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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bath screens : types, how to make their own hands

Bath screens
  • Forms screens
  • Solid
  • Sliding
  • screen of plasterboard with their hands
  • screen under the bath with his hands
  • Sliding screen
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whole is made up of little things, and the appearance of the bathroom - from the minor at first glance, interior elements.And sometimes those pesky little things like peeping out from under the bath water pipes or bucket with a mop, can completely spoil the impression and to nullify all your efforts to restore "glamor and glitz" in the bathroom.

solution to this problem could be such a good thing, as the screen under the bath.If you make efforts and show some imagination, it is not only hide from prying eyes all that is necessary, but will become an independent element of the bathroom interior.

Forms screens

Bath screens can be purchased at any hardware store. design they come in two forms - solid and sliding , but the material used for manufacturing is different.

screen in the bathroom general view

Today the most common displays of the following materials:

  • plasterboard
  • of gypsum partition plates
  • ceramic tile
  • SLR
  • plexiglass
  • acrylic
  • PVC panels
  • MDF.


solid screen under the bath - this is the most simple and obvious solution.Usually it is coated with the same tiles as the entire bathroom, so this screen fits perfectly into the interior of the bathroom.

Bath screens solid white

The lack of a solid screen is that it does not provide any access to water pipes or storage capabilities of various tools and household products for bathroom.If you need to repair or replacement of plumbing, then this screen will have to disassemble.

continuous screen for bath


Sliding screen is much more practical than a solid, though perhaps, and does not look aesthetically pleasing.

Sliding bath screens


Drywall - the most accessible material for the screen under the bath. It is inexpensive, simple and tailor it from the desired design is not difficult.From drywall make solid screens, which are then draped tiles.

screen of plasterboard with their hands

produce and install such a screen can be yourself.

screen plasterboard mounted on the frame of the timber, so to begin to build it.To do this, you need to beam the size of 4x4 cm, fasteners and metal corner.

To start slide all the necessary measurements and apply marks on the walls and on the floor, then draw a line parallel to the resulting layout, but with a shift into the bath to 2.5 cm

Then divide the timber on the rack.You will need:

  • four rails that connect the corners of the floor tub
  • two rails, equal to the inside line on the bath width minus 0.8 cm
  • two rails of equal length bath extension minus 1.2 cm
  • ifbath too long, it is best to prepare two or three rails, that will serve as additional supports.

screen manufacturing steps for the bath:

  1. Place the vertical slats on the outside corners bath in accordance with the layout and fix between the two horizontal rails on top and bottom.You will need to make two such structures for the narrow sides of the bath, and one - for the general.
  2. in the rails, which will be adjacent to the wall, pre-drill two holes and attach them to the wall.When screws help fasten all parts of the structure together.To be more resistant frame, the lower rail can be attached even to the floor.
  3. Once the frame is ready, you can proceed to the manufacture of plasterboard screen. For you will need a sheet of water-resistant drywall, a special metal latch and hanging loop.
  4. After the necessary measurements, cut out drywall necessary details, leaving on lap width of 0.56 cm. Then it will be necessary to provide a door that will provide access to an "internal" bath.The door may be a short or long side of the screen, depending on the location of the bath.Having defined the location, cut a hole in the required details and set the door using the hinges and latch.
  5. Then fasten strips of drywall to the frame with screws. Do not forget to check the stability of the whole structure.

screen plasterboard ready!

we have described above the screen manufacturing method is suitable only for standard rectangular tubs.

plasterboard and rails - the screen with their hands
Screen plasterboard made ​​independently
plasterboard screen under the bath with his hands

Curved screen

If you are lucky enough to own a round bath, you will have to install a special, curved screen.

For curved screen also need a framework.It is going from a special profile for drywall.Such a profile may take any shape, you only need to do it the necessary cuts.

  1. Prepare two such profiles, follow the contours of the bath - for the top and bottom of the frame - and secure them with screws, backing away from the rim bath distance equal to the thickness of the sheet of drywall (if the frame is supposed to decorate the tiles, add here the thickness of the tiles andadhesive).
  2. Next, attach the vertical rails at the corners of the bath.
  3. Once the frame is ready, wet sheets of drywall with water and gradually giving it the desired shape, attach to the frame.
curved screen frame

screen of gypsum partition plates

cam boards are the building blocks, interlocking with each other on the principle of seam connection.

screen under the bath with his hands

Before you start building gypsum partition screen, treat the place primer installation.

Using a plumb line, put on the floor layout, retreating 0.5 cm in the direction of the bath.You can then proceed to the screen of tiles laid out.Plates are connected to each other by means of grooves and ridges, and between them is placed a binding solution (it may be a tile adhesive or plaster).

Bath screens of gypsum partition plates

looks the screen is not very aesthetically pleasing, so the top is better to perform the trim tiles - it was under her we did polusantimetrovy indented at the initial stage of installation.

Bath screens , Tiled

ceramic tile

screens, lined with ceramic tiles?It can be seen in the bathrooms often. This is the most affordable way to refine the space under the bath, give it a neat and beautiful appearance.

tile screen

Ceramic tiles are usually trim bath screens made of drywall or gypsum partition plates.Laying tiles is very simple.

Putting tiles start from the top left corner.Each tile brush with tile adhesive or apply a few drops of liquid nails.Using special crosses align the gaps between the tiles.If a door is provided, it is possible to put the tiles on it.After work treat the grout joints.

