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August 12, 2017 18:07

Safe House for Child : devices for the protection of children

most conscientious parents think about the safety of the child before birth and equip a children's room and the other in accordance with these principles. other parents to do something only when a baby begins to explore the electrical outlet, and pull the tablecloth with all its contents on the floor.In any case, to create a safe home for the child - it is the task number one for all moms and dads, because it affects his health and sometimes life.

What measures are taken to protect the living space, which items and household appliances to secure in the first place, any new device invented by the producers to deliver "curious noses" from injury?Let's learn more about it.

Ensuring safety of the child in different parts of the apartment or house

So, the child's safety must begin thinking immediately after birth, but the last time, when the house must be brought to safety mode - this is the first of its intention to stand on its feet in the bed, and the firstattempts to crawl.To ensure the safety of children at home - then surround them with those items that will not be able to cause them injury.

Safety in children's and other rooms

Totally safe home for the child will only be the case if you think through all the details and pay attention to every corner of your home.Let's start with children.This is where children spend most of their time, and often without adult supervision.First of all, you need to see what is around the cot and push it aside, if there is present the electrical outlet, table or bookshelf with medicines and care for a child with pots of potted flowers, a wardrobe with opening doors.

Child safety in the apartment

Child Safety in the apartment

loft bed or bunk bed must also be safe, that is, have the appropriate barriers to the child fell.Swedish wall is unthinkable without the soft mat.

Security in the children

safety in the nursery

Safe house for baby photo

Safe House for Child Photo

When a child begins to crawl, some parents decide a child safety issue in the apartment arena by buying.If the restriction of freedom of movement of the baby - this is not your method, then carefully look around.What could bring a child, how it can reach?All cabinets with doors close with a key, remove any hanging objects on tables and shelves, it can be not only tablecloths but also hanging wire fixed-line telephones, desk lamps, iron and other heavy objects.

Protection of children furniture

Protection of children on

sure all furniture outlet plugs close - this is the most basic security caveat for children, dealing with electricity.In addition, there are commercially available special canisters to a network filter and protective box for the outlet.

Caps for sockets from children Canpol Babies

plugs for outlets of children Canpol Babies

Sockets with child protection

Sockets with child protection

All cabinets, bookcases and shelves should be firmly attached to clambering kid could not overturn them myself.And, of course, all the corners of the child's room should not be sharp and dangerous - for this purpose there are silicone pads which are glued on the corners of tables, cabinets, cupboards, chests of drawers, and protect the child from injury.

Silicone pads on the corners of furniture

Silicone pads on the corners of furniture

Separately want to talk about interior doors and doors of cabinets.To a child accidentally pinched hand, it is better to put the defense on the door of the children, for example, door damper, which prevents the door abruptly slammed shut.Clamps will not allow the child to open the door of the cabinet, and special safety barriers for children and flexible locks protect against the penetration of a child into the depths of cabinets.A little advice - pick a lock, which has a complex system of opening, for example, you have to press a few buttons at the same time to unlock it.

protection on the door of the children

protection on the door of the children

Children damper door

Children damper door

Protection on the photo door

protection on doors photo

And be sure to keep the doors shut!By simply pressing the knob the door the child will explore the stairwell, and there, as you know, is a danger of falling from a height.

child safety in the kitchen

Kitchen - a favorite place to play for all children, and not only because the mother spends a lot of time here.Just on the kitchen space as a new and hitherto unknown, just eyes run!But, at the same time, the kitchen and the most traumatic room throughout the house.You can not only get burned with boiling water, but swallowing chemicals, poison gas or stick fingers in a meat grinder.

So, how to ensure the safety of children in the kitchen?First of all, it is necessary to fix the handle plates.Modern stoves are issued already with child protection, but to protect the knobs on the stove from small caps to help researchers.Moreover, they are suitable equally well for both the gas and for the appliance.

Protected against burner plate

protection switching burner plate

can also buy a protective screen on the stove.It is set on the edge and does not allow the child to reach the boiling pot or kettle.Made of transparent heat-resistant plastic screen is clear and easy enough, but at the same time, it protects the baby from touching hot objects.If you set a screen is not possible, cook only in the distant torches.

Protective barrier to gas cookers

protective shield for gas stove

Protective shield for boards

protective shield for boards

Protective shield for gas stove

protective shield for gas stove

oven also came up with the protection of children: a special latch will not allow opening child doors hot oven.All of these products for the safety of children ask in shops of home appliances and in departments of children's goods.

