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August 12, 2017 18:07

The Psychology of color in the interior

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Influence of color on the human psyche has long been tested in numerous studies and practical application. So all that surrounds us, has some effect.Let us understand our environment - what things are most often found near us?Of course, those who are in the interior of the home, because it is at home, many people spend the most time.Therefore color in the interior and a combination of different colors play a key role in the design of any room and rooms.

This applies not only to surface finishing and furniture, but all the objects and decor items.Of course, the biggest impact is the color design on large areas in the interior - walls, ceilings, large pieces of furniture, the floor.But little things can not be ignored.

make out the walls in different colors is very popular today, but it should be remembered that the selected color will greatly affect the mood and feeling.In addition, different colors can be increased or decreased visual space.It is therefore important when choosing the hue and intensity of color to take into account factors such as the shape and area of ​​the room, its location to the side of the light and the way the light falls on one or another part of the room at different times of the day.For example, for dark, poorly illuminated space, it is not recommended to choose a dark color wall design.

selected color must match and the function that performs the bathroom.As a rule, in the rooms where you want the manifestation of mental activity, activity or communication with people (home office, living room, student room or a student), should not be applied too cool colors, but in the bedroom or other room designed for rest and relaxationundesirable saturated warm shades.

The Psychology of color in the interior

Psychology of color in the interior

The yellow color in the interior

yellow color in the interior

But, as has been said, it's not limited to the color of the walls - the effect of the influence of a combination of colors in the interior can also be achieved by the correct choice of colors of furnitureand accessories.For example, the bedroom is very important color or bedding covers as bed generally occupies an important place in this area.Of great importance is the selection of colors and accessories for bathrooms, kitchens, carpets and all kinds of tracks, small pieces of furniture, such as ottomans, coffee, or coffee tables, banquettes and other things.

But what color to choose?For this shows the characteristics of some colors.

  • Yellow - optimistic, cheerful, open-minded, he is at the same time relaxes the mind and stimulates the intellect.
  • Orange - creative, cheerful, playful, evokes a sense of stability, security and warmth.
  • Green - calms, keeps the natural energy, promotes the development of creativity is associated with stability and security.
  • Blue - the color of peace, intelligence and meditation is calm and confident, conjures up a pleasant picture of the sky, the air, the silence and the desire, calms the mind, helps to intellectual activity.
  • Red - the exciting, energetic, strong and passionate, can push on an adventure.
  • Violet - a mysterious and unique, causing a rush to intimate conversations and thoughts, sometimes may bring some anxiety and depression.
  • Pink - the color of tenderness, of gentleness and devotion.
  • Brown - creates trust and a sense of reliability, security, closely associated with the procedure in all things.
  • Black - neutral, in large quantities can inhibit, induce sadness in the interior should be diluted with other colors.
  • White - neutral, too, enhances the effect of other colors in the interior, causing a sense of innocence, purity and liberation.

main colors that are present in almost all the interiors, it is black, white and brown.Black and white are neutral and therefore be combined with all other colors.With regard to black, it is suitable only as a supplement, but does not prevail in the interior, so as not to cause depression.Brown, on the contrary, a feeling of home comfort, and although it is most often not suitable for the walls, but quite profitable manifests itself in pieces of furniture.

color in the interior bedrooms

bedroom serves as a place to rest, so it should not dominate expressive and bright colors.Perfect blue color, which calms the body and helps to relax.To compensate for the cool blue color, it is advantageous to use a combination of the interior bedrooms with shades of red, which heats the room, as well as easy and very mildly exciting.

Suitable for bedrooms and bright shades of green, which calms and fills with new energy.This color works very advantageous if the bedroom is not soundproof and there is a fairly noisy environment.

Dark purple color for bedrooms will not be too mystical, but on the contrary, create a mysterious atmosphere and make the situation more comfortable, if combined with the pink.

not suitable for bedrooms and expressive flashy shades of red or yellow, that may interfere with peaceful dreams.

