to prepare everything in advance.


  • roulette or folding line;
  • building level;
  • pencil, which will be marking;
  • scissors or a knife;
  • bowl of glue for breeding;
  • brush or roller;
  • sponge to remove the excess glue;
  • cloth to remove any air bubbles that accumulate under the material.

also better prepare in advance the wallpaper: they must be cut into strips, taking into account the location of the picture and the details and dimensions of the room.

better to buy the wallpaper of the same party - then you do not have to customize the colors.

If this is not possible, it is possible to glue different coating for batteries or the windows, where the differences will not be as noticeable.

Preparing walls and the choice of adhesive

technology gluing paper wallpaper with your hands begins with the purification of each wall: it is necessary to remove the old paint and cured, the material and level the surface: zashpatlevat and prime each wall.

This step is the most time-consuming work, but it is also the most important - if you do not do it right, then all the irregularities under the material after wallpapering will be very visible and spoil the appearance of even the most beautiful and expensive coatings.


remove old wallpaper is not always easy - sometimes they stick very tightly to the wall.Simplify your work as possible, soaking water surface and leaving it for a while.

wallpaper on paper are good because they are unstable to moisture and begin to withdraw themselves from the walls, if abundantly wet.After a while you'll have no zeal to clean off the coating with a spatula.

In particularly difficult cases, can be ironed wallpaper hot iron, covering the surface with a wet cloth.

Based on water also make a special solution of nashatyrki or soda - then the cover will move away easily.

Before starting paste concrete walls, you need to turn off the electricity in the panel, remove the caps on the switches and sockets.

Before you stick fabric, attach it to the wall in the place where the outlet, and make a cross-shaped cut-out.Then the material will be easier to stick to the wall.Corners better to bend or cut.

starting work, you can also remove the old skirting boards, and then pasting to put new - then the repair will look better.

whole process of preparing the walls for wallpapering on paper you can see on the video - so it will be easier to cope with it.

recommendations, some glue to glue the paper wall with their hands on the whole superfluous - this material is perfectly lie on any basis.

adhesive can be selected in the hardware store, talking with the seller, you can select the Non-woven mixture - it will be well to keep the wallpaper.

You can even stick coating on a paper basis on normal paste, which can be done independently.


To do this, dissolve flour in water, stir and boil the resulting mixture.On the basis of warm they will hold better.

Naturally, home paste - an extreme option.

It is better to buy real glue for wallpaper on paper, becauseit has the features that will ensure a better adhesion of the material to the wall surface.

most popular option for gluing - glue CMC.This adhesive is sold in powder form and is stored for a long time.To

finished mixture must mix the mixture with water and left to 12 hours as long as the powder does not dissolve completely.

from time to time need to stir the mixture to the consistency of the solution in the end looked like a jelly.

You can select other options mixtures - for example, adhesives are proven "Bustilat" and "Gumilaks".

They are bred similarly to the CMC, but have their own characteristics, which are specified in the instructions.


Features wallpaper on paper that they are issued with an edge.Sometimes it is on the one hand, sometimes with two.

If monolayer wallpaper can be pasted overlapped and the edge will not be noticeable.For a more dense material sticking overlap will not work, becausein this case the seam will be too noticeable.


Thus, if a dual-layer wallpapers, the need to glue them back to back, rather than overlapping.

deserves special attention zone near windows: start gluing the material should be the right of the window, and on the same side edge of the cut.In the future, the best cut on the left edge and then glue the fabric butt.

Before starting to glue wallpaper to butt concrete walls, you need to properly cut out and cut them.For this to the size of the wall space you need to add another 10-30 cm margin.

If the floor and ceiling in your home is too crooked, it is visually correct this, you can use the curb.

The most important thing when you kroite wallpaper - the right to observe the pattern that all paintings were combined with each other.

to wallpaper can be cut precisely, use a special wallpaper knife - you can usually damage the edge.

To cut the material, measure out the desired level line and mark the spot with a pencil, and why begin cutting at this altitude.

Do not throw scraps - they can seal the space near the windows and walls, or put a patch, if any place will deteriorate wallpaper.

Before paste first painting side by side on a wall, it should be noted a vertical line on which you want to put the material.

Trimming wallpaper

is best done by a laser level, then the first item will rise smoothly, and vymeryat remaining fabric you have on it.

To properly pokleit wallpaper, start working from the window by marking a vertical line all the walls of the room.Wallpapering need to butt, leaving no gaps.

most difficult to glue the material in the corner.Here you need to put the web overlap, but its size should not exceed 3-5 cm, otherwise the installation will overlap too noticeable.

order on the material was not formed folds on the canvas to do 2-3 cut with scissors.

band following the laid lapped, glued back to back on the angle on the vertical line laid.

to a wallpaper will not collect air bubbles, and so they do not come off from the walls, to be treated with glue not only the fabric but also the walls.

coat with glue do not need a whole wall at once, but only the right lane, which then fit fabric wallpaper.

Once the wallpaper stuck to the wall, you need to walk on the surface of a roller or a cloth or towel to smooth them and expel excess air.

If the wallpaper is moving away, then again promazhte edge glue using a fine brush and attaching them to the wall.

If the front through the material will be the glue, it is necessary to immediately clean it with a damp sponge until it prisoh and not leave traces.

If you kleite bilayer wallpaper, then after applying the adhesive to roll them twice and leave for 5-7 minutes, so that they are well soaked.

the question: how to glue the paper wall - will help you answer the video in this article.

job has its own characteristics, and it is better to pursue the case with the assistant, then work with their hands will be easier, and the result will be better, and no one will distinguish your independent repair of analogue performed by a professional.