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August 12, 2017 18:07

German steel bathtub Kaldewei ( Kaldevey )

perfect bathroom - is not only a place where you bring in the order of your body, but also where you can completely relax , forget about the current problems and immerse themselves in the pleasure paradise.But all this would not have been possible without the elegant and comfortable bath Kaldewei .

In Europe, tubs and trays produced by German company Kaldewei (Kaldevey) are gaining more and more popularity.They are durable and reliable, stylish and comfortable, created in order to feel the charm of a comfortable life.

Let's see, what is so good Kaldewei's baths, and how to properly care for them.

Kaldewei Baths Photo

Baths Kaldewei photo

  • Its shape is ideal for swimming
  • It has a unique steel enamel, which is famous for the company
  • It is impossible to scratch
  • She shockproof
  • Bath resistant to aging
  • lightfast and resistant to UV radiation
  • has a rich color palette
  • Excellent conductor of heat
  • easy to care
  • has chemical resistance
  • heat resistant
  • Eco
  • many years, retains its properties and pleases

eyes As you can see, Kaldevey baths have many positive aspects,that want to buy them, probably, everyone.And now let's look at some of these points in detail.

Steel baths Kaldevey

Steel bath Kaldevey

German company Kaldewei (Kaldevey) is the only manufacturer in the world, providing a 30 year warranty on their products.Just imagine - 30 years, you can bathe in luxury bath and to know that all this time the company provides a full guarantee on it.

The composition of the enamel, from which all Kaldewei baths and trays are manufactured include:

  • California drill;
  • Scandinavian quartz;
  • feldspar;
  • soda.

company uses glass-forming properties of natural materials for the production of a special enamel with a surface that is guaranteed to remain strong.This enamel is impossible to scratch, and so on it will not be divorced and harmful bacteria.

Thanks to the properties, bathtub Kaldewei perfectly retains heat, as his good conductor.And even corners heated water baths and long cool down.Thus, you need not worry about the gravy hot water while taking a bath, to maintain the required temperature.

And most importantly - the thickness of the Kaldewei steel enamel bath is 3.5 mm, which gives them a good strength with a random shock.

steel enamel, which are made of all baths and shower trays, even became the basis of the company's office building Kaldewei's finish, to show their customers how it is strong and durable.

German baths Kaldewei

German baths Kaldewei

Many synthetic materials exposed to ultraviolet radiation, as a result, they quickly fade and no longer have the old kind.However, the steel enamel Kaldewei, it is not a problem.The sun's rays are not able to spoil her appearance.

carelessly fallen in the bath a cigarette or a lighted candle, too, will not do her any harm: Kaldewei steel enamel is not lit, and in the event of a fire, it shall not be come toxic fumes.

Thanks enamel 3.5 mm thick, a bath is not afraid of beauty, health, perfume additives.Even hair dye and nail polish can not damage it.

Elite Kaldewei bathtubs made ​​in Germany

Elite Kaldewei bathtubs made in Germany

German Kaldewei baths - color scheme, and a variety of forms

The main concept of the company Kaldewei is the fact that their products are gently fit into the interior.Nothing screaming and calling.In this respect, Kaldewei steel baths can truly be considered a style icon.

three main areas developed to date:

  1. Indian summer.It uses natural materials such as wood, stone.The color scale corresponds to the time period and how to regard all senses its warm tones.
  2. sensuality in new colors.This collection is made in matt colors and harmonious look with tile, merging with it in the colors into one.
  3. Many colors.There is no need to stick to a certain color style - freedom, that's what matters!You are free to try different color combinations by choosing from 22 colors, which coated steel enamel Kaldevey.

As for the forms, which can acquire the production of bath Kaldevey, they can be both conventional and asymmetric, oval, angular, six-and octagonal.It has the opportunity to choose a compact variation of baths or shower trays for Kaldewei small bathroom.

Luxurious black tub Kaldewei ( Kaldevey )

Luxurious black Kaldewei bath (Kaldevey)

plumbing Sustainability Kaldewei

For more than 90 years, Kaldewei manufactures its products.Thanks to the quality and natural raw materials, the popularity of this brand is gaining momentum.

Despite the complex composition in the manufacture of steel enamel, which is guaranteed to last for 30 years for their owners, the future life of the bath is also predetermined.After the operation is completely processed, thus, does not cause environmental harm.

Eco- German baths Kaldewei

German Eco-baths Kaldewei

primary care bath Kaldewei

Oddly enough, but Kaldewei steel baths do not require any special and expensive care.You do not need to spend money on fashionable and powerful drugs.To ensure that they always shining purity, remember a few basic rules of care for the bathroom:

  1. After use, the bath wash the surface with warm water, then wipe dry with a soft cloth or chamois leather.
  2. use regular dish detergent or neutral soap to remove more severe pollution.If necessary, soak the dirty surface of the bath for a few minutes in a detergent, and then rinse with warm water, wipe with a dry cloth.
  3. If you want to avoid lime accumulation, then wipe the bath with a dry cloth is necessary after each use.If you make a deposit, then get rid of it will help solution consisting of vinegar, not of acetic acid, and water.The ratio of these ingredients should be 1: 1.I am sure after this procedure rinse with warm water bath.
  4. If the bath is clogged, then using detergent from clogging it, read the instructions carefully and try to drop the tool does not fall on the enamel.
  5. Use sand, alkaline detergents, steel wool, coarse sponges or tools for self-purification bath in case of plumbing Kaldevey just not acceptable!

German baths Kaldewei - say no counterfeits

If you have already realized that life without bath Kaldewei be boring and monotonous, the advance for the purchase.However, in today's world plumbers large number of fakes.And this expected purchase, like a steel tub Kaldewei's production, will bring joy if fails copy of the original.

To buyers do not doubt the quality of the purchased product since March 2007. Kaldewei company began installing laser logo on its products.The word «KALDEWEI», it is possible to find the top of the bath.This logo can not be erased or deleted without causing external damage to the bath.

Also you should know that all their products company Kaldewei manufactures exclusively in Germany.After all, under the strict guidance possible to ensure true quality of the product!

Kaldewei baths interior

Kaldewei baths in the interior

Baths Kaldewei - the price of pleasure

afford to buy a bath can be almost any man in the street.If you do not need complex shapes, large sizes, the minimum price production Kaldewei bath would be about $ 100.Inexpensive companies from a range of Kaldewei baths are considered and economical Saniform, is very popular among Russian consumers.

If you have the opportunity to spend the full purchase Kaldewei bath and with various twists, then its price can reach 5000 dollars.It can be hot tubs and flat shower trays in the style of minimalism, who chose many hotels in the world.

Despite such a huge gap in the cost of absolutely every bath has a proprietary steel enamel Kaldewei!The quality of the enamel in any of the baths is not better or worse, it is always the same - excellent!

received more than 60 awards worldwide, sanitary products Kaldewei actively wins the hearts of its customers.After setting once the bath or shower tray Kaldewei's brand, it can be for many years to enjoy delicious moments, that they give you.A hygiene and ease of use will never be a reason to grieve over the fact that in this bath bathe not only you and the children, and your pets.

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