Bath screens made ​​of ceramic tile

Sliding screen

Sliding bath screens can solve the problems associated with the storage of various relevant and not things left over from repair, household chemicals, buckets, basins and much more. In addition, it allows you at any time and without any extra effort to do the repair bath, so as to gain access to the pipes, you will not need to dismantle anything.For particularly cleanly housewives sliding screen also will be a real boon, as clean the floor under the tub and sweep accumulated debris with it quickly and easily.

Get this screen can be very, very fast.The store offers a wide range of models for bathtubs of standard sizes, and the height of the sliding screen can be adjusted independently.

sliding screen for bath with shelves

Most often sliding bath screens are made of plastic panels, but there are other options.


Sliding bath screens made of organic glass or Plexiglas - it is a beautiful and modern solution.This material is perfect for the bathroom. Its only drawback - the lack of strength, but this disadvantage is more than redeem the benefits of the material.

Bath screen for fines

screen plexiglass easy to clean, resistant to moisture and is durable.In addition, this material has a huge variety of colors and textures.You can select a screen based on the color scheme of your bathroom.It can be opaque, transparent, and even a mirror.

Screen Plexiglas

Mirror Mirror is a necessary element of the interior of any bathroom. addition to its direct purpose, it can visually enlarge the space, as well as provide additional game light.Mirror elements in the bathroom can be placed in the most unexpected places, for example, under the bath.

bath screens made of this mirror - a fragile thing and impractical, so manufacturers offer a screen of Plexiglas with a mirror coating.

Mirror screen is sure to become the highlight of your bath interior and does not take any trouble, as it is made of durable water-resistant material that is also very easy to clean.

Mirrored screen


Acrylic bathtubs are often sold together with the screen.Screens coming complete with bath, usually made of plastic panels with acrylic coating.These screens are made by a certain model of the bath, so versatile acrylic screen, which can be installed under any bath is difficult to find.

acrylic screens are lightweight, inexpensive, look neat and last a long time.However, this screen can only be set under the acrylic bathtub as his specific retention mechanism.

PVC panels

PVC panel as a screen under the bath will help to become an independent element of the interior of your bathroom. You can choose the color and pattern available in a store, or come up with your own design.

color screen of PVC panels looks unusual, and the open-close them very simply.Besides, if you do not expose it to heavy mechanical stress, such a screen can last for decades.

The screen is made ​​of PVC panels


mimics the natural wood pattern, bath screens of MDF on tlichno fit into the interior of classic bathroom, or in a country or eco style bathroom.A wide variety of colors makes it easy to choose the color of the screen in the bathroom furniture.The store has a large selection of screens from MDF different designs - solid and sliding.Despite the low cost, the screen of the MDF looks expensive and noble.

The screen is made ​​of MDF

By buying this screen should be borne in mind that the models available on the market, suited only to the bathrooms of standard shapes and sizes.In addition, MDF - nevlagostoyky material, so the screen swell and deform in three or four years of operation.Therefore, buy a screen made of MDF, which is specially treated with a moisture barrier.

Screens for baths stylish white

screen form

screen under the bath, you can do it yourself, buy in the store or to entrust its production of professional craftsmen.All of these options have their pros and cons and, in any case, first you have to determine the future shape of the screen.

Bath screens can be of three types:

  1. in the form of a blank wall - does not involve any open niches, it completely covers the space under the bath.
  2. With recess for the feet at floor level - recess will give you the opportunity to get up close to the bath.So it will be much easier to wash the bath and bathe in her children.
  3. inclined at an angle - also allows you to get close to the bath, and, moreover, protects the floor in the bathroom splashing water.
Screen for bath with a recess for the feet

Where to buy or order screen for bath

So, you already know exactly which screen you want to install a bath.You have decided on the design, materials, shapes and even colors.It remained for the small - the acquisition of the screen.

can buy in the store screen. in building hypermarkets represented by a huge number of models screens for bath.There you can talk to professional advisors, to compare prices, as well as on-site to determine the quality and durability of the chosen model (good touch products nobody forbids in DIY stores).The disadvantage of this method is that you run the risk of overpaying, since sellers often very much "wind the" prices.

screen for bath in the store

You can also make your own screen under the bath. So you incur lower cash costs and will be able to make the design more likely meets your idea of ​​comfort and beauty.True purchase the necessary materials and the very process of manufacturing the screen will make you spend a lot of time and effort.

Screen made ​​independently

And finally, you can order a screen under the bath in the online store. The advantage of this method is that you can make a purchase without leaving home, and order delivery at a convenient time for you.In addition, you can save some money as usual to make purchases on the Internet is much cheaper than in stores.The downside is that when you select the screen, you can only focus on the description and pictures of the goods, without being able to touch the product and evaluate its quality.

Ceramic tiles are usually trim bath screens made of drywall or gypsum partition plates.Laying tiles is very simple.

Putting tiles start from the top left corner.Each tile brush with tile adhesive or apply a few drops of liquid nails.Using special crosses align the gaps between the tiles.If a door is provided, it is possible to put the tiles on it.After work treat the grout joints.

avoid unpleasant surprises, you'll be able to, after reviewing all the screen size in the hardware store and order it through the Internet.Then you will be confident in the quality of the selected product.

Useful tips

Arrange the order under the bath will help to special containers with a lot of compartments for storing small things. In these boxes is convenient to store a variety of housewares.even containers on wheels can be found in hardware stores, you will be able to move under the bathtub without the slightest effort.

screen to store things in

household chemicals, brushes and sponges can be stored in closed shelves, to attach to one of the sections of the sliding screen on the inside.So all you need for cleaning in the bathroom is always close at hand.

recommend that you read our article on how to make a screen for the bath with his hands.