Color in the interior of a bedroom

color in the interior bedrooms

The combination of colors in the interior of a bedroom

color combination in the interior of the bedroom

color in the interior of the living room

living room is the heart of the entire apartment or house, because there are going to all members of the family after work or school, as well as the hostsThey take their guests.Therefore, the atmosphere in this room must be friendly, what can be achieved with the help of warm shades of orange and yellow.Suitable as a light-green or yellow-green.Beneficial to choose furniture for the living room and brown accessories - the atmosphere will be your home and comfortable.

The combination of colors in the interior of the living room photo

color combination in the interior of the living room Photo

Color in the interior of the living room

color in the interior of the living room

color in the interior of the kitchen and dining room

in the kitchen and in the dining room or dining area, you can not avoid saturated colors.Furniture can even select popular today in black, which compensates for the color of the walls and accessories.Today is not a problem to buy cookware, household appliances and kitchen accessories in rich colors.It is useful to choose colors like green, yellow, red or orange, which promote appetite and a positive effect on digestion.

directly in the dining area or dining room is not recommended blue color, as it may cause heaviness after eating, and you will not satisfy your hunger.

Color in the interior of the kitchen

color in the interior kitchen

The color of the walls in the kitchen - dining room

color of the walls in the kitchen-dining room

color in the interior of the bathroom

bathroom - this is the place where you can successfully apply the color combination in the interior to your taste.Cool colors such as blue, blue, purple, only emphasize cleanliness and hygiene of the premises, but they are a bit harsh and mostly male.And the warm colors of summer, the sun and heat, such as orange, yellow, green, red, on the contrary, make the bathroom a homely.Properly combining with each other warm and cool shades, you can achieve balance.For example, for bathroom furniture can be wooden, with cool shades of brown, but the towels and bathroom accessories, it is desirable to choose warm colors.

Color in the interior of a bathroom

color in the interior of the bathroom

The combination of colors in the interior of the bathroom

color combination in the interior of the bathroom

best color for the work area

correct color design home office, work area or a place where a child learns lessons, promotes efficient workflow.In the design of the workplace must be present colors that are inspiring, stimulating mental activity and brain function.This may be yellow, blue, orange.With blue you have to be careful that the room is not turned too cold - work in such conditions is very difficult.Green reduces sensitivity to noise and thus helps to better concentrate on work or study.More bright and colorful colors can be used for decoration of curtains or furniture.

The Psychology of color in the interior

Psychology of color in the office interior

The combination of colors in the interior photo

color combination in the interior photo

color in the interior of a child's room

child's room is perhaps the most difficult place for interior decoration, as it has to meet several requirements at the same time.Firstly, children should be encouraged to learn and develop their creativity, and secondly, they have a good rest and get enough sleep.In addition, the children's room color must be adapted to the child's age.

For children it is desirable to arrange a room in a stronger and more vibrant colors, favorably affecting the imagination, creativity and learning.With age, when children begin to form their own requirements, desires and interests, colorful design can be changed to more muted tones.

Color in the interior of child

color in the interior of child

The combination of the role of color in the interior of a child

combination and the role of color in the interior

a child's room should avoid aggressive colors such as red on a large area of ​​a child's room.The best combination - a decoration of the room in light tones with a combination of bright colors baby bedding, furniture, curtains and other accessories.Profitable share child matching colors on the active zone (training, games) and recreation area (sleep).

choosing color for the interior of a child's room, it is important to take into account whether it is like a child.Otherwise, it just would not be able to feel comfortable in such an environment.For the child can go warm shades of red and yellow, light green color, you can also add a blue and contrasting combinations of these colors with white.For the girls room suit different combinations of pink, for example, purple or red.

Color in the interior of the children

color in the interior of a child's room photo

hope that helped you understand the effect of color in the interior different rooms on their functionality and fitness for purpose of a room.

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