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August 12, 2017 18:07

The scheme of installation suspended toilet

Installing a suspended toilet bowl, milestones

Preparing to install a suspended sanitary ware includes the following works:

  • if you plan on hanging toilet installation of the finished frame, you need to collect all of her designs on the enclosed instructions and fasten the wall.It should be noted that this method requires some cash outlay.
  • possible installation of toilets and without the use of special design.To reinforce this metal rods, which will hold the structure firmly in concrete wall.Also disposed in the wall of the sleeve, which provides the water drain.

Installing a suspended toilet bowl , milestones

installation toilet installation with their own hands

  • the first stage will be the installation of the drain coupling;
  • then necessary to determine the height to which will be raised above the floor of the toilet seat.
  • further need to hold seats on the board layout, which will be mounting holes, usually the distance is 200mm;
  • then inserted into the wall metal rods threaded rod length is determined by taking into account the thickness of the walls of the toilet, the distance to the wall penetration and width of the mounting nuts.

Fixing the toilet through the wall

You can also consider installing a suspended toilet bowl fastening means through the wall.For this purpose, the required length of the screws that insert into the drilled-holes, and on the other hand are screwed to the nuts with washers.The wall of this should have a density of at least 400kg / m².

Fixing the toilet through the wall

scheme of installation suspended toilet

scheme of installation suspended toilet with his hands includes seed three main stages:

  1. installing formwork;
  2. concreting of threaded fasteners;
  3. toilet tank connection.

formwork installation process is as follows:

  • previously drilled in the wall of the hole is filled with adhesive and placed in their mounting pins;
  • rods are mounted on three shields - central, with holes for fixing the toilet bowl and two lateral;
  • secured to the inner surface of the foam to be installed in this place the drain pipe, after the concrete pour.

Once these works are transferred to concreting.To prepare this cement - sand mixture in a ratio of 1: 2 diluted with water.The solution you need to add lime to improve the adhesive bond.Fixing rods that will hold the sanitary ware, cover with plastic wrap, to the concrete mix did not get on the surface of the thread.The solution is placed very tight, preventing the formation of voids and cavities, then allowed to solidify within one week subject to temperature of at least 17 ° C.

circuit - installation - false - toilet - 5


Connect plumbing system to begin with cistern:

  • fed into the hole diameter 40mm PVC corrugated and connect it to the toilet;
  • hermetic seal the joints;
  • for 100% locking corrugated stand for 3 days at room temperature.

order to avoid leaks in the future, it is necessary to acquire in advance the quality sealant which is applied to the sealing ring and unitaznye corrugated pipe joints simultaneously.


After this, the final installation of a suspended toilet:

  • raised to the height of the toilet and fix on threaded rods with nuts;
  • not experiencing structural strength within 24 hours;
  • connected to the tank to flush mounted in the seat ripple;
  • establish in its place the toilet lid.

The installation hanging toilet installation with their own hands is completed.