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August 12, 2017 18:06

Brush for toilet : floor, wall , hanging model with toilet paper holder

Toilet brush
  • Types
    • Floor (with stand)
    • Wall toilet brush
    • Suspended
    • With toilet paper holder
  • Materials
  • unusual design
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Asto use with the brush?
  • Care

Toilet brush such as we used to see, he appeared in our homes a little later of the toilet - in the 30-ies of the last century.Contrary to popular belief, this device is well known all over the world, including in America, where he came up.Without this simple but essential things cleaning toilets have become a very time-consuming and unpleasant task.And so - the hard round brush on a long handle solves all problems.

Most of us gets brushes toilet just for the occasion, and does not think about the diversity of species and features of this home accessories.But in order to maintain hygiene in the house at the proper level, the knowledge of these details may be useful.In this article we will explain what are toilet brushes, as they have to choose and how to properly care for them.

Toilet brush


Brush toilet has become so habitual thing for us, that by buying it no one takes seriously.However, once in the store, and when faced with a variety of modifications, we often find it difficult to make a choice.

Consider the most popular models of toilet brushes.

Floor (with stand)

This is the most common type, which is next to the toilet in almost every home.It is a round brush on a plastic (usually) a stick length of about half a meter. This device holds a special stand-glass, into which flow down a drop of water from the bristles.This model their brush toilet is the most affordable - the price for it begins with a few tens of rubles.The lack of structure is that the water in the stand - a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria.That is why, for the sake of their own safety brush should be replaced every few months.

Outdoor plastic brush for toilet

Wall toilet brush

This is a more modern version of the floor model. On the wall mounted rack-glass, into which is inserted brush. wall-mounted toilet brush for easy cleaning, as a little relieve the already cluttered floor in the bathroom.In addition, a wall-mounted toilet brush is convenient to use for older people who find it difficult to bend to the floor.Wall models usually differ unusual, beautiful design.These brushes are often made of chromed metal and sanitary ware, bathroom design that adds style and aesthetics.Wall brushes toilet are a bit more expensive than the floor model, as the kit includes also a set of bindings.

Wall brush for toilet
Brush for toilet attached to the wall


Just as the previous kind of toilet brush, hanging brush attached to the wall.True, maintained he was not on a stand, and a special hook.On the floor under the special cleaning brush installed capacity, in which the water flows.This modification toilet brush is recognized by experts as the most safe in terms of hygiene, because the water from the tank can be emptied several times a day, and wash it lighter than conventional stand-glass.These brushes are often purchased for toilets public institutions, where sanitary conditions toilets are special requirements.Most outboard models has a pleasant, stylish design.The price for pendant brushes starts from 500 rubles.

Hanging plastic brushes for toilet

With toilet paper holder

Recently began to appear a model of toilet brushes, combining the functions of several devices for the bathroom.An example of such a model - multi-functional model of "hybrid" their brush and toilet paper holder.This device is a fairly high rack, on which two supports are fixed.This design solves the problem of a lack of space in the bathroom and allows you to keep everything you need at your fingertips.Quite often, this combination includes also stand for cleaners or newspapers.Options brushes with a holder for toilet paper a lot, so we can find a suitable for any bathroom.

Brush for toilet bowl with toilet paper holder


materials used in the manufacture of toilet brushes, do not differ special variety.They have to meet some basic requirements - water-resistance, the ability to withstand aggressive cleaning agents and microbial resistance.

Stubble toilet brushes are usually made of synthetic material , which is inexpensive and easy to clean .There is a more expensive model with bristles of raw materials of natural origin, which need special care.

Handles toilet brushes and stand for them are usually made of the same material.The most common materials are plastic, metal and sanitary ceramics.Occasionally there are models produced, for example, of the rare species of wood, but they perform more decorative function.

Plastic brushes - it is the most inexpensive option.This is not a pity to throw, and after a few months of use.Models of chromed metal or ceramic are much more expensive and therefore require more careful handling.

Materials brushes for toilet
Toilet Brush made ​​of natural materials

unusual design

In fact, the choice of toilet brushes today is huge.In addition to the classic options can be found in stores models that demonstrate the whole range of design imagination and wit.Original toilet brushes for sale not only in the stores of sanitary engineering, but also in parts of gags and jokes.

So, there is a whole series of toilet brushes in the form of well-known politicians.They are overact figures presidents of various countries, who instead of a head of hair sticks the toilet brush.

Popular brushes toilet in the form of cartoon animals and fairy tale characters.These models allow you to quickly teach a child to perform basic hygiene procedures.

interesting model of toilet brushes, a stylized bowling pins, pistols with silencers or inverted wine glasses.

use of such unusual, playful accessories in the design of the bathroom or toilet allows us to give the external appearance flat share ease, so necessary to create a harmonious interior.

Unusual design for toilet brushes
Unusual toilet brushes
Designer toilet brushes
Custom brushes for toilets

Tips for Choosing

Select the appropriate brush for the toilet is very easy, you only need to follow the following advice.

  • toilet brush bristles should be tough - only in this case it will be good to clean off even the inveterate dirt.Soft bristles are able to cope only with simple pollution, and can be removed and limescale using a stiff brush.
  • When purchasing toilet brush is necessary to pay attention to his pen.The length of the handle must be chosen on the basis of your height - that did not have too much to stoop.The material should be tough enough, otherwise the handle can break with little physical effort.
  • Prefer collapsible models: if necessary, they can be easily washed, cleaned and dried.In this care the life of toilet brush is greatly increased.
Tips for choosing their brush toilet

How to use with the brush?

There are a few simple rules to use toilet brush.Some of them we keep intuitively, and others for someone can be a novelty.

  • Firmly secure the brush in his hand, before to get to work.Do not grasp the handle is too low - so you can get dirty or wet hands.
  • Clean toilet best wet brush.Feel free to dip the brush in the toilet (of course, if the water is clean in the sink).pre-fill the sink antibacterial cleanser for best effect.
  • After cleaning, rinse the brush, drain the water from the toilet tank.So you save on the brush odor and most of the impurities.
  • little dry brush after cleaning: just tap them on the rim of the toilet a few times so that the water drops fall into the cup.
Terms of use of toilet cleaning brush


for different models of toilet brushes handling rules differ. So, hanging brushes must be stored in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • bristle toilet brush should not touch the floor and walls;
  • container into which water flows from their brush should be cleaned periodically.antibacterial agent should fill
    • stand-in for a glass of their brush;:
Proper storage of suspended toilet brushes

for floor models are somewhat different rules

  • brush itself needs to be changed every three months.
  • Caring for floor brush

    Brushes for toilet should be cleaned periodically - so they will last longer and will be safer from the point of view of hygiene.

    Mistress uses a few common methods of cleaning toilet brushes:

    • brush soaked in antibacterial solution (eg, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate solution or a solution of boric acid);
    • brush dipped briefly in concentrated acetic acid or a bleach solution (it should be especially careful not to damage the skin);
    • hour brush soaked in a mixture consisting of any of the concentrated detergent, soda glass ½, ¼ cup acetic acid and ½ liter of boiling water.
    Methods for cleaning toilet brush