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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wallpaper for walls in the kitchen : features selection

Today there are a huge number of various decorative materials.These solutions can bring even the wildest wishes, so refurbishment cuisine - it's interesting and fun.And yet, despite this, many owners prefer, the old-fashioned, wallpaper.Naturally, it's a classic and it is eternal.Wallpaper for the kitchen have different price, as today it is an elegant and beautiful fabric is a practical, original and fashionable design solution.


How to choose wallpaper for the kitchen: the requirements

Kitchen - is not only a place of cooking, but also the area of ​​tranquility and comfort, where we meet with family and friends.That's because the kitchen design should be not only practical but also aesthetic.Making this premise, of course, will easily cope with the assigned loads - temperature drop, steam, smells and various other effects accompanying Povarskaya work.But, at the same time, every woman should feel confident in the kitchen, which means the room should bring joy and be loved.Therefore, choose the right wallpaper for the kitchen, with all the necessary requirements, it is very, very important.What should we look for in the first place?


wallpapers for the kitchen:

moisture Moisture is the most important factor, which is essential for every kitchen.Thanks to this quality can be determined:

  1. How wallpapers ready to withstand high humidity during cooking.
  2. How can I bring the wallpaper in order.Eventually, any surface in the kitchen, including wallpaper, top covered with dirt and grease, and the ability to clean the kitchen, of course, with the addition of any are sure to appreciate.

moisture resistance level is indicated on the label of each wallpaper.For this there is the marking, created to help consumers - wave.

  1. image of one wave.This wallpaper is moderately resistant, they can be glued in the rooms where humidity is average - fabric can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  2. image of two waves.This wallpaper washable, they can be glued in any room, as they are well suited for wet cleaning.
  3. Image of three waves.These wallpapers supermoyuschiesya, they can be safely glued to the kitchen, because they can be washed and cleaned, even using household chemicals.
  4. image of one wave and brushes.These wallpapers are resistant to cleaning the friction, they can be easily rubbed and cleaned by any mechanical means.
  5. Image of three waves and brush.These wallpapers supersteady to friction cleaning, they can be washed even with a detergent cleaner.

Experts say that the best choice for the kitchen are those wallpapers, which are an icon of not less than "three waves".

design wallpaper - on - kitchen - 20 - foto_2

wallpapers for the kitchen: the density

This quality is responsible for the strength of the product.Choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, keep in mind that they must be of high density, since it is thanks to this index the web to be more resistant.

Besides dense wallpaper less porous, which means that they will accumulate less dirt and grease on the surface.


wallpapers for the kitchen: water vapor permeability

wallpaper, which are capable of flowing steam, allow the walls to dry, because the favorable climate in the kitchen.We saw the blackened walls of the wet wallpaper?Right now we are talking about quality.

This condition is mandatory, of course, if you do not want to do repairs every year.

Mural - on - kitchen

wallpapers for the kitchen: UV resistance

This requirement is generally desirable to observe for any wallpaper, no matter where they are glued - in the kitchen or in the bedroom.If the room has windows, then sooner or later the sun will leave his "hello" on the wallpaper - faded stripes or spots.Well, you'll have to re-do the repair.

The more resistant to fading - UV wallpaper you pick, the more you will be able to take a break from renovation.

Kitchen -Green

wallpapers for the kitchen: the attractiveness

is in the room in which you are satisfied - is a pleasure.It should also bear in mind when choosing wallpaper.All other requirements shall be darkened if the room will not cause you pleasure and desire not just to be here, but also to create culinary masterpieces.

wallpaper - 7

Wallpaper for walls in the kitchen

Set wallpaper today is so great that you are sure to find for themselves the option, which will not be able to refuse.It is worth noting that at the present time, manufacturers produce only detergents for the kitchen wallpaper.Not simply is not washable!And yet, according to experts, the best wallpapers for the kitchen: non-woven, vinyl and liquid.


Fleece Mural Kitchen

considered the most appropriate wallpaper in order to exploit them in the kitchen, because they:

  1. Waterproof.In doing so they not only themselves are in great shape, but also are able to protect from moisture even walls.
  2. easy to care for.They can wipe and wash using household chemicals.
  3. quite diverse.These wallpapers have a variety of designs, colors and texture.

experts, however, advised not to buy the kitchen wallpaper, which are too protruding parts.There will gather the soot and grease.

Positive moments non-woven wallpaper:

  1. They have a long service life.
  2. They are easily glued to the wall, and it does not have to apply the adhesive on the web - only on the walls.
  3. These wallpapers are highly resistant to UV radiation, mechanical damage, temperatures, etc.


Vinyl wallpapers for the kitchen

Another type of wallpaper, which thrive in the kitchen.Vinyl is not afraid of water - do not be afraid to wash such wallpaper pattern will remain unharmed, as the film is protected.This practical and beautiful wallpaper, they can simulate a variety of natural materials and designs, plus they may significantly transform even the most ordinary kitchen.

Vinyl wallpaper are of three types:

  1. Foam wallpaper.They have a volume texture, they can (and sometimes should) be used for painting.
  2. Flat wallpaper.They have a smooth surface.
  3. Cooking Vinyl.They have a very dense texture.

Do not use the kitchen volume and deep patterns - let better it will be a smooth surface, since otherwise have to make repairs often.


Liquid wallpaper kitchen

These wallpapers - this is a dry powder, which should be diluted in water and then applied to the wall.