And, of course, household chemicals, vinegar, small items in the kitchen should be kept out of reach of children.It is every mother knows (except the one whose child is in the photo below :-)).

How to ensure the safety of the child at home

How to ensure the safety of the child at home

A refrigerator and freezer will protect from unauthorized penetration of the child's special lock latch.

adaptations for children

security tools children

How to ensure the safety of children in the bathroom and the bathroom

second after food place that should secure if the house lives a little child - a bathroom.The basic requirements are as follows:

  • entire household chemicals, as well as soaps, shampoos, shower gels, shaving should be available for the child, because he did not primenet it all pour out on the floor and taste.
  • All mirrors, racks and shelves in the bathroom (wall, floor) should be securely fixed to the kid could not overturn them myself.
  • In this room, you can not leave any electrical appliances: hair dryer, electric shaver should not be connected to electricity.
  • During the water treatment should never leave a child alone, even for a few minutes.
  • for safety at the bottom of the bath is better to put a special anti-slip rubber mat that will prevent the child from falling.
Child safety in the bathroom photo

child's safety in the bathroom Photo

Even the toilet is fraught with danger for the child and a headache for parents, who are often the owners drowned in the toilet phone.But it can also be closed.Not all parents know that there is in selling accessories for the safety of children who are toilet.This plastic lock on the belt, which is attached to the adhesive tape and does not allow crumbs to open the lid of the toilet.

How to ensure the safety of children in the bathroom

How to ensure the safety of children in the bathroom

By the way, in specialized shops sell whole sets for the safety of children at home, which include sets of plugs for the outlets, protection for drawers, doors for the refrigerator locks, toilet, as well aslining on the corners.

set Children safety at home

set of child safety at home

balconies, loggias, windows: important child safety rules

Even the most caring mothers child can "get away".And going out to the balcony and getting out on the window sill, it is subjected to the incredible danger of falling from a great height.First of all, clean the floor with all the dimensional objects to which the baby can climb up to get to the window.It is better if the entrance to the balcony for him to do would be closed, for example, set this grid security gates.Their advantage is that they will not allow the child to get to where it is dangerous to be.Such gates are closed automatically, even if you go to them and forget to close them.

The protective barrier in the door to the balcony

protective barrier on the door to the balcony

Such gratings can be installed on doors leading to other rooms, such as bathroom, kitchen.And while you are doing ironing in the room, and the child played nearby, you will be assured that even if he quietly and silently slip away, the desired unsafe places just do not get.

The barrier on the interior doors

protective barrier on the door

If we are talking about the fence for children's safety, it is impossible not to mention the grates on the windows.There are special bars on the windows for the children, which are installed in the window opening, and enable safe ventilation of the room.The worst enemy - a mosquito net, which creates the illusion of support in a young child, but actually it is not able to keep the weight at the slightest pressure.

addition, windows may be protected by special locks opening.Such locks on the windows for the children are set on the frame and will not allow the child to open the window wide open.These locks are convenient by the fact that they make it possible to ventilate the room, but fully open the sash neither you nor the child will not work.They can also be used on the balcony doors and windows glazed balconies.

Child lock windows

Child lock windows

locks on the windows and children

locks on windows and children

Secure staircase in the house for a small child

If the home there is a child, and a ladder, the last is required to secure for the baby.It is best to install safety gates at the entrance to the stairs.By the way, manufacturers take into account the needs of parents in aesthetics, so these gates are available in different shapes, colors and from different materials, so that the protective grating made in any style easily fit into the interior of the room.

Children barriers for stairs

Children barriers for stairs

serve as a barrier vertical balusters on the stairs, which are located close to each other.The ideal distance between them is considered to be 10 cm - in this crevice a child does not get through if they wanted to, and not even be able to stick to the head.

Safety barriers for stairs

Protective barriers

stairs required to protect rear-steps made of wood protection, metal or plastic.These gaps are very attracted to children, there are slips, not only the hands and feet, and head, and can easily fall from a height.

As you can see, to create a safe home for the child is not too difficult, the main thing to be aware of all the devices for household appliances, furniture, doors and windows that do not allow your child to get injured.And, of course, you need to be very careful and follow the crumbs, not leaving it unattended!

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