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August 12, 2017 18:07

Baroque style in the interior

Baroque style is one of the most magnificent and solemn style in architecture and design interiors.Its purpose - to openly demonstrate the prestige and prosperity of the owner.The word "barocco" translated from Italian means "artsy".This word succinctly characterizes all that belongs to this style.Originating in the late XVI century in Rome, Baroque quickly spread on the territory of other countries - Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Russia.

time when Baroque style interior has reached its peak, accounted for XVII-XVIII centuries, but it should be noted that there are now his supporters -. People without a doubt extraordinary, avoiding the routine of daily life and strivingbring their homes to the samples of the palace of art.

itself Baroque interior design - it's splendor and solemnity, the majesty and scale.The main feature of the style is the harmonious combination of an infinite number of broken lines, combined into one whimsical and vibrant rhythmic pattern.

Very often in the interior of objects, such as furniture, dishes, windows, walls, as elements of the baroque used ornately curved lines, floral ornament, as well as additional sculptural forms are introduced: round-soft balusters, elegantly shaped medallions, frames, cornices, twisted columns.For the construction of decorative compositions motifs are wreaths and garlands, seashells large and curly stems.

Baroque interior photo

Baroque interior photo

Baroque style in the interior photo

Baroque style in the interior photo

dining room interior in the Baroque style

Interior dining Baroque

The interior of the living room in the Baroque style

Interior living Baroque

style main materials used in the solution of Baroque interior -this precious metals, ivory, precious woods, quite soft and suitable for carving and marble, making the decor is often not just a luxury, but a few congested.«Barocco» Tradition style - upholster chair seats, sofas and other upholstered furniture, expensive fabric and fringe.The walls and ceiling are decorated with rich stucco, carved wood, beautiful tapestries.The ceiling is painted famous artists.The colors that are typical of the Baroque - a gold and white.For example, gold or white stucco decorated paintings, mirrors and walls, majestic fireplaces, furniture.

Interior design of a bathroom in the Baroque style

Interior design bathroom Baroque

Fireplace in the interior of the Baroque

Fireplace in the interior of the baroque

In the interior design in the Baroque style used expensive fabrics - brocade, satin and, especially, velvet.Previously, they not only knocked the furniture, but also decorations for the windows and doors with the heavy curtains, made canopies for beds in the boudoir, the walls studded cloth and so on.Satin fabric in the baroque style used for pillows and blankets, and they are decorated with fringe trim, have numerous folds and other border.The same applies for curtains - elegant pelmets, tassels and pendants decorated with the already expensive fabrics.

Textiles in baroque interior

Textiles in the interior of the baroque

furniture in Baroque style

With the advent of Baroque furniture loses its surface smoothness armrests, table tops and backs of sofas.It becomes rough, consisting of many volumes and varnished.The favorite techniques of furniture production in connection with the practice of the Baroque wooden steel set and fanerirovanie.In order to decorate a piece of furniture more quirky decor, use soft wood, such as walnut.

Baroque period was a time of development of new finishing materials - ivory, stone mosaic, mother of pearl, porcelain.The most common pieces of furniture were all the same tables, chairs, armchairs and sofas, but as the legs and back to change their shape, they began to look more light and airy.

Interior apartments in the Baroque style

Interior apartment baroque

Bed bedroom in the Baroque style began to resemble tents on the eastern abundance of draperies and curtains.Often there are carvings and wrought-iron beds with upholstered headboard made of expensive materials.

Bedroom interior in the Baroque style

Bedroom interior in the Baroque style

Among the new pieces of furniture, which brought with it the Baroque style can be called a dressing table for the ladies dresser with multiple drawers and pedestals for the sculptures and showcases.

Furniture Baroque

Furniture baroque

Furniture Baroque

Furniture Baroque

Lighting facilities in the Baroque

style to daylight was bright enough, in the Baroque style used large windows and mirrors are used to create the effect of a greater illumination.As is known, mirror paintings of large size, and are also able to increase the space, making the room visually larger and the Baroque style is playing a key role.

At night, artificial lighting candles before use, framed in carved wood or silver candlesticks.Today you can buy lamps in the form of candles.In addition, the baroque crystal chandeliers and apply impressive size in style.

Baroque Crystal chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers Baroque

Today interior Baroque style is perceived by many more as a museum, but if he came to your liking, and apartment space allows, why not create it a little styling and make design more luxurious.In addition, there is a more modern design by the Baroque style, which is applicable in many cases, is more modern fans.

baroque style in modern interior

baroque style in modern interior

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