The powder obtained from which liquid wall, add glitter, hair, cellulose, chips, etc.- Any components that may impart volume and texture of wallpaper.

Liquid wallpaper absorb moisture, so that they can be used for the kitchen, you need to cover the top acrylic varnish - it will protect the material and make it durable.

Remarkably, liquid wallpaper is very easy to care for - if there was dirt on the wall, will be enough to remove the cover and apply a new layer of wallpaper.Thus, your kitchen will always be fresh and well-groomed appearance.


Choose a color wallpapers for kitchen

This is a very important and crucial moment, because it is the color has a great influence on the perception of each individual.Color is able to reassure or to add strength, he can relax or ask a fighting spirit and cause aggression.What is acceptable for the kitchen?

At the moment, thanks to the great choice for kitchen wallpaper are very diverse, as are permissible most unusual variants and combinations.Despite this, there are still some details that need to pay attention.

Repair - kitchen - decoration - wall - photo - 6

Choose a color wallpapers for the kitchen: selection rules

  1. The larger the picture, the less room will visually look.
  2. The smaller the figure, the visually larger and more spacious room will look.
  3. intersecting horizontal line (double the squares, "tartan", etc.) create the optical illusion of continuity.
  4. vertical patterns visually "lift" ceiling, making the room above.
  5. horizontal patterns, especially if the band are able to visually "extend" the kitchen and reduce the high ceilings.
  6. diagonal pattern, especially the line, can bring your regular life the illusion of movement.
  7. drawings with fine texture you add an extra dimension to the room.Light and shadow give a very interesting effects, adding new nuances to the kitchen.

TIL - purplevals11

Choose a color wallpapers for the kitchen: drawing

  1. If you have low ceilings, wallpaper are needed with narrow longitudinal stripes or some other vertical pattern.
  2. If you have high ceilings, requires a large cross pattern or horizontal stripes.
  3. If you have a small room, choose a fine pattern on the wallpaper, or just plain wallpaper - it will help to increase the space.
  4. If you have a large kitchen, then it will make a large comfortable drawing on the wallpaper.
  5. In a small room Mural on the wall would be inappropriate - a huge figure visually will "squeeze" the kitchen.
  6. If you need to expand the room visually, choose cool colors: gray, blue, silver, blue, etc.
  7. most optimal and neutral option for the kitchen - wallpaper beige or orange.
  8. with red flowers in the kitchen should be careful - it is not only the passion and aggression, but can still excite the appetite.
  9. ideal solution now considered combined wallpapers - this is a very original way, and thanks to the huge selection can be translated into reality, even the most courageous decisions.


Combined wallpapers for the kitchen

Combined wallpapers - this is exactly what's hot.Thanks to this technique, it is possible to make the interior a fresh approach.Moreover, quite a few bars and behold, you have a completely different room.

Select this option if you need to:

  1. hide some flaws and defects in the ceiling or walls (particularly if the problem is in the wrong repair or uneven walls).
  2. Divide the room into several zones (useful if you have a studio apartment or a kitchen combines even the dining room or living room).
  3. Combine two rooms, combining them (for example, a kitchen and a hallway or kitchen and living room).
  4. draw attention to something specific, accents (a good decision to add a room highlights and speakers).


Combined wallpapers for the kitchen: the rules

rules that must be remember by combining wallpaper:

  1. not mix cheap and expensive wallpaper.
  2. Select the wallpaper of the same length - no problems with the selection and docking.
  3. wallpaper should be in harmony with each other, as well as kitchen style.
  4. Wallpaper should not repeat the basic color of the kitchen, which is reflected in the furniture, fully equipped, in the kitchenette, etc.
  5. not combine two bright colors - one of them must be calm or neutral.

How to combine the wallpaper in the kitchen?First of all, it is necessary to allocate a dining area.First, it distracts from the work area, and secondly, to distract from the shortcomings (if they exist, of course).

combining the - kitchen - wallpaper

Combined wallpapers for the kitchen: options

There are some popular options combining:

  1. Vertical combining.Through this method, you can visually add height of the ceiling and transform the narrow kitchen.Practice two ways of combining vertical symmetrical - wallpaper strips are glued to opposite walls facing each other in the very center;asymmetric - a strip of wallpaper glued in the center of one wall.
  2. Horizontal combining.One of the best solutions, because it looks perfect in any room, in addition, the combination of horizontal profitable emphasize every design style.The most simple version - alternate stripes of different colors, which, in this case, must overlap with the elements of the design space.
  3. emphasis on the wall.A good option for those who are not looking for "the easy way" as important in this combination - is to strike a balance.Important - with an emphasis on the wall, remember that it is not necessary to use bright colors and aggressive, as this can affect the mental health of the person.Choosing a color "accent", remember that it should not oppress or annoy.
  4. emphasis on architecture.Nishi, beams, rough, projections, hidden pipes and all other interior irregularities can be presented as a matter of course.Do not hide all these architectural delights - accent attention to them, make eye-catching, highlight color.Your kitchen will be transformed instantly.
  5. Quilting combining.Very complex and innovative option, but most new and modern.This solution is suitable for those people who for a long time could not decide what they still want.Stykuya wallpaper, take the scraps of the same type, for example, vinyl wallpaper one collection of ornament or a texture.


Decorating with wallpaper cuisine: the best solutions.Photo

Wallpaper for kitchen walls, photos of which can be seen below, are the best solution.Such solutions are very beneficial to emphasize the dignity of your room and hide flaws.

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Wallpaper for walls in the kitchen.Video