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August 12, 2017 18:07

Podium in the apartment

Many people, when they hear about podium apartment in individual room or few such facilities in the spacious apartment , house or cottage, start thinking about what is fashionable and beautiful.In fact, the podium in the interior of diverse role - it can become a part of the original, the new version of the design of any living space.There is a lot of podiums options with a variety of design features created to decorate it a given interior.

The design of this building is entirely dependent on the structure of the destination.Podiums can be decorative or technical.Technical podium - it is rather the need for construction than decoration.This is due to the fact that it is mounted in the places where the various communications that interfere with or spoil the interior of its kind.So all of these communications are hidden or concealed in the design of technical podium.
for podiums, which are the decoration of interiors and decorative podiums, specific explanations of their destinies are not required.But as a rule, separation of facilities for technical and decorative is conditional, because both of these functions overlap, when it is planned and put into practice a new design space or a serious transformation of space.

The podium in the interior of the apartment - a sofa on the podium

Sofa on the podium in the apartment

Podium in the living room interior

Podium in the apartment - living room interior

The podium in the interior

podium in the interior photo

Almost always, such a construction as podium in apartment is used for the separation of a large room into zoneswith a specific functional purpose.This may be in the new studio apartments or where a large space is not clearly divided into rooms by partitions.

Decorative podium can perform the function of storage objects, things.This option helps to preserve additional working space in the apartment, because they are big and bulky cabinets things can take up too much space in the apartment.

The podium in the interior photo

for podiums Ideas in apartments with a modern interior

Living on the podium

Living on

podium is possible to organize a home office for the construction of the podium in a studio apartment, bedroom for children or children's sports complex, living room, dining room or any other area,that you would like to separate from the rest.

And if you have a large apartment, private house with spacious rooms, there is a flight of fancy so hard to stop.So, if we take the example of a child's room, then it can serve as a podium separate area where the child is, or sleep, or play, or study.The room for the girls, he can be a real scene and to be used in its role-playing games with my friends or toys.

The podium in the interior of a child

podium in the interior

children's room in the bedroom, you can put the bed with a podium - and this will be a real royal bed, which is always nice to rest, relax or enjoy a more interesting occupation.

Bed with a podium

bed with a podium

A beautiful bed with a podium in the interior of a bedroom

beautiful bed with a podium in the interior of the bedroom

Luxury bed on a podium in your bedroom

Luxury bed on the podium in the bedroom

In the kitchen you can put the dining table on the podium, which draw in the original form, for examplea semicircle or a wave.

Podium in the kitchen to the dining area

Podium in the kitchen to the dining area

Dining on the podium

Dining on the podium

Podium in a studio apartment

Dining table on the podium in the interior of the kitchen

flight design ideas in the use, application of various podiums in the interior is very wide and varied.There are some design decisions, when the system of retractable drawers can easily turn ordinary podium in a luxury bed.During the day they are used to store all the bedding, pillows, blankets, and, in fact, a bed, and in the evening pushed the box turns into a comfortable bed.

Interestingly, this unique building has come to us from the rising sun, Japan.In this country, the podium was constructed so that might put forward a large number of boxes of different sizes, which kept things.The new common design decision of using a podium, many came to taste, it is to make his home in the soft pedestal, which is the area covered by foam and fabric decorated with the color of the furniture.This is quite soft and comfortable podium, like a huge sofa, which is convenient to watch football with friends, with friends - romantic comedy, and children - play or watch your favorite cartoons, fairy tales.

Podium in the apartment photo

Podium in the apartment Photo

Podium with a sofa in the living room interior

Podium with a sofa in the interior of the living room

Soft podium in the interior

soft carpet catwalk in the interior

Soft podium in the interior

Soft podium-bed in the interior

All of the above - it is undoubtedly, beautiful and great, but podiums have a number of their specific weaknesses that need to be taken into account in the planning, development of design solutions and the finished project living space of any home.

When expands or increases the horizontal space, it inevitably much reduced vertical.Serious reduction of vertical space can interfere with the careful selection of the size of the future design of the podium.This should be handled by experts who accurately calculate the size of the podium and come up with its shape, color.Only a good designer knows where to mount lighting for the side surface, so they lit up in the evening and at night.

In conclusion, I want to wish the successful application of podiums in the most beautiful interior of your favorite apartments and houses.

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