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August 12, 2017 18:07

Decoration of dry leaves in the interior : an autumn leaf (photo )

Rich colors fading leaves, pleasing to us in the first half of autumn, so short-lived!And this desire to enjoy the beauty of nature, to extend the brightness of the outgoing autumn days can satisfy the refined decor of the leaves. It applies to the most common household items, turning your home into a beautiful ballroom autumn.

make interesting items for your interior from the dried leaves of various plants is not so difficult, but aesthetically pleasing, however, like to enjoy the creative process, you are guaranteed.So how do you decorate your home with the help of dry leaves?See the answers to this question in today's review on our website "House of Dreams".

beautiful bouquets and exquisite ekibany of autumn leaves

most simple, but no less spectacular means to put on your home a fresh, yet cozy atmosphere of autumn - is created from branches and leaves of a beautiful bouquet, put it in a vase.Freshly cut branches can be put into the water, but they quickly fall off.But if you create a composition of dried leaves, sprinkled them with acrylic paint, then this bouquet will stay much longer!

Decoration of dried leaves

Decoration of dry leaves

The composition of dried leaves

composition of dry leaves

Another fashion trend in the decoration was the creation of the common things very different subjects.For example, autumn leaves make excellent rose, almost indistinguishable from the real thing, and can be made of them chic Topiary if desired.

Autumn bouquet from leaves

Autumn bouquets of leaves

interesting panels and paintings made of dried leaves

for home decoration is often used such a decor made of dried leaves, as the panels, but if the approach to the issue of global, it is possible to create the whole picture of the leaf!

Panels made of leaves Photos

Panel leaf photo

maintain the brightness of the herbarium, enclosed in frames, will be an interesting highlight of the interior.And to make such a panel of dry leaves is very easy even for a novice decorator.

And if you hold your favorite song from the dried leaves between two transparent windows, you get floral stained glass - it looks a very stylish decor!

Garlands and wreaths of autumn leaves

Who said that wreaths - the prerogative of the New Year?Lush and colorful wreaths of maple and chestnut leaves can transform the entrance to your home or to decorate the hall provocatively.Small wreaths can serve as decoration for glass candlesticks.

Wreaths from the leaves for decoration

wreath of leaves for decoration

But if wreath - still too bold and time-consuming solution, you can use fun and perky garlands of fallen leaves collected in the autumn walk.Is it possible not to gather these riches, rustling under your feet, and do not bring it in the house ?!

Decoration of dry leaves on a branch

Decoration of dry leaves on the branch

Garland of leaves to decorate the staircase in the house

garland of leaves to decorate the staircase in the house

The decor of the dry autumn leaves photo

Decor from dry autumn leaves photo

Decoration of dry leaves on the front door

Decoration of dry leaves on the front door

Autumn garland of leaves

Autumn garlands of leaves

decorating candles with bright autumn leaves

Another opportunity to use autumn leaves in decorating the house - is to decorate their wax candles.After feeling relaxed, and magical autumn with its rain drumming on the window, and apple pie, you can achieve such an original way.

If fresh fallen leaves, you can simply attach them to the candle in a circle elegant braid.

Autumn composition with leaves in the interior

Autumn composition with leaves in the interior

Or stick them on the PVA glue, like in the following picture.

Decoration glass candlesticks autumn leaves

Decoration glass candlesticks autumn leaves

dried leaves can be used to create compositions with candles, with the proviso that it is in any case will not touch the fire.

The compositions of maple leaves - autumn decor

compositions of maple leaves - autumn decor

candlesticks decor leaves

Decor candlesticks leaves

original vase of maple leaves

Another idea, which looks stylish and is embodied simply, there is such a great thing as a bowl of dryleaves.

To do this, also it is necessary: ​​to lay a cling film round surface, lubricate it with white glue and decomposed leaves.Press them, however, you need to overlap, taking care not to be badly missed sections of adhesive.When the glue is dry - your interior vase of autumn leaves ready for use!

Vase of dried leaves

vase of dried leaves

But the burden resulting product is not heavy with apples, but the cookie with cinnamon, or fragrant buns is the most it!

decor dishes using fallen leaves

Any boring bowl of transparent glass can be easily decorate autumn leaves.That's all you have to walk through the park, collect the most beautiful, most colorful leaves and glue on the glue to the subject that you have decided to decorate this way.

Decor vase leaves

decor vases leaves

The resulting product can hit others as unusual idea, and a stylish, unique look.

Decoration of dry leaves photo

Decoration of dry leaves photo

Each such piece is unique, and if on top of it to cover a thick layer of varnish, it can be washed.

Dry leaves for photo decoration

Dry leaves for decoration photo

skeletonized leaves for decoration

Another area for use of fallen autumn leaves in decoration are skeletonized leaves.This leaflets, which have been specially not difficult, but laborious process, and thereafter have already been used in the decoration of the interior.

Autumn leaves in the interior

Autumn leaves in the interior

After skeleting when a lacy elegance of its foundations remain from the original sheet, foliage used for decoration items and even for women's jewelry.But you can go the traditional route and use them to decorate the candles in eco-style.

The original decor of candles with dried leaves

original decor candles with dried leaves

In any case, the product is made in such a way, can last you a very long time and never lose its relevance.

Theme autumn leaves in the interior

passes the first half of autumn with its bright colors, and now comes the rainy and slushy November, and ahead of only the first frosts of the winter months.Light day shorter, and many rolls first longing symptoms.To avoid this, you can use the themes and motifs provocative colored leaves in your everyday interior.

example, interesting applications in the form of multi-colored leaves on the dresser drawers.

Decorated with furniture

decorated with furniture

or sheets in the interior can find their place in the decoration cushions.It will look nice and a lot of fun!

Embroidery , applique on the pillow in the form of a maple leaf

embroidery, applique on the pillow in the form of a maple leaf

Make this applique is quite simple - you can cut out of the dense fabric base in the form of the sheet, and then stitched it to the cushion, making sure that the machine line simulated veins of the leaf.Choose the best fabric of bright orange, yellow or purple color, depending on the overall color palette of your room.

But the bathroom you can pick up a great ornament on the tile of colorful autumn leaves.This decor will invigorate you in the morning and create a good mood.

decor of autumn leaves - room for inspiration

The decor of autumn leaves

decor of autumn leaves

Autumn - time when many creative people acquire a special, lyrical inspiration.Let things created from the fallen leaves with his own hands, will create a special, atmospheric decor of the leaves in your home, bringing him comfort and holiday mood.

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