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August 12, 2017 18:07

Christmas garlands : ideas for decorating (photo )

On the eve of the beloved and long-awaited New Year's celebrations there is pre-holiday mood, and at that time will certainly want to decorate your home magically. In this fascinating action to help Christmas garlands.Do not get lost in a "sea" of Christmas decorations and garlands properly applied in the interior will help our current publication on the website "Dream House."

Christmas tree garland photo

Christmas tree garland photo

Glowing lights: beautiful garlands to decorate the house for New Year

most common to this day are the garlands equipped with incandescent lamps, that is, small multicolored lights.But gradually replacing their more advanced "relatives" - LED garlands, different economical electricity consumption.These flashing yarn can be used in the decoration, first of all, a Christmas tree, as well as windows and stairs.On the wall is an original look improvised Christmas tree, winking mischief.

Garlands New Year Photo

Garlands New Year photo

Christmas garlands Electric

Christmas garland electric

Christmas Garland electric photo

electric garland Christmas photo

The only drawback of such strings is considered to be the risk of fire by neglecting safety rules.Do not forget to disconnect them from the network at night holiday, or when you leave the house.

Besides indoor applications, Christmas garlands are used to make the festive spirit of the facades of houses, arbors and trees.

Christmas-tree garlands to decorate the site photo

Christmas garlands to decorate the plot photo

Christmas garland street

Christmas garlands street

Luxury looks and a garland of artificial needles, created on the basis of non-flammable materials.Ney can decorate stair railings, doors, window frames, walls, mirrors.

Christmas garland of artificial needles for fireplace

Christmas garland of artificial needles fireplace

Garlands for Christmas decorations

Garlands for Christmas decorations

exclusive decoration: garland with their hands

If you wish to add to the decoration of their own homes unique elements, it is worth thinking about the creation of Christmas light with his own hands.In addition, this solution will save your home budget, unite the family under the joint creation of masterpieces can become an original Christmas present to the family and loved ones.There are many ways to make his own garlands from conventional materials.Let's take a closer look at a few of them.

how to make a New Year

How to make a New Year's garland

Paper garlands New Year

The easiest option paper garlands considered carved figures of birds, men, Christmas trees, snowflakes, stars.You need to add a white or colored paper like an accordion, to draw the selected figure, carefully cut without touching the sides, the resulting spread garland.Next, connect the required number of blanks according to desired lengths.

Like the wings of butterflies looks garland-accordion.It is made of colored rectangles, folded in concertina same width.Next accordion fold in half and glue the inner part to get like a fan.Ready the workpiece to be glued to each other upside down.

With Punch figure are obtained chained original garlands.

Decorate the ceiling or window, you can Christmas garlands of multi-colored strips of paper.It is necessary simply to cut colored paper identical in length and width and the strips connected together by means of a sewing machine.The lower end is fitted with a heavy garland a button or a small piece of plasticine.In the same way, you can create a garland of paper required diameter circles.

holiday Sensation will present timeless garlands of paper flags.

little tinker make bulk paper garland.First you need to cut some of the same circles.When folded three times in half.On the resulting triangle to draw eight "tiger" stripes, alternating left and right sides, and carefully cut along the lines obtained.Further expand the circles and hold them together in pairs, smearing glue on the lower portions of the bend is not glued stripes.When pulling each of the resulting preform is formed midway surround the ball.These balls are glued over the midway.

Christmas garland of paper with his hands photo

Garland Christmas paper with his hands photo

Garland made ​​of paper for the New Year

garland of paper on New Year

Garland of circles photo paper

garland of dots photo paper

Christmas garlands of paper Photo

Christmas garlands of paper photo

Garlands of fabrics and yarns

original decoration for the window will be a garland of circles or figures cut out of thick fabric such as felt and sewn together.Wall decorate fabric garland of flags connected by thread.

Elegant zadekoriruet mirror garland of roses or white woolen balls.Needlewoman can create a unique snow garland using hook and delicate filaments, as well as surprise unusual garland of pompons.

Garland made ​​of felt Photo

garland of felt Photo

Masterpieces improvised

Create extraordinary garlands New Year will help to conventional materials:

  • as Christmas decorations, you can use all the familiar cotton.It is only necessary to string a long thread of cotton balls of desired size.
  • Great garland come of buttons.
  • Pieces of foam can be used as links garlands.
  • Christmas spirit bring to the apartment garland of pine cones with attached beads and small spruce branches.
  • intricate garlands can be made from fluffy wire.
  • figurines of clay, baked in the oven, will be different elements daisy thread.
  • Christmas tree with beads and toys, you can decorate not only the beautiful tree, but the walls.How?As easy as pie!On the beads should be strung Christmas decorations, and all!
  • Even paper towels handy for garlands.It is necessary to put them in half and strung on a string, adding a bright elements or large beads Christmas decorations.
Christmas garlands with his own hands made ​​of cotton and foam

Christmas garlands with his own hands made of cotton and foam

Delicious garlands

To please children, and yourself, you can edible garlands.Unusually?And the effect is stunning!For decorating the walls, fireplaces or edible Christmas tree garland can use a variety of dried fruits, popcorn, cookies and cakes with holes, dried berries, and even cinnamon sticks.Well, in the store you can buy a garland of bagels.

Delicious garlands of Christmas gingerbread

Delicious garlands of Christmas gingerbread

all in the course of

most creative inventors offer Christmas decorations, at first glance, totally insane idea to create garlands.

For example, you can make a garland of candy wrappers, cut into equal squares.You just need to roll up into tubes prepared wraps and strung on a thread.After the drill tube in different directions.

Originality different garland strung on a long string of empty match-boxes, elegantly wrapped in crepe paper and tied with ribbons.

From old cards can be cut on the same diameter of the circles, fold them in half, connected by an edge with glue and strung on a thread.

And, you can make a garland hanging on the thread of bright multi-colored socks.In the West, and do, only on Christmas and socks then find gifts.

Garland of socks for home decorating

garland of socks for home decoration

What Christmas garlands used to decorate the property - a matter of taste of each inhabitant.The main thing is to achieve results bring maximum pleasure and a huge portion of good mood!

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