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August 12, 2017 18:06

Toilet seat with microlift : fashionable or necessary?

Modernity dictates the pursuit of excellence in everything, and in this age, when something new is very difficult to invent, many companies are making great efforts to improve the already existing things.This statement touched and plumbing designs: a toilet bowl and its accessories are becoming more sophisticated , stylish, over the appearance of their work leading designers of the world.

Today is no surprise pendant models toilets, pre-heated seats and other gadgets.But one innovation can seriously change your life and the nervous system - a toilet seat with lifter."Dream House" will help you understand more about what kind of a novelty, and if she could come in handy for you.

Toilet seat with lifter

Toilet Seat with microlift

microlift toilet: good or folly?

One would think: what is it about innocuous cover of all used toilet?Whatever the case.This item is able to completely change the life of the family, which is, bringing it to the quarrelsome quarrels, scandals and even, yes, even before the divorce.There is no doubt that the unfortunate cap is just an excuse, but this irritant as ever raised or forever lowered the lid toilet is able to ruffle any person who, for whatever reason, is experiencing a state of stress, and a loud bang from her fall - to bring to a state of passion.That is why the cover toilet with lifter - a perfect solution for those families where this issue is quite serious.

However, this invention is useful sanitary and those who just love all over the city.It's always nice to enjoy the benefits of modern technology, which greatly facilitate our daily lives.

Another serious problem associated with the fall of the lid from the toilet, is a kids-boys injuries to seven years.As is sometimes not able to combine the process of urination while holding the lid in the raised position, they sometimes let it go and can get unpleasant and sometimes serious injury to the genitals.

becomes obvious that the lifter device on the lid of the toilet has its own target audience and, of course, is a necessary thing for the purchase and installation of plumbing.

How does the toilet lid lifter and a little more about it

principle of the toilet lid lifter

The principle of the toilet lid lifter

Few reflects how the TV or what's inside the toilet lid lifter - for the consumer most important is the final result.However, a few words on what principle is based on the action of the sanitary devaysa and what, in fact, salt is to tell.

In previous variations of toilet seat cover when closing Dispatched free free flight with all the associated G and congestion, and fell with a crash on the edge of the toilet bowl.The result - a common toilet seat breakage, cracks and splinters toilet edge, and a lot of negative emotions in the slams his person.

Where the set hanging toilet with lifter or taken separately toilet seat with this equipment on the most common toilet bowl, cover recedes gradually, in stages.The principle of the toilet lid lifter is very similar to the normal operation of the door closer to the door, but much slimmer.Sometimes the seat is referred to as "the soft stroke."

noteworthy that the installation of a toilet lid lifter - fun, relatively inexpensive and accessible to overwhelming majority of customers.

brief historical

If the toilet himself invented more than 130 years ago, this invention has appeared recently, in the XXI century.When the race for market share in plumbing companies became dependent on the comfort of the buyer, at the same time there was quite a lot of new products, so give someone the palm can not.Today, however, such a device can be seen in almost all the venerable plumbing manufacturers.Every year, this invention is improved, it is more aesthetic and acquires greater functionality.

options, manufacturers and prices

toilet seats strongly vary a lot both in appearance and dimensions and mounting methods.Now firms producing seats microlift a lot, but the most high-quality and reliable variants found in European and American manufacturers.Although Asian and domestic companies come to them "on the heels", yet the difference in level is obvious.

competition in the market resulted in a variety of shapes, colors and price policy.Wide range of colors allows you to blend in with the interior of a bathroom is a useful invention, and a variety of dimensions allows you to choose a toilet for even the tiniest toilet room.

buy good toilet with lifter system can have from $ 100-150, while the elite model with the original design can cost about $ 1000-2500.

cover the bowl with microlift

cover toilet with microlift

installing a toilet lid lifter

Install toilet lid with microlift

How to choose a toilet with lifter

system on the correct choice of such seemingly trivial things, like toilet, it depends on the health, comfort and psychologicalyour family climate.Therefore, his choice should be taken quite seriously.So:

  • choosing lifter system, guided by the products that are in the middle price segment.Like the model is critical to evaluate about a harmonious infusion into the interior of the bathroom, drawing attention to the reliability of the manufacturer.
  • Take the time to read reviews online on different models and especially the one that you liked.
  • seat with lifter should be comfortable, practical and high-quality.Note that the materials of construction of the model.
  • Do not forget that cover with lifter may have other added features such as heated seats, an effective self-cleaning mechanism is smooth and even lifting, which responds to the right person.

How does the toilet lid lifter

If you are interested in this device plumbing, the toilet seat to the lifter can easily be purchased separately, without buying special toilet.You can find it in any store or the sanitary building supermarkets and via the Internet.Using technology innovations, you can greatly simplify your life and cheer up!

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