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August 12, 2017 18:07

Easter embroidery - embroidery ideas for Easter 2012

Winter is over, and not far off the wonderful holiday - Easter 2012.Bright Resurrection of Christ, happy spring mood and appeals to the traditions of patriarchal way of life, when the true women's employment were agriculture and handicrafts.

this holiday in our band is filled with vivid and bright spring atmosphere.Delicate branches of willow buds swollen, colored Easter eggs - all this takes on a whole new meaning in a beautiful setting and thematically, which will help create Easter embroidery in a variety of versions.It does not matter whether you have done it with their own hands, or find something that is perfect for your home decor and the mood in the store, in any case, embroidery really bring the holiday mood in this bright spring day.

Cute and funny little things, such as an Easter egg, embroidery is quite simple and takes little time or Easter towel, can not only decorate your home, but also be a wonderful gift near and dear to people.For gifts and decorative compositions are frequently used variations on the theme of miniature baskets with eggs or singing birds, hatched in the nest eggs.Both look touching and causing an involuntary smile, lifting the mood.

Embroidery Easter egg in a basket

Easter embroidery egg in a basket

Easter towel - embroidered Easter

Easter towel - embroidered Easter

Embroidery Easter - Easter tablecloth with embroidered wreath

Embroidery Easter - tablecloth embroidered with the Easter wreath

Easter eggs embroidery

Easter embroidery eggs

Easter Eggs - Easter embroidery 2012

Easter eggs -embroidery Easter 2012

traditional motifs, which implies Easter embroidery , are considered to be painted in bright or pastel color eggs, twigs of willow or funny little yellow chickens and sometimes, oddly enough, bunnies and spring flowers.For cloth or towel, which will be consecrated cake, appropriate religious motives, for example, an Orthodox cross or short abbreviation "XB" - Christ is Risen.

Easter egg embroidery

Easter egg embroidery

cross-stitch motifs Easter

Cross Stitch Easter motives

Decorate with embroidery for Easter can be any favorite thing, and even if on a festive table she did not find a place, Easter embroidery still take part in creating the right mood.Will it be a cozy sofa decorative pillow with a fun, barely hatched chicken, or stylishly decorated Easter eggs - handmade, carefully made specifically for this holiday, do not go unnoticed.A textile eggs decorated with thematic pattern and spring daffodils, can serve not only at Easter, 2012, becoming a symbol of your family for each subsequent coming Easter Sunday.

Decorative pillow embroidered with Easter

Decorative pillow with Easter embroidery

Decorative pillow with embroidery - Easter motives

Decorative Pillow with embroidery - Easter motives

Easter egg in a basket - decorative ornament for Easter 2012

Easter egg in a basket - decorative ornament for Easter 2012

embroidery Easter - Easter napkin and Easter wreath

Embroidery Easter napkin and Easter wreath

For fans of more stringent and moderate two-tone colors may perform embroidery techniques embroidery stitch or embroidery.For example, it looks very elegant blue and white combination on napkins with Easter designs.This thing attracts attention, but at the same time is full, as is respect for the laconic style of execution.

Embroidery Easter towels and napkins

Embroidery Easter towels and napkins

Fashion trends in interior could not ignore such an important time, as the feast of Easter 2012, finding new inspiration in the traditional ways of crafts, such as cross-stitch.Easter motifs, beating when embroidering traditional Easter table utensils, can certainly fill the house with warmth and comfort, typical of the home.Beautiful embroidery, decorating Easter napkins, able to turn the biblical feast at this magical day that will fill your home with light and joy.After all, the little things create a mood, and the mood - the holiday.

Beautiful embroidery Easter napkins under the vases and pots for flowers

Embroidery Easter napkins under the vases and pots for flowers

Easter pictures - embroidery Easter 2012

Easter pictures - embroidery Easter 2012

gorgeous embroidery help decorate the house for Easter so as to create the mood of this bright holiday and to give pleasure to all members of your friendlyfamilies.

Easter embroidery towels and napkins

Embroidery Easter towels and napkins

Easter Embroidered napkins

Embroidery Easter napkins

Easter table - embroidery Easter 2012

Easter table - embroidery Easter 2012

Fill your home world exquisitely embroidered things, and let into your house and into your heart thisbright holiday of Christ's Resurrection - Easter.

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