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August 12, 2017 18:07

Plants for hedges - which trees and shrubs is better to choose ?

Benefits "hedge»

Trees and shrubs for hedges have not only an aesthetic function, but also practical.Here are the main advantages:

  • elite.Today, thanks to a wide variety of plants, both expensive and not much can be done from your own garden plot is a real corner of France, Italy and the Russian North.
  • availability.Whatever the decision of landscape design, all this is quite feasible by the owner.As they say, the main desire!
  • functionality.With the help of these plants can protect the seating area from prying eyes of passers-by and neighbors, mask some outbuildings, to make a spacious playground for children, as well as the area for tennis.Thus, planting suburban area with their hands is also very practical.
  • variability.Even if you have already planted some plants on the fence design can still be subject to change.unique cut "patterns" Using secateurs.Plus it is also sometimes implanted additional shrubs and trees.The main thing is to know the sense of proportion.
  • naturally."Green" around the house gives a feeling of togetherness and is and always has been and will be a versatile way to decorate the area.

How to choose trees and shrubs for hedges?

Sometimes two options design fence.With the help of conifers and deciduous plants.Conifer Hedge look majestic and forbidding, they grow large and lush.Their main advantage is that they remain green throughout the year.The only difficulty lies in the proper care of the plant data views in the first 2-3 years after planting.It is necessary to properly keep track of them hot summers and cold winters.

Deciduous trees and shrubs grow very quickly and this is their main advantage.These include: privet, turf white, barberry, hawthorn, hydrangea, Japanese spiraea, chubushnik (jasmine bush).Proper planting of trees and shrubs in the area is also necessary, but they are less whimsicality to the climatic conditions, a sufficient height and fast growth.Just one season appear elegant shrubs, pleasing its extraordinary beauty and wonderful aroma.We tell you about some of them.

Types of trees and shrubs for the "hedge»

Hawthorn - has a spherical fruits and flowers collected in the inflorescence.The fruits ripen in September - October, blooms in May and June.The plant is quite unpretentious - is resistant to winter and droughts in summer, does not require special care for the soil.It grows slowly, so in order that they might see the bushes must be purchased seedlings ready for hedges (age 3-5 years).

Rose wrinkled (or abused) - has large red flowers, shiny leaves are wrinkled.The branches and twigs heavily studded.It blooms from June to September.It is also well suited for hedges such kinds of roses, like an ordinary, cinnamon, dog rose, rose, and other needle.

Jasmine false (Russian name chubushnik) - a white and cream color with a strong aroma.Sam bush grows multicore, spreading deciduous and up to 4 meters.In early June blooming shrub species such as jasmine ordinary, chubushnik Schrenk, jasmine Caucasus.At the end of June-July bloom later species - Magdalena, chubushnik fluffy, Lemoine, macranthon. Small-leaved.

currant fragrant - has beautiful yellow flowers and berries of various colors.Leaves - shiny, leathery.Especially beautiful hedges are obtained from the alpine currant and forms flowering currant.

Berberis vulgaris - deciduous shrub with leathery silnovetvisty dull green leaves and pale yellow flowers.Berries - bright red, fleshy with a sour taste.Unripe berries can not have, because they contain alkaloids.Barberry - it tolerates drought cold winter and grows well in urban environments.

In addition to these plants, there are many other species.You can find them in almost any store. «Also in the vines are well suited as a decorative finish to the hedge." True, they need to be strictly vertical support, otherwise the plant will "crawl" on the